Spring is on its Way – Prepare

By Heather Legg

Spring is definitely a feast for the eyes, with flowers popping up everywhere, but for some, it’s a nightmare. Along with these colorful flowers and warm, sunny days the pollen comes. And to many allergy sufferers, misery.

Remember the severity of allergies can depend on the weather. Some of the negative contributers can be rain (it leads to more mold), wind (it blows the pollen around), and warmer days (more plants will bloom quicker so more pollen is created).

Doctors recommend starting allergy medicine early; that means before the pollen strikes. The longer medicine is in your system, the better it will work, according to professionals. Medication may also depend on your activity. If all you’ll be doing is going from car to office to house, you may not need to take as much as if you’ll be mowing the grass or hanging out at your kid’s baseball fields. If that is the case, you may want to use an inter-nasal antihistamine or some Benadryl for precautionary treatment even before you go.

As nice as the days may be, don’t let them tempt you into doing things that may backfire on you. I mentioned in a recent piece some ways to keep the home more allergy free – keep those windows closed during the peek allergy time. You don’t want the pollen coming inside. Same for your car – as tempting as it may be to ride with the windows down, think about all that pollen that will blow in. Keep the windows up.

Some other good things to do in the battle against pollen are to change your clothes and even shower after spending time outdoors to get rid of pollen adhered on yourself and clothes. Leave your shoes outside or at least at the door so pollen isn’t tracked throughout the home. If your dog or cat spends time outside, a good brushing will help before she comes in, or wipe her off with a damp towel. It’s amazing how much pollen can stick to the fur and hair on pets.

If your car is parked outside and you have access to a hose, rinse the hood off before going somewhere, especially in the morning or if it’s been parked for a while. When you turn the car on, some of the pollen will get in through the air vents if you use the air conditioner so rinsing it will wash some away before it sneaks in.

Watch the weather for pollen counts, you can find it on your local news or on sights like weather.com, and treat accordingly. It’s nice to be able to enjoy the beauty of spring instead of the wrath of its pollen!

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