Quote of the Day - December 13th:
When allergy sufferers clean properly, they can manage their indoor air quality, and lessen the nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing, headaches and severe, flu-like symptoms, they often experience.
( Norman Edelman )

Spring is on its Way – Prepare

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Spring is definitely a feast for the eyes, with flowers popping up everywhere, but for some, it’s a nightmare. Along with these colorful flowers and warm, sunny days the pollen comes. And to many allergy sufferers, misery.

Remember the severity of allergies can depend on the weather. Some of the negative contributers can be rain (it leads to more mold), wind (it blows the pollen around), and warmer days (more plants will bloom quicker so more pollen is created). Continue reading…

Another Gluten Free Cookbook – The Cake Doctor Bakes Gluten Free

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I love the Cake Doctor cook books. The author, Ann Byrn, takes cake mixes and turns them into luscious, decadent desserts that are super easy to make. Now she has done it gluten free! I saw this cookbook the other day and was very excited! Continue reading…

Where to Get Information

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To finish up the school awareness series, I wanted to give some ideas on where to get some useful information. The first place to start would be your counselors and nurses. You may be surprised what is already in your school. They often are overwhelmed with material and just don’t have the time to focus on everything. They may be more than happy to have you take this on. Continue reading…

Forming an Allergy Support Group Within a School

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I started a series last week in regards to a mom asking how best to start an awareness/educational program at her child’s school. I hope this all helps because it really is important to get the education out there, especially in the elementary schools. Over the past years, it has greatly improved, but when it comes to safety, it does not hurt to insist on a few things and most of all, it is about empowerment. Just like schools help instill the responsibility we are all working on at home with our kids, it is another place to help empower them about their allergies. We won’t always be there to watch over, and work places will not be as allergy safe as schools. But it is a great learning place, and we as parents can help make it the most efficient and safe one it can be. Continue reading…

Bully Prevention

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Many schools just finished up weeks devoted to anti bullying and bully prevention. Kids are bullied for all sorts of things, being to small, being to big, sexuality, the clothes they wear, being too smart, the list goes on. But also in the list are allergies. I’m shocked to hear any bullying story, and I have heard them regarding food, even at our own school. It is something that has to stop and those of you working to increase awareness within your schools are in a great place to help. Continue reading…

Reader Question Regarding Education and Awareness

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One of our readers posted this very important comment, and I’d love to offer up some advice to get her and anyone else started on an allergy awareness/educational crusade. Continue reading…

Peanut Allergy Research

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Recent research evidence shows us two interesting findings regarding peanut allergies. The first one is that boys are more likely diagnosed than girls with having a peanut allergy. The second is that children from homes with higher income are more likely to be diagnosed. Continue reading…

Relief For Allergy Eyes

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Besides itchy skin, itchy and red eyes are one of the top allergy bothers. All different kinds of allergies can effect eyes, including food allergies that swell them, animals that irritate them and other environmental irritants like dust, pollen or even a lot of unknowns.  Because the eyes don’t have the barriers that other systems in the body do, they are often the first part affected by allergies. But besides knowing what irritates them and trying to stay away, it is also important to know how to treat them. Continue reading…

Valentine’s Day With Food Allergies Can Still Be Sweet

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Valentine’s Day is that chocolate filled holiday that some of us love and some of us dread. I know there are those that dread it for other reasons, but I’m going to focus on the food aspect. It’s hard for those with food allergies, especially kids,  to stand by and watch all of the chocolates, nut and dairy filled, and the cookies, full of eggs and wheat, that surround the day. However, it doesn’t have to be something to dread and here are some ideas for your allergic sweetheart (who may very well be your child) that are just as good as those sweets. Continue reading…

Allergies in Middle School

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Today at my daughter’s middle school, there was reward lunch for the honor roll students with a big, yummy looking dessert buffet. Parents had sent in desserts, either homemade or store bought and the students got to choose a few to have as dessert while they enjoyed a less structured lunch with their fellow honor students. Continue reading…

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