Going Alternative

I am so happy! My friend just called me to tell me that she has made an appointment for her son with our alternative practitioner. No, I don’t get a referral reward or anything else tangible, I am just so happy because she has an open mind to do it. It takes a lot to step across the Western medicine line, but she is going for it and it makes me happy because I truly believe it will help our young friend.

He suffers from environmental and seasonal allergies and last year he had a tough one. His mom went from allergist to pediatrician to ear, nose and throat doctor; she even had to get CAT scans on her 6 year old because of the severity of his sinus infections caused by his constant allergies. She felt her son never felt 100% and she just was not satisfied with what all of these doctors were telling her and suggesting.

She replaced her carpet and got wood floors; she cleaned and cleaned, and changed her air filters. We talked about our personal family success with our alternative practitioner, NAET and acupuncture/acupressure. Our whole family goes to her (except my little one so far), and she has helped us in a wide gamut of areas, from my daughter’s allergies to my husband’s back problems. I even took some drops and my motion sickness disappeared over our vacation – I could read in the car!!

So my friend has made an appointment, because bottom line, she figured she has nothing to lose. There is nothing invasive about alternative treatments, no shots, no chemicals. I am proud of her because she is not letting traditional medicine stand in the way of her child’s health and well being. She wants him to have a successful year in school and last year, his allergies impaired him. She’s tired of seeing her son with dark circles under his eyes and waking up with congestion every morning. She is seeking another method and going in open minded and optimistic.

I, personally, have a great feeling about this. Maybe because we have been so successful with our alternative treatments, I feel it’s an amazing, natural way to help with allergies and I wish more people would at least give it a try. I’m excited to see what his treatment will be and I will be sure to keep you updated on his experience.

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