Quote of the Day - December 6th:
Our findings suggest that there may be a fundamental disconnect between how patients and physicians think about and manage asthma. As clinicians, we need to find better ways to uncover patients' underlying health beliefs as a critical first step to trying to help them understand and treat their asthma as a serious but controllable chronic disease.
( Angel Waldron )

Allergy to Chicken: Do You Have It

By staff | 9 Comments »

As you may already know, chicken and fish are two of the healthiest diet options. Compared to pork and beef, chicken meat is relatively lower in fat yet just as rich in protein. Besides, there are many delicious recipes which involve chicken and turkey. You can whip up a variety of meals with just chicken breasts, drumsticks, and wings in mind. Thus, we’ve established several good reasons why it’s quite important for you to be sure whether or not you’re a possible candidate for allergy to chicken. Continue reading…

Hay Fever Relief: Do Natural Antihistamines Really Work?

By A Reis | 4 Comments »

If you suffer from hay fever, you probably run to the pharmacy to get a new batch of antihistamine tablets at the first sight of pollen… and the fact that researchers don’t really know why your body has such an extreme reaction to such a harmless product is probably no help at all! You may experience sneezing, running nose, headaches, itchy and watery eyes and in extreme cases, it may even cause breathing difficulties.

Continue reading…

Allergy to Honey: What Exactly are You Allergic to?

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Honey has become such an everyday household word that having an allergy to it sounds so unthinkable!  It makes you think twice about using natural honey as a diet and baking alternative when you’re cutting down on table sugar.  It makes you look twice at that cereal box containing honeynut cereals or that biscuit pack with honey graham crackers in it.  And what about that teaspoonful of honey a day which keeps the doctor away?  Should you skip honey-flavored cough syrups and scrap them from your health regimen all together? Continue reading…

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

By Heather Legg | 2 Comments »

The average person uses about seven skin care products per day. That is a lot, and if you are the low side, think about the people that are bringing the numbers up to seven! I know I use a cleanser in the morning, a moisturizer, sunscreen and a different cleanser and moisturizer at night. That’s five and doesn’t count the actual make up I use or what I use if I am having problems with my skin. Continue reading…

Gluten – HELP!

By Heather Legg | 3 Comments »

I’ve mentioned my friend who is currently learning all she can about Celiac Disease as she and two of her three children were just diagnosed with it. She’s gotten on message boards, talked to restaurant managers, studied food labels, and it’s just the beginning. One thing she is finding (and struggling with) is all the different perceptions when it comes to gluten free. Continue reading…

A Rundown of Some Alternative Methods for Allergy Sufferers

By Heather Legg | No Comments »

When people are suffering from allergies and finding no escape even with prescription medicine and careful monitoring of allergens, it may be time to seek other treatments. Here is a breakdown of some of the major holistic methods of allergy treatments. Though they may seem a little odd at first, plenty of people will attest to their reliability and success. Continue reading…

Hypersensitivity among People with Allergy to Onions and Garlic

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There’s nothing like the scent of garlic and onion to say that something totally delicious is cooking in the kitchen!   They’re two of the most aromatic herbs and spices which people love to grow in their garden and use in their flavorful culinary dishes.
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Food Allergies in Children Should Be Taken More Seriously

By Heather Legg | 1 Comment »

As it so often is, the topic of food allergies seems to be heavy in the news these days. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the recently published, largest study ever to track childhood food allergies in the United States shows that food allergies may be more dangerous as well as more severe than previously thought. Continue reading…

Hives – Unknown Causes and Known Treatment

By Heather Legg | 3 Comments »

This weekend we were with some friends and one of them had a terrible outbreak of hives. The worst part – she had no idea why they were there. Of course, all of us were asking her about everything she had eaten and come in contact with, and nobody could figure out anything. Continue reading…

Celiac Disease and Allergies

By Heather Legg | 2 Comments »

I have to take on a personal note today as my good friend, after months upon months of sickness, struggling and a myriad of doctors, just had her daughter diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I know it’s not considered an allergy, but on top of that, her allergy diagnosis came back, too – soy, corn, apples, oranges and a few other things are on the list. Continue reading…

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