Spring Allergies on the Way: Get Ready

Spring allergies are on the way, before long, trees will be blossoming, flowers will be blooming. In some areas of the country, they already are. Yes, it looks beautiful, but for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring is anything but a beautiful time. Fortunately, you can counter some of the symptoms allergies produce if you act early, and now is the time.

• Start taking your allergy medicine. It’s better to get it in your system before the allergies kick in. Talk to your doctor about when to resume allergy medication to get a jumpstart. Now so many of the once prescription only medicines are over the counter, it makes it that much easier to get started on them.

• Make an appointment with the doctor or allergist if you need to go over anything or get a new prescription. Stick with something if it worked for you, if it didn’t try a new medication this year.

• If you are thinking of trying an alternative route, or do that already, see your alternative practitioner. Go for an acupuncture session before the pollen gets here. If you don’t have a practitioner already, now is a good time to find one with proper qualifications.

• Bulk up on healthy foods. Certain foods, those high in Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, will help your body fight the symptoms of allergic reactions, start eating them now, like blueberries, spinach and salmon. Some teas, like Rooibos, are full of Quercetin, a chemical that is good for allergies. The healthier your body is, the less potential the allergens will have for causing you symptoms.

• Get your dogs groomed. When they go outside, they’ll bring the pollen inside. The shorter their hair, the less pollen they will track in.

• Clean and declutter your home and car. There will be less places for pollen to get if you go ahead and do this.

It’s better to be proactive than to wait for the pollen to get you. Though it may seem wrong to take medication when you feel OK, it’s better to start now then when allergies are in high gear. Get ready for the pollen, there’s now way to prevent it. You can do these things for your home and your body to prepare for the onset, and hopefully this season won’t be as bad as past ones.

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