Claritin Saves the Day

By Heather Legg

Every spring, like so many others around the world, my husband goes into sneezing fits, itchy eyes and scratchy throat. Allergies hit him hard. He has tried a number of different allergy meds, all over the counter for him. The best one he ever found, however, was in France a couple of years ago.

As they say, you can’t run from your allergies. And they are right. Even the spring we were in France he was plagued by the same allergy symptoms. There may have been different plants causing the symptoms, but they were the same symptoms nonetheless. He hadn’t thought to bring allergy medicine with him, so with very broken French bought some there. He was amazed how well it took his symptoms away and brought relief. He even bought extra to bring home, but of course, either used them or they expired.

Last year he took the old box with him to the pharmacy and finally he and the pharmacist deciphered the ingredients and found that the closest American allergy med to these was Claritin. So this year, my husband bought a batch of OTC Claritin and has been using it this spring. Yes, he sneezes a little and every so often his eyes itch, but by taking it when he’s supposed to, he’s had a great allergy season.

Claritin is a 24 hour med, one dose every 24 hours. However, he doesn’t do it that way, he waits until he feels allergy-ish and takes one. Sure he sneezes a little more this way, but he can go longer without taking medicine. And he loves how quickly it does kick in once he takes it. I know doctors recommend taking it every 24 hours, really with any medicine, it’s better to take it before symptoms kick in then once they have. It’s easier to combat that way. But that’s up to the patient, too. Which is a higher priority to them; it’s an individual choice and all goes to that personalized allergy plan.

The bottom line is you have to find what works best for you and then how it works best. I am sure Claritin is not everyone’s allergy drug of choice, but it works great for my husband. I’m sure not everyone prefers a mild allergy attack to less medication, but he does so that’s his MO. Sometimes it takes trial and error, but than you find your best plan. Whatever it is, I am glad he has control over his allergies this year and isn’t allergy miserable or medication foggy! Thank you Claritin!

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