Wet Season And Mold Allergies

By Heather Legg

We know that rain is helpful for those suffering from pollen allergies, but there is a downside to a wet season – mold. This has been quite a year for mold allergy sufferers as the rain, especially late afternoon and evening rain, is making the mold spores grow, and this in turn, kicks in the mold allergies.

I’ve noticed that my daughter has had those allergy eyes for the past few days and even an itchy mouth she said. At first I thought it was dust as she just cleaned out her closet, but that was a few days ago, and she still has the dark eyes. We had a lawn service here the other day, and he noticed a brown spot of grass. This, he told me, was due to fungus caused by excess water, though the rest of the yard is dry. Sometimes hard to make sense of, but the fungus and mold is bad this year. I think that is what is hitting my daughter.

It may not be just rain that is making the mold grow, but high humidity levels as well, and this year we are seeing record high humidity. I know in the south if you just walk outside your hair gets big and sweat runs down your back, to me, that is enough to tell me the humidity is high!

Mold allergy symptoms are the same as for dust and pollen, including:
Chronic cough
Runny nose
Nasal congestion
Itchy, watery and red eyes
Skin rashes and hives

I know it is important to treat a mold allergy as any other, avoidance is best. But that is not always possible. However, I do try to keep my daughter inside with air conditioning a lot right now, and I try to keep the humidity in the house low. Using central air conditioning with a HEPA filter will help trap the spores before they get in the air.

My daughter has taken more than her fair share of benadryl in the last week or so, and with school starting next week, I think we may try to squeeze in a visit to our alternative practitioner. I hate to send her off to middle school with those dark circles under her eyes and sneezing the day away.  And I think it is just getting hotter, here, we’ve got a good ten weeks or so until our heat breaks.

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