No Excuse to Not Wear Your Medical Allergy Bracelet

You know you should wear your allergy ID (or alert) bracelet. But why aren’t you?

If your answer is that you don’t want to wear those boring ID bracelets, you have no excuse. Fashion trends for health and allergy alert bracelets have changed a lot in the last few years. So you can still look fashionable and be safe.

Bracelets are the most popular style of health and allergy ID jewelry. You can get these in both gold and silver colors. If you are allergic to cheaper metals, you can even find real gold plated versions of these bracelets in many fine jewelry stores, which are great for those with nickel allergies.

One of the most popular styles of health Id bracelets for women is the beaded variety. These can be bought in many colors and even in mixed up colors. To a passerby, they look just like a regular beaded bracelet. But when further inspected, one can see that there is a little tiny medical cross emblem on it. This emblem notifies medical personnel that you have an allergy or health condition. On the back of the emblem your allergy or health condition is engraved.

If you don’t especially like bracelets or bore easily wearing the same jewelry item daily, you can also buy allergy Id alerts in other forms, besides bracelets. Many companies sell necklaces and charms of all sizes, styles and colors that also have an alert imprinted on them.

Now if you are sick of jewelry items that show your medical condition, how about trying other ways of making sure medical personnel is alerted in case you have an emergency such as:

1. Preprinted laminated tags. You could buy or make these (if you are crafty). These could be attached to your purse, your briefcase or your luggage. Have these made into sticker form and you could attach one to your cell phone, key chain to your cell phone or made into a card to carry in your wallet.

2. Shoe tags. These are threaded with your shoe threads and sits right on top of your shoes. These are great for runners.

3. Medical tags that hang from a belt loop chain are perfect to wear with casual jeans and shorts.

The only other reason you may not want to wear an emergency alert or medical ID bracelet is that you fear that people will know you have a health condition or allergy. Relax. Many of the jewelry items are hardly noticeable and most people would never see the alert on the item (unless they would be directly looking for it as medical personnel are trained in doing during an emergency).

And if someone even did notice, they wouldn’t really care. Most people have one, two or even three or more health conditions or allergies that are considered serious. Believe me, you are not alone.

Above anything there is one strong reason to wear an alert medical bracelet: it could save your life.

Here are a couple great sites that sell medical alert bracelets and jewelry. See if you can find something you like.

– Linda McCloud


  1. Thanks Linda… Great to see you are encouraging people to communicate more about their allergies — in a way that works for them. We make a range of medical alert bracelets that are perfect for young people in particular, who may want a more subtle approach. Have a look at I totally agree that you need to find something that works for you (style, colour, format) or you will not wear it.

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