The Gift of an Allergy Pillow

It’s holiday time and finding the perfect gift for someone is always tricky. You don’t want to give them something they don’t need, doesn’t fit, or have too many of already. What about a new hypoallergenic pillow for someone with allergies? For those suffering from environmental allergies, it can be a daily struggle and a new pillow or pillow set would be a great gift and soothe the allergies, plus offer a better night’s sleep. Add some nice wintery pillow cases, and you’ll be all set. Allergy free pillows are made of different hypoallergenic materials to resist and be kinder to allergies. Pillows are something we forget to replace, but it is amazing what a good pillow can do for a good night’s sleep and allergy help, too.

Nothing is 100% allergy free, but by using products that have anti allergy components, the environment can be kept a bit cleaner, and every bit helps. It usually is the fill that makes the pillow allergy safe, and some of the different materials used are down alternatives, latex or foam, wool, cotton or alpaca. Though alpaca is not as well known, it can be naturally dust mite resistant as well as mold and mildew resistant. Some can even made of organic alpaca or other organic materials.

It does depend on what the allergy is. If the allergy is to down, or course, a down alternative needs to be used. One of the above materials would be suitable. There is hypoallergenic down, but remember, nothing is completely allergy free; these do not last as long as some of the other pillows, too. If the allergy is to dust mites, down would be okay but another choice may be better, and a good pillow cover should be used in conjunction with the allergy free pillow. Wool and latex are naturally dust mite resistant, though, so you  may not need the cover if you go with one of these, unless you just want the extra protection. The cover will repel dust mites on any pillow and keep them from getting inside the pillow.

An anti allergy pillow is one of the most important tools in fighting allergies and would be a thoughtful, practical but enjoyable gift. Because people spend more consistent hours in their bed than probably anywhere else, and because their face (the gateway to allergens) is on the pillow, it makes sense to have an allergy safe one. If you want, think about the gift recipient sleeps and gear your pillow towards that for even more personalization, as in back sleeper, side sleeper. With a new anti allergy pillow, it may be surprising how quickly allergies will get better.

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