Allergy Myths: Fact or Fiction

We always get advice. We always hear what to do, what not to do. And not just about allergies – about everything! It’s hard to discern what is fact and what is fiction, therefore, it’s hard to know what to do sometimes. Here are some answers to some of the more common allergy myths being fact or fiction.

1. Will moving help your allergies? Answer – Possibly.
It really depends on the type of allergy you have. If it is a certain pollen, a move may help that, but there is always the risk a new pollen may cause trouble in your new area, even if you left the old one behind. Moving to a drier climate may help with dust and mold allergies.

2. Pets with short hair won’t bother your allergies. Answer – False!
The hair isn’t the source of the problem, it’s the dander and saliva that causes allergies. Pets with short hair lick themselves, too. Because cats lick themselves more than dogs, more people seem to be allergic to cats, however, that’s not to say that many are allergic to dogs as well. The more an animal sheds, the more hair coated with saliva will be spread around the house and make allergies worse, that’s why many people go with non-shedding animals. But again, that doesn’t mean they are allergy free pets.

3. Flowers are big allergy producers. Answer – False
Trees and grasses are the biggies. Flowers like roses and other bouquet flowers aren’t as allergy inducing as flowering trees and grasses. You’re probably okay to give even your ragweed suffering friend a bouquet on her birthday.

4. Using one brand of allergy medicine will build a tolerance and lose effect. Answer – False.
This used to happen, but with the newer medicines, tolerances are not developed. Remember, things like antihistamines don’t cure allergies, they help with the symptoms. Season to season may differ based on the allergies, not symptoms. There more of the allergy inducing pollen from one season to another, therefore making the symptoms worse and the medicine may not be able to be a cure all.

5. You can outgrow seasonal allergies. Answer – “Sort Of”
Though the allergy will always be there in essence, the sensitivities can be reduced over time. From year to year the symptoms may differ depending on wide variety of factors, including pollen output and personal health and well being.

6.  You won’t develop allergies as an adult. Answer – False!
Many adults develop not only seasonal allergies, but also food allergies. You never know with allergies, just as they may be reduced over the years, they can also become worse. Just as food allergies can be outgrown, they can also be developed.

With allergies, you just really never know. Everyone’s are so different, it’s difficult to have cut and dry guidelines to go by. It’s best to just know yourself and what works best for you, even with all the advice we get!

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