Summer Allergies and Travel

People think of spring and fall as the worst time of the year for allergies. However, summer can be just as bad for some people. There are weed, grass and mold allergies that hit pretty hard. You have to be just as diligent during the summer as any other time of the year.

Summer is a big travel time, too. And the thing about traveling and allergies is you are constantly encountering new vegetation. Say you live a certain area of the country and travel to another region. You are bound to come into contact with something you aren’t used to, and boom, the allergies can hit. I remember one year, we traveled to Charleston, SC. It is a beautiful town, full of culture and history, also full of something that drove my poor husband crazy.  He was either sneezing his head off or so zonked out on allergy meds that he really didn’t have a very good time.

So what can you do? There’s not too much in this area except be prepared. You never know what you may encounter or if it will cause problems or not. If you tend to have environmental allergies, it’s a good idea to always carry some sort of antihistamine or another allergy medicine with you all the time, just as those with food or insect allergies keep an Epipen around. It’s a lot easier to have it on you than try searching in an unfamiliar town for the nearest pharmacy.

You can also find out a lot via the internet about pollen counts and what is causing them. You can go to,, or some local news sites to get this information. You may want to do this before planning a trip if your allergies are really bad, or at least before you arrive so you know what to expect.

Check with your hotel and make sure you get a non smoking, no pet room. It’s better to try to get a non smoking, pet free hotel if possible, but at least try for the room. Pet dander and smoke residue can bother anyone, so if you have allergies, this is surely something to steer clear of. Some hotels are beginning to have allergy free rooms where they use specific products, filters, and cleaning methods to keep the room as allergy free as possible. It’s definitely worth asking about.

It’s summer, take a trip and enjoy yourself, just be prepared for whatever may be out there to make you sneeze!

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