Quote of the Day - January 24th:
In recent years, as higher incidence of diabetes and food allergies have emerged, the chocolate industry has responded by making such products as sugar-free and nut-free confections available.
( Greg Ziegler )

Peanut Allergy Patch

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We’re always hearing of new ways to reduce the body’s reaction to allergens. Whether we’re talking about allergy shots for bee stings, drinking certain teas for hay fever or a new prescription medicine with less side effects, we hear of them. However, it seems we’re still waiting for something effective for food allergies. Continue reading…

Allergy Free Hotel Rooms

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Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and woken up in the morning with swollen, red puffy eyes? Perhaps you notice that when you arrive and have been in your room a little while, you begin to sneeze. Maybe your asthma becomes exacerbated when staying in a hotel. Yes, it very well could be that your hotel room is full of allergens and it’s causing your own allergies and asthma to act up. After all, do hotels take the same careful cleaning and allergen removing precautions that you do at home? Continue reading…

The Neti Pot: Easy and Affordable Non-medication Allergy Relief

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With this long and lingering allergy season, many people are tired of the same symptoms day after day. Often people turn to a neti pot, but many people still are wondering what exactly it is and what exactly it does. Here is your basic rundown on the benefits and the how to’s of the neti pot. Continue reading…

Seasonal Allergies and Depression

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Anyone who has suffered from seasonal allergies knows that they can play much more havoc on the mind and body than causing some sneezing and a runny nose. In fact, recent studies have showed that there is a possible real link between allergies and depression. Continue reading…

Are Eye Allergies Any Different than Other Allergies?

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Allergies have a broad range of components, but those who experience allergies may know of the specifics of eye allergies only too well. However, just like all the other aspects of allergies, it can be hard to pinpoint all the facts about eye allergies. So here is your quick reference on eye allergies, the how, what and why, and the difference that makes them stand out: Continue reading…

Can Allergies Affect Your Child’s School Performance

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We know that this time of year allergies affect plenty of people. The numbers are high, about 40% of Americans are affected and that means children, too. When children suffer from allergies, they often miss school, or are feeling so bad at school that they can’t focus or concentrate. All of this can impact school performance. Think about the school day, children are often hungry or tired, throw a headache, sniffly nose and constant sneezing into that and it makes it even harder to focus. This is another instance of where allergies have to be managed or they could have long term negative impact. Continue reading…

What is the Culprit?

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Talking to my friend today, I could hear the frustration in her voice. Her daughter has asthma, allergies and eczema and she is trying her best to find the connection and deal with it. However, she keeps getting shut down by different doctors, getting handed more prescriptions and instead of wanting to put more in her little girl’s body, she wants to clean it up, but no one seems to help. Continue reading…

Things I’ve Learned from Food Allergies

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Until my daughter was diagnosed with a food allergy about 7 years ago, I never really thought about them. I don’t even think I knew what anaphylaxis was. Now, I think about food allergies almost every day, and not just hers. Just like anything that rocks your world, an allergy can open up your mind, make you more compassionate, and teach you a lot. You always get a choice in how you think about things, you can be discouraged and disheartened, or you can become empowered and learn to be a stronger person. So here are some of the top things I’ve learned over the years since dealing with food allergies, and it’s not all the scientific end of it either. Continue reading…

Sleepovers and Visits with Pet Allergies

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Many of us worry about food allergies when our children go to someone else’s house, but there are plenty of us who worry about other things, like pet allergy reactions. Even if you have a pet, maybe your child is allergic to another kind of animal. So what can you do if your child has a pet allergy and her best friend has a pet? Or the other way around, how can you be a good host when someone comes visiting who is allergic to your pet? Here are some tips to help out: Continue reading…

Benefits of Bee Pollen

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We were at a local farmer’s market recently and a bee farmer was there with honey, candles and bee pollen. After talking to him for a bit, my husband decided to buy some bee pollen to see if it would help with his spring allergies. He was a little afraid to start taking it because of reactions or side effects, but went ahead. Now, like with many other medicines or herbs, it takes a while to show any effect. The good news is, though, that after a couple of days, there are no ill side effects. He was worried about swollen eyes or worse pollen symptoms, but so far so good. Continue reading…

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