Quote of the Day - July 21st:
Once a dog is allergic, it will have that allergy for the rest of its life. If it's an environmental allergy, you can move away from it. If you and your dog move from New York to Arizona, you've changed botanical zones, but the allergy is not gone.
( Bruce Bender )

Beating Winter Allergies

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Though winter is a nice time for pollen allergy sufferers, now we have to deal with everything inside – dust, pet dander, mold, dry air… Continue reading…

Eating Your Way to Allergy Ease

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I always think what we put in our bodies is as important as what we keep out. We work hard to make sure certain allergens don’t get in, but it also helpful to ensure that enough healthy and helpful foods get in. Eating the right things can help out with combatting environmental allergens and keeping us healthy so our resistance stays strong. Continue reading…

Diagnosing Food Allergies (Again)

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I know I’ve posted on this topic before, but after reading another article on diagnosing food allergies, it makes wonder what the future will be. According to a piece in the current issue of Time Magazine (Dec 20, 2010), Surveys suggest that the rate of food allergies is on the rise in the U.S., but experts say up to 90% of those allergies may be misdiagnosed cases of sensitivity to or intolerance of common foods like peanuts, milk and soy. Continue reading…

Vacations and Dining Out With Allergies

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We just returned from a few days away and, as usual, spent a lot of our time exploring which in turn means dining out for us. We did stay with some friends so we knew there would be no allergy instances (or at least felt pretty sure there wouldn’t be), but whenever you dine out and you have allergies, you wonder. Continue reading…

Kiwi – Healthy or Dangerous?

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I’ve noticed over the years one food that makes my mouth itch – kiwi. This one makes my husband’s mouth itch, too, but so do other fruits like peaches and plums. Whereas we’ve always contributed it to oral allergy syndrome, especially with him because of seasonal allergies, research shows that kiwis are pretty high allergy inducing foods. Continue reading…

The Gift of an Allergy Pillow

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It’s holiday time and finding the perfect gift for someone is always tricky. You don’t want to give them something they don’t need, doesn’t fit, or have too many of already. What about a new hypoallergenic pillow for someone with allergies? For those suffering from environmental allergies, it can be a daily struggle and a new pillow or pillow set would be a great gift and soothe the allergies, plus offer a better night’s sleep. Add some nice wintery pillow cases, and you’ll be all set. Allergy free pillows are made of different hypoallergenic materials to resist and be kinder to allergies. Pillows are something we forget to replace, but it is amazing what a good pillow can do for a good night’s sleep and allergy help, too. Continue reading…

More Recalls

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McNeil Consumer Healthcare has just added more items to its list of medications recalled in 2010 and more than 14 million bottles of four products are on the list for voluntary recalls.  The recalled products include Rolaids Extra Strength Softchews, Children’s Benadryl Allergy Fastmelt Tablets, Junior Strength Motrin Caplets and Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom liquid products. Continue reading…

Peanut Allergies are Real

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As seen in recent news, peanut allergies are real. They are scary and can cause death – they are real. For those with severe allergies, foods can be life threatening, and unfortunately, treatment does not always come in time. Other times, a first reaction can be an eye opener and let the family know to be ever vigilant. Continue reading…

A Time to Give Thanks

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Managing a year, and a life, of allergies can be trying to say the least. It can be agonizing to worry every day when your child goes to school or a friend’s house, or college or summer camp to be left wondering and praying that he will be safe. It can be frustrating to not have others give the credibility that allergies are due, and not take them seriously enough. The campaigning and advocating can be exhausting, the note writing, the extra snacks, the daily medication, the pet hair, the personalized meals, the epipens….no one wants an allergy whether it’s food or environmental. Continue reading…

Substitutions for Creating Allergy Safe Foods

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With the Holidays upon us, many hours will be spent in the kitchen, whether you are cooking for your family and friends to entertain, baking treats to give as gifts, or trying to put together a week night family dinner in the midst of a hectic season. Many of us want to try a new recipe or two, but ingredients can scare us if someone in our family is allergic to it. However, most of the high allergen foods have simple substitutions which barely change the integrity of the dish and make it safe to it. Continue reading…

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