Product Recommendation: Aquaball

By staff

Skin allergies can be extremely challenging, especially when the allergen is unknown or when it is a common ingredient, like fragrance or harsh chemicals. Therefore laundry can be a challenge; what detergents to use? The natural ones are good but more expensive, and may not work for everyone. The mainstream brands can be harsh and full of chemicals, even the ones claiming to be “free.” One alternative worth trying is the Aquaball Laundry Ball.

Aquaball is a spiky ball which you fill with included pellets. It takes the place of chemical and fragrance laden laundry detergents and cleans by releasing ionized oxygen into the water which increases the pH level, making the water softer and better able to clean through activating the molecules. The molecules can penetrate deeper into the fabric and lift away dirt, leaving clean fresh-smelling clothes without the harsh chemicals or residues left by other detergents.

Because no powders or liquids are put into the water with Aquaball, nothing is left in the clothes after washing. No residue means nothing to irritate the skin or exacerbate allergies or eczema. Even with the most “allergy free” detergents, there is still a chance of residue or irritation.  It is the water that cleans and with the water softening element of Aquaball, clothes come out softer without the use of possibly irritating fabric softener.

Not only is the Aquaball chemical free, but it is also anti-bacterial. It is effective in killing the E-coli virus and Staphylococcus virus. Another benefit is the environmental one; because as you are not adding any chemicals to your laundry water, there is no polluting of our rivers and other waters. The rinse cycle can also be shortened or eliminated which saves on water, also good for the environment and your wallet. You can also save money with the Aquaball because each one is good for about 60 washes, and then only the pellets need to be purchased; the ball is reusable. Another savings feature is the elimination of fabric softeners and dryer sheets because of the built in softening factor.

Though reports show that overall cleaning is very effective and most stains don’t cause a problem, one complaint was that the Aquaball didn’t always remove all ground in, heavy stains. However, there is a phosphate free stain remover made by Aquaball that works well with the Aquaball and is reported to be very effective. Otherwise, reviews are quite positive on this product, especially for those with skin allergies. Aquaball is safe for people with all types of skin allergies and eczema and for all ages because it is extremely gentle.

For more information on Aquaball or for ordering, go to; this is a product worth trying.

– Heather Legg

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