Oreck for Allergy Care

I was in the Oreck store the other day getting my vacuum cleaner tuned up, and I noticed all of the allergy care in the store. I know the more that a house is vacuumed, the better allergy control there is, but I wasn’t aware of all the other products Oreck offers.

One thing I saw was allergen control bedding. These are mattress and pillow protection products that shield the bed and pillows from dust mites and other allergens. They have been tested to show they reduce dust mite allergens by 99.9% which in turn leads to a better night’s sleep. These products are made of breathable fabrics so they do not hold onto body heat, again, this leads to a better night’s sleep.

Another thing are all the air purifiers I saw in the store. There are at least three styles that I noticed, from a smaller structure to a tower like one. They pull germs and allergens from the air to leave a clean breathing environment.  I looked on the website for more information and these do sound quite effective. Some of the features include:
• Cleaning and re-circulating the air in different size rooms depending on the size purifier twice every hour.
• Captures allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold, and germs.
• The Truman Cell™ permanent filter never needs to be replaced. Simply rinse clean, let dry, and re-insert.

Though these are not low cost products, if they do what they say, they could make a real difference in an allergy household. I have had a number of friends go to drastic measures to reduce allergens in the home, from getting rid of carpet and installing wood floors to replacing upholstered furniture. I do have one friend with an air purifier in every room, and she swears by them.

Another thing, it had been a while since I had my vacuum cleaner cleaned and tuned up. They say to do that once a year, however, I can’t say that I do. I had noticed it wasn’t vacuuming very well and I even felt is was putting dirt back into the air, which really defeats the purpose. However, since I got it home and have used it, I am a little mad at myself for not taking it in sooner. It vacuums so much better, getting up all of the dog hair and hopefully pollen that is in the house right now.

Things like replacing carpet and buying air purifiers can be expensive in a tight economy, but if you can have your vacuum service, you may notice a vast difference in  your home allergy care.

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