Allergies and the Weather

So they say rain is good for getting rid of the pollen and helping us with allergies. So tell me how it rained for the past four days and still, people are stricken with their allergy symptoms?

We have had a rainy, cold spring here and though trees and flowers are starting to blossom, we still haven’t seen the wild technicolor spring I know we’ll have in the next few weeks. However, everyone is singing their allergy songs. My tennis partner yesterday dearly wished she had taken her Claritin and other friends have already started seeing they symptoms in their kids and themselves. Eyes are itching, noses are running, dark circles are presenting.

Yesterday, also the wind was up. With these rainstorms we’re getting wind and though the rain does wash some pollen away, where is it going? It’s got to end up somewhere and when the wind follows the storms, it blows it around. As much as rain is the allergy sufferers friend, wind is the enemy.

Rain, however, has it’s allergy downside, too. It promotes our beautiful spring growth and often times after a rain shower, you see things pop into bloom. There’s our allergens. Combine it with the wind after a storm, and there you go.

Who wants to let allergies control their activities, though? Spring is a great time to be outside, whether it’s watching your kid’s baseball games or playing tennis or whatever it is you do. How can you help protect from allergies and still enjoy yourself? Here are a few general tips:

• Prepare – take your allergy meds before you go outside. You know what works for you, whether it’s a daily medication or something on an as needed basis. Take it! If it makes you feel drowsy or spacey, find something else, there’s plenty of allergy med choice out there now.
• Watch the weather. If you have a choice, stay out of the wind. Often our schedules are dictated for us, but if you can watch the weather and schedule things on non-windy days, try to do so.
• Don’t be afraid to wear a face mask. Especially while gardening or mowing the lawn when you are stirring up the pollen.
• Drink lots of water. Proven or not, it helps. Keeping your body hydrated helps.
• Shower as soon as you come in. Get the pollen off of you as soon as you can.

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