Remodeling And Home Updates For Allergy Reduction

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We all know the economy is tight right now and maybe not everyone can do remodeling like years ago, but sometimes you have to for whatever reason. If so, it’s a good time to replace some of the old allergenic materials with more friendly ones. It make a difference in more than how your home looks. Continue reading…

Exercise and Allergy

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Since I’ve been writing so much about food and entertaining and holidays and allergies, I’m going to get the jump on the oh so common New Year’s Resolution and mention exercise.

With allergies, you are still good to exercise. Sometimes with a cold, especially if you’re running a fever, you probably want to take a few days off, but even if you’re suffering from nasal allergies, you’re still good to exercise. It may not get rid of your allergies, but it will probably help you feel better. Follow your body’s instincts to know how much to exercise while experiencing allergies, and you never know, it just might help with your symptoms. Continue reading…

Travel Stories: Feather Pillows

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My family just spent time in Southern California for a business/pleasure weekend. It was great, though we always seem to bring the rain there – I thought SoCal is supposed to be sunny! Anyway, we had a wonderful time seeing friends and family while doing some work at the same time. What I found interesting while I thought about the weekend on the way home, is that my daughter gave me all kinds of fodder to write about! Continue reading…

Dealing with Perfume Allergies

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We think about food allergies a lot, and allergies like cat hair and dust, pollen and insects. We have so many more allergens floating around that though they may not be deadly, they sure can be annoying.

Perfume allergies are a huge annoyance to many people, simply because you can’t get away. My mother is highly allergic to some perfumes, not all. It just depends on the scents used in them. There is a certain brand she really likes, and the other day, a sample came in the mail from this designer. Since she’s had success with them before, she put the tiniest amount on her wrist. Then the headache came, the nausea and the sneezing. Continue reading…

More Tips on Beating Fall Allergies

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It’s the time of the year for Fall Allergies. And with the beautiful,cooler weather and the fun outdoor events, be it a football game, soccer game or a Fall Festival, there’s too much good stuff to stay indoors. However, if you suffer from ragweed allergies, outside may be the last place you want to be. There are some strategies you can implement to make things a little better, however. Besides the usual tips like keeping your windows closed (car and home) or leaving your shoes outside to prevent pollen from coming indoors, here are some more helpful tips for keeping your fall allergies in check: Continue reading…

Serious Ragweed Reaction

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I know that allergies can be very serious. I know that certain foods and insects can cause anaphylactic reactions in certain people, worst case scenario being death. I also know that many people have environmental allergies. While these aren’t usually as serious, they can be very uncomfortable, annoying, and interfere with the quality of life one has. However, today, I just heard of a very serious reaction to a ragweed reaction, one I never considered. Continue reading…

Hand Sanitizer and Allergies

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We often hear the question, “Why are there so many more allergies now then 20 years ago?” It’s a tough question to answer, but there is something called the “hygiene hypothesis,’ which according to Wikipedia is a

“lack of early childhood exposure to infectious agents, symbiotic microorganisms (e.g. gut flora or probiotics), and parasites increases susceptibility to allergic diseases by modulating immune system development.” Continue reading…

Vacuuming for Allergies

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We all know that dust mites are hard to handle and are thorns in our sides when it comes to allergies. Tiny but aggravating, they must be tended to and it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Of course, cleaning, washing sheets and vacuuming are necessary chores to keep the dust mites under control, and here are some tips for doing so: Continue reading…

Fight Allergies with Food

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With seasonal allergies seeming to last more than just a season, and more and more people complaining of allergy ailments, we need more options than the allregy meds that are out there. It works for some, but not everyone. It’s long been noted that certain foods fight allergies, whether it’s just by making the body healthier, stronger and more resistant or actually deterring an allergic reaction. Many of the healthy foods do actually help by decreasing swelling and inflammation. When the body as a whole is working at its best, it’s easier to maintain wellness through allergies. Continue reading…

Allergy Drops

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I hear more and more about allergy drops as people seem to be wanting something more for their allergies than antihistamines, eye drops and allergy shots. Allergy drops are also called sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT and consist of putting drops of the allergen extract underneath the tongues on a daily or multi week basis. Continue reading…

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