These Fall Allergies…

I think often times we forget about the havoc that fall allergies (or any for that matter) can cause. Sometimes the symptoms aren’t so blatant, but the effects are definitely there. Whether, it’s school performance, athletic endurance or general well being, remember that thought there aren’t a while lot of outward symptoms, it could be allergies.

Here’s what I mean, my younger daughter woke up today and said her throat hurt. I looked in it, no spots or bumps, maybe just a touch red, hard to tell. She also said her stomach hurt a little. I took her temperature, it was normal. I got my older daughter off to school and figured I’d asses the younger one and maybe bring her in late. She was acting pretty normal, eating and drinking, playing on the computer. But then she said her throat hurt again and her stomach. Then she sneezed and I took a good look at her eyes, those dark circles were there. She usually loves school and looks forward to going. She didn’t want to today and though nothing stood out to say she’s really sick, I can tell she’s under the weather. She told me her stomach hurt just a little and her throat hurt just a little. I’m putting my money on drainage from allergies and it’s also making her feel all around yucky. So she is now upstairs watching movies in my bed.

Another example, my friend’s eight year old is playing football. He started out great, but she said that in the last game he just wasn’t doing his best. We talked about his attitude and performance. She then said how he had just started him on Zyrtec again this year. We figured out that his allergies and medication are probably causing him to lose a little focus and not feel as up to doing his best.

So try to remember, when your child complains of feeling yucky, or is not acting like himself, or just doesn’t seem right, it could very well be allergies. Even if the symptoms of runny nose and itchy eyes aren’t prevalent, allergies can manifest in all sorts of ways. The congestion can cause cold like symptoms of sore throat and stuffy nose, the medication can toy with the system, too.

Oh here she comes, sniffling a little bit and those circles are definitely there beneath her eyes.

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