Travel Stories: Feather Pillows

My family just spent time in Southern California for a business/pleasure weekend. It was great, though we always seem to bring the rain there – I thought SoCal is supposed to be sunny! Anyway, we had a wonderful time seeing friends and family while doing some work at the same time. What I found interesting while I thought about the weekend on the way home, is that my daughter gave me all kinds of fodder to write about!

First off, the hotel pillows! I’ve written about hotel pillows when you travel. I advise if you have allergies, bring your own. Well, guess what. My daughter and lush feather pillows don’t agree. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, the beds were oh, so comfortable, but that first morning we woke up to lots of sniffling and those puffy eyes on my older daughter. She thought she was developing a cold, but we knew better.

We went about our day and the sniffling subsided, but as we got ready for bed that night, we knew she shouldn’t sleep on those pillows. Of course, since we flew across the country, we didn’t bring any pillows, but don’t forget there’s usually an alternative. Luckily, the hotel had hypoallergenic pillows which they supplied us with and the sniffling was absent the next day.

Interestingly enough, her sister slept on the feather pillows in the same bed, and it didn’t bother my older daughter. She just couldn’t have her face directly on them, but they sure were comfy in my bed! My husband did the same thing, he opted for the non feather while I next to him slept comfortably on feathers. You’d think it would bother them to have the feather pillows so close, but they were okay with it being right there, just not sleeping directly on them.

We also had the option of borrowing pillows. My cousin who lives there offered us the use of borrowing his pillows, but we didn’t need to, though it was nice to have that offer. I think most hotels now have the option of feather or non feather pillows, and next time we’ll know before the first night!

And wait, I’ve got more allergy stories to share of my great California adventures!

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