An Ounce of Prevention…

Groundhog Day is behind us so winter may be nearing it’s end or we may have some time before spring kicks in. Either  way, it’s really not too early to begin thinking about allergy season. The trees are already thinking about budding, the flowers, too, don’t get left behind.

Fortunately, there are quite a few precautions you can take now to help combat the symptoms of spring allergies. First, think about what you did last spring, did it work? What was effective, what were you lacking? It may be a good time to make an appointment with your allergies (plus, you’ll beat the spring rush). Go over medications that you have used in the past and decide to keep using them or switch to something more effective. remember,not everything works the same for everyone. Also, new medications are coming out all of the time, so don’t just settle on something because there was nothing else years ago when it was prescribed.

You have a wide variety of medications to choose from, nasal medicine, pills, liquids, over the counter or prescriptions. As you get older, or your kids do, your body changes so your symptoms may differ. Change your medication accordingly.

Even if you don’t get in to see your allergist, make sure your medications are up to date. Check expiration dates and if they are expired or low on refills, call your doctor to get new prescriptions. Remember, too, that for some medications, you need to take them before allergy season kicks in so that your body has had time to adjust to them; they’ll be more effective.

If you are thinking of changing doctors for whatever reason, or trying an allergist if you have never seen one, or even trying some sort of alternative medicine, Now is the time. Once spring hits in all its blooming glory, the doctors will get booked and it will be harder to get an appointment. Plus, by seeing them before it is critical, you can develop a repoire with them.

Some other preventative techniques you can do are give your house a good spring cleaning (more on that later) and change your air filters. I was noticing an excessive amount of dust lately in our house, it seems as soon as it was dusted, I saw that film of dust on the furniture again. My husband changed the air filters, they were filthy,and it seems to have helped.

Take care of yourself now; it will pay off later.

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