Food Allergy Labels for Kids

Tired of writing you own labels and reminder notes about your child’s allergy (or even your own)? Check out these sites with some great ideas to help maintain safely in the allergy world.


“AllerNotes are repositionable notes designed to be handed to your server as you explain your particular food allergy. They are a great reminder to the server of the severity of the food allergy, designed to reinforce your communication with the waitstaff and, in turn the waitstaff’s communication of your allergy issue to the kitchen staff. AllerNotes are not a substitute for a verbal explanation, but are meant to augment and emphasize what you would normally tell your server. AllerNotes are available preprinted with certain allergies or blank for you to fill in as needed. The “blank” AllerNotes are not confined to food allergies… they have a line at the bottom for writing in the type of allergy being addressed. They work for all types of allergies beyond food issues, such as penicillin, latex and the like, and can be handed to a nurse, a child’s day care worker or anyone else.”

Not only can you purchase the notes, you can buy semi-permanent stickers to use on lunch boxes, notebooks, thermoses, wherever you need to either add a reminder or draw attention to the allergy.

My Precious Kid:

“Allergy labels provide a clear bright YELLOW warning to others about your child’s allergy or allergies. Can be personalized with up to four allergies and the child’s name. Being waterproof, these food Allergy labels are especially designed for kids’ lunch boxes, drink bottles and clothing. Great to use on clothing during camp or field trips and good to keep on lunch boxes, thermoses and back packs.”

SAFE LABELS: These labels are PVC free, BPA free, Latex free, and Vinyl free. They are made in the USA.

Blue Bear Aware: – Great t-shirts to alert others of allergies.

“Choose from dozens of cute and cool allergy alert graphics! And for added awareness, the Allergy Alert Symbol is visibly located on the back right shoulder of all Blue Bear Aware allergy tees. It’s a great reminder for teachers, caregivers, coaches, flight attendants, camp counsellors and relatives!”

These shirts are so hip, I’d even where them and I don’t have a food allergy. I may be ordering the pink nut free fairy one for may daughter! The nice thing about these are they aren’t baby-ish. Very hip and cool with lots of fund designs for boys and girls!

Name Bubbles Allergy Labels: – Designed by a mom with a son with serious allergies to nuts, peanuts and coconuts.

These are durable, waterproof allergy alert labels made of vinyl which can be adhered to almost anything, including lunch boxes, backpacks, food containers, clothing and more. Not only do they alert about the specific allergy, but they provide crucial information about what to do in case of an allergy attack and space for contact information. These allergy alert labels are $32.88 for 96 customized labels. Included in the set are 48 dishwasher safe Allergy Alert Bubbles labels great to put on thermoses, sippy cups, lunch boxes – anything that goes in the dishwasher – and any kind of sports equipment that has to be waterproof. You also get 48 water resistant Allergy Alert Stickies that work great on a variety of other items, like toys, clothes or Epipens, and can also be used on any document of form, like school or camp forms RSVP’s or permission slips. They stand out on the paper and are great reminders for teachers and other staff. They also come in sets of 48 either the waterproof or the water resistant for $14.88.
You can also find badges to sew or iron onto clothing or backpacks, stick on labels, wristbands and even auto-injector cases.

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