Ragweed, Not Yet?!

This summer has been a bad one for mold spores and heat/haze related asthma. Well now reports are already coming in that this will be a bad ragweed season. We think of allergies as spring and fall, but I think they are really more year round, especially with the lasting heat.

Apparently, ragweed allergies are actually worse at night when the pollen spores settle in the nose and the back of the throat. That is why often people wake up feeling congested with itchy eyes, nose and throat. It makes sense to me and I’m afraid I’m seeing it first hand.

My daughter woke up today not feeling well, saying her throat hurt a bit and her stomach. My first though was strep throat, but no redness and no weird odor that she tends to get on her breath when she has strep. But then I thought it could be allergies. I’ve written about her itchy, dark eyes and her sniffles lately, thinking it is mold. What if it’s already ragweed? Her stomach could hurt due to congestion drainage.

I remember as a kid my only real allergy was ragweed. It is miserable, and yes, beyond all the sneezing and itching, your stomach does hurt because especially as a kid, you can’t help but swallow some of that gunk.

I’m just kind of at a loss of what to do. I don’t want to dose her up on medicine on a daily basis, though she has taken more Benadryl in the past month than probably in the past year. We visited our alternative doctor and it didn’t seem to help very much this go round. I know a doctor’s visit would send us out with a prescription or over the counter call for one of the other allergy medicines.

For starters, I think I’ll use some of the foods that seem to combat allergies, like Vitamin C and Roobois tea for the quercetin. I’d like to see the effects firsthand since I’ve read so much about it and as ragweed isn’t in full bloom yet, it is the time to start if this is going to be a battle for her this season.

It just seems the season are getting closer and closer together, I thought ragweed hit more towards fall, and it’s only the beginning of August, and it feels like we just go past pollen!

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