Finding Some Pollen Relief

By Heather Legg

Now that we all know that this year’s allergies are here in full form, what can we do about it? Of course, there is the medicine and a few alternative things to try, but what else?

Here are some suggestions from allergy experts:

1. Stay in the air conditioning. Though the weather is beautiful outside, don’t open your windows to let the warm, fresh air in – you’ll also let the pollen in. Even in the cool mornings, that is when the plants release the most pollen, so get ready for the day with your windows closed and resist the urge to drive with the windows down. Soon the inside of your car will be coated with yellow if you do.

2. Shower before going to bed. Even if you have done nothing strenuous and don’t feel you need a shower, take one anyway. And wash your hair. Pollen can collect in hair and on skin and you don’t want to sleep with it on you or get it in your bed.

3. Put clothes in hamper or laundry room. I know I often leave my clothes form the day in my bedroom, either to be worn again or to be washed. However, if you’ve been outside in those clothes, make sure you don’t leave them by your bed. Pollen is all over them and doesn’t need to be that close to where you sleep.

4. Leave your shoes outside. If you notice all the pollen on the ground, that is also on your shoes. If you wear your shoes inside, you are tracking it through your house, leaving it in carpets and all over.

5. Continue your allergy meds even when it you don’t feel the pollen. Doctors recommend starting allergy meds before the season kicks in and continuing through the pollen. Even if there is a rainy day or low pollen count, continue the meds so they stay in your system. Grass pollen is still a few weeks away, so it’s not too late.

6. Bathe your pet. Even if your dog is an inside one, she still has to go out sometimes. And when she does, the pollen coats her hair. Make sure you bathe your dog often to keep the pollen out of the house (it may make her feel better, too).

Though it may seem like there is nothing to do but sneeze and suffer, hopefully someof these tips may help out a little.

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