Quote of the Day - July 21st:
Once a dog is allergic, it will have that allergy for the rest of its life. If it's an environmental allergy, you can move away from it. If you and your dog move from New York to Arizona, you've changed botanical zones, but the allergy is not gone.
( Bruce Bender )

Allergic Reactions to Stings

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Bees and wasps are really bad this time of year. In fact, a friend’s son and husband just had an encounter with a nest of angry bees. The boy was getting stung and his dad helped him, getting stung himself. The result was one for the boy and three for the dad. However, the dad was stung on the hand which proceeded to swell. Continue reading…

Probiotics and a Few More Tips for Eczema

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One of our reader’s recently wrote in mentioning taking probiotics for treating eczema. Though I’ve known of the benefits of probiotics, especially when taking antibiotics, I did not know how beneficial they were for treating eczema. Thank you for this information! Continue reading…

Retesting For Allergies

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My daughter had a doctor’s appointment today and while we were there, I finally had all of her allergies formed filled out so I could get her medication to school. As this is a doctor we’ve only been seeing a few months, we talked about her allergy.

She asked if we had a current allergist, but I told her we don’t really for a few reasons. We weren’t happy with who we had seen, and since my daughter hasn’t had a reaction in years. We sort of stayed away from the allergists. Her suggestion was to see one again, and if she has grown out of it, we will know and can worry less. Continue reading…

Food Allergy Bullies

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I remember reading an article a while ago about in England who was bullied due to a food allergy. I was shocked. But then it happened in my area, a minor incident, but bullying all the same. And bullying not only falls under the category of teasing with a certain food that is dangerous, but also teasing because of the allergy and making fun of alternate foods. Continue reading…

Rain: Good or Bad for Allergies?

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We had a really wet spring, which made for beautiful flowers, then a really dry summer, which has lasted and lasted. Finally, yesterday, there was rain. I personally love rain, and nothing beats a rainy Sunday. But what does it do for allergies? Continue reading…

Medical Allergy Alerts

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Not so long ago, the only way to alert others of a medical condition during an emergency was with a medical alert bracelet. Not to say there is anything wrong with these now, it’s always a great idea in the case of life threatening medical conditions, like allergies or asthma, but now there are many options for adults and children. Here is a brief rundown of just a few of them: Continue reading…

What Medicines to Use for Treating Seasonal Allergies

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Sometimes it can be really hard to know which medicines to use to treat allergies. For instance, what do you need when you can’t stop from sneezing your head off as opposed to what to use when there is that lingering congested feeling and stuffiness. Sometimes allergies lead to other ailments, but those need to be treated separately, like ear infections. The basic medicines used to treat allergies are antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids, and combinations of these. Continue reading…

Fall is Just as Bad as Spring

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The days are cooling off, the humidity is dropping, the weather is beautiful. However, for those with allergies, they would probably trade in these days for worse weather and no allergies. The ragweed is getting ready to bloom, as well as other allergy inducing plants and weeds. Continue reading…

Gluten Free Ideas

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I’ve noticed recently all the people trying to cut out carbs like bread and pasta for weight control reasons, but it made me think of all the people with gluten allergies that simply cannot have the wheat in carbs. So they have had to come up with ideas to substitute for reasons other than weight control, but for health and well being. Here are some good ideas that I like for both reasons, and while foregoing the wheat and gluten filled foods, you are getting extra veggies with many of them, which can only be a good thing. Continue reading…

Study Analyzes Antihistamines, Weight Gain

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A recent study shows that there may be some connection between antihistamine use and weight gain. In an article on kdka.com, the study is explored:

Because of their chemical similarity to certain psychiatric drugs that have been associated with weight gain, researchers wanted to look at antihistamines.
A Yale study looked at nearly 900 adults. Those taking the prescription antihistamines Zyrtec or Allegra were more likely to be overweight or obese than non-users – 45 percent versus 30 percent.
Continue reading…

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