Rugs and Blinds to Help Fight Allergies

We know allergies are on the rise, from food allergies to hay fever to asthma related allergies. We all try to keep our homes as allergy free as possible, and sometimes that means getting rid of dust collectors, like carpets and draperies. Here are a few new alternatives I recently came across online.

Allergens can get into any fabrics, and things like couches, pillows and window drapes are hard to clean. Most of us don’t get our window treatments cleaned very often.There is an alternative, though, to fabric window treatments, and that is wooden venetian blinds. These blinds are easier to clean than fabric drapery, and even though they do collect dust, they can be wiped down fairly easy, especially the ones with larger slats. They also show dust quicker, so owners will be more prone to clean them before they would cloth where the dust is harder to notice. Remember dust collects at the top of everything, including window treatments, rods and sills. It’s all got to be dusted every so often, no matter what material it is.

Now there is some controversial research on the carpets/rugs versus wood and tile floors. Some research suggests that because fibrous flooring, like rugs and carpet, holds onto allergens, it is better than nonporous flooring. Whereas we’ve always thought the opposite because wood and tile can be cleaned easily, it also doesn’t hold onto the allergens, and if not cleaned regularly, the allergens are more blown about through the air.

With some of the newer rugs being made from organic fibers and wool from animals with sustainable grazing practices and healthy diets, the fibers themselves are showing to have hypo allergenic properties. Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning every so often will keep the rugs as clean as flooring, and there won’t be dust and animal hair floating around as it tends to do sometimes when a floor goes without sweeping or vacuuming for too long.

Don’t forget about other things in the home. Some people believe leather is better than upholstered furniture, and if pillows or throws, even dog beds are in the house, they need to be of washable material. We just replaced our dog’s bed as her original one did not have a removable cover to wash.

There’s a lot to think about when decorating, and not only about style, but also about health. And now, with conflicting research, it makes it even harder to decide! However, with a little research and common sense, any home can be beautiful and allergy safe.

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