So Many Allergies

By Heather Legg

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I was thinking of taking my daughter in to our practitioner as she has been having allergy symptoms for about a week. Her eyes have been dark and puffy, and she keeps rubbing them. Her nose is sniffly and sneezing. I’ve had ideas of what it could be, and all my suspicions were confirmed and more when we went in Saturday.

I thought that some indoor dust was bothering her; we’ve been doing a lot of summer cleaning of closets and clothes and toys. Yes to dust. I thought maybe cats were bothering her. She had been in three different homes in one week with cats, and has shown allergy symptoms before. She had also cat sat for two families about a month ago. Yes to cats. I thought maybe mold or mildew from the summer humidity was getting to her – right again. But the doctor also mentioned fungus from the grass and trees.

My poor daughter! This was our alternative practitioner so she did a little clearing of all of these things. She had ten vials of allergy extracts for my daughter to hold. She did some acupressure on her and we were there about an hour and a half and need to go back in a week or so. That afternoon she had to stay away from not only cats but also cheese, vinegar and mustard. I should have asked the connection, but didn’t. Our practitioner asked if we would be outside that day at all, and unfortunately, we did have plans to attend an outdoor party (I think she would rather of had my daughter stay inside and away from the mildew, mold and fungus from the outside).

Though her eyes look somewhat better, there is still some sneezing and she is still rubbing her eyes. I wonder if being outside after the clearing made it less effective. I also wonder if this is new, because though she has shown allergic signs to cats and dust before, never to this extent, not to this many things. However, as I always say, the only sure thing to me about allergies is their transformation and inconsistency. You never know if allergies will stay, go away, manifest in a new form or new symptom. Not only does the time of year play a role, but the weather. Perhaps when one allergen is kicking in, it can kick in unrelated ones, too.

Oh well, guess we won’t be getting a cat anytime soon.

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