French Allergy Medicine

By Heather Legg

While in France last week, my husband’s seasonal allergies kicked in. He hadn’t brought any allergy medicine so he took a trip to the pharmacy. By the way, he speaks only the minutest amount of French and he went on his own.

He cam back very proud because he had successfully purchased a box of allergy medication from a pharmacist who spoke very little English. He had understood her that the medicine should be chewed not swallowed whole and that was about it. On the outside of the box I couldn’t find any dosage info, just that it was truly allergy medicine and for adults and children over 12.  He went ahead and chewed the first one as I tried to make my way through the insert in the package to find out how much and how often to take.

I did finally decipher that it was one pill per day, thankfully he had only taken one. This made sense because he was a little surprised that there were only seven or so tablets in the box. The symptoms it treated were just what he had, sneezing and red itchy eyes.  I didn’t read about side effects, I was concentrating on other parts, but within a short amount of time he was feeling so much better, sneezing and sniffling subsided and best of all, no groggy side effects!

Our friend began to sneeze as well one day in the park and took the same medicine and found it helped, too. I wonder if it’s just taking a new medicine because the body builds up an immunity to one taken over and over? Or is it just a better, more effective medicine or is it the one that just works best for more husband?

Whatever the case, it was another success story of traveling with allergies. Sure, he could have packed his allergy meds and had them on hand, but they probably would have been in his suitcase rather than day bag anyway. And he felt so proud after buying them on his own, who would give that up?! So it can be done. Seasonal allergies are everywhere and the beautiful spring in Paris comes with pollen just like our southern ones do here in the states. But you deal with them and hopefully find the right medicine and you go about your journeys. Thankfully, no allergies held us back from having a beautiful time.

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