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“The only definitive test for food allergy is whether a person can consume that food without an adverse reaction.”
David Fleischer

“The data are not clear enough to say what the true rate of increase has been, but we would be very comfortable saying the rate of food allergy has truly increased.”
Robert Wood

“Parents need to be informed and take any food allergy seriously. If my son’s death can save one life, then I feel we have done some good.”
Jacquie Swan

“All I knew is my son was supposed to stay away from tree nuts. But we were not in the habit of reading food labels. We also didn’t think of the food allergy in terms of life and death.”
Jacquie Swan

“Be sure to carefully read the ingredients listing, especially if you suffer from food allergies or are trying to cut down on your trans fat intake.”
Cynthia Sass

“Until you really know it’s a life-threatening disease, you think food allergies are a sniffle or a cough. We’re not talking about a sniffle or a cough. We’re talking about breathing or not breathing.”
Denise Bunning

“I’m allergic to chemicals in food so I eat only organic foods. I’ve never missed a show so it must be doing something.”
Carol Channing

“One concern is that altered foods could cause susceptible people to become allergic to foods they previously could safely consume.”
Rebecca Goldburg

“Perfume isn’t really necessary when you’re working out. Or cologne. Some people really splash it on and that’s not good if you’re allergic to it.”
Risa Stewart

“It is worth trying for someone who is allergic. Some products are over hyped. But one thing I recommend is getting HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. They do decrease the allergens in the air.”
Lyndon Mansfield

“The prevalence of severe allergic reactions seems to be increasing throughout the world, but there is uncertainty about the prevalence because of the lack of good, effective means of diagnosis.”
Andrew Walls

“A lot of people are allergic to tree mold – what next, do we limit the number of trees in each yard?”
Mary Williams

“I have seen people with nutritional problems due to avoiding foods not really allergic to.”
Jay M. Portnoy

“Don’t just assume you have a food allergy. If you suspect one, get it confirmed.”
Jay M. Portnoy

“A lot of people are allergic to cat dander, and bathing the cats helps a lot.”
Kristy Lee

“People spend thousands on over-the-counter medications that aren’t helping them. Get a skin test. Find out what you’re allergic to so you know what to avoid and what the proper treatment is.”
Beth Corn

“The best advice is to get a full diagnosis, find out what you are allergic to and prepare for the season that’s worst for you.”
Mike Tringale

“You may move but be just as affected by the tree pollen in the new place.”
Mike Tringale

“The number of children developing allergic reactions (to cedar pollen) is on the increase.”
Yoshitaka Okamoto

“You can step in an ant bed and be stung several times before you can get away. If someone is allergic — it can be fatal.”
Mark LaSalle

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