Allergy Safe Baby Products

New moms need everything for their babies, including skincare. We try to give fun gifts and not just the basics, but when choosing a baby gift, or even something for your own baby, it’s important to choose the safest thing, not just the trendiest, priciest or the one wrapped in the prettiest paper. However, there is a way to do both, and I’m here to help you with that.

The skin of babies is very sensitive, we didn’t even use baby wipes on our daughters for the first few months, just washcloths and warm water. Baby products are laden with perfumes (to get that sweet smelling baby scent), harsh chemicals and even dyes to get those soothing baby colors. That’s just what we want to stay away from, however, any extra ingredients, including, dyes, perfumes and chemicals.

Many doctors recommend adult lotions for babies instead of the baby formulas. Lotions like Lubriderm and Cetaphil are great for baby’s skin as there are virtually no added ingredients. Soaps like Dove Unscented/Sensitive Skin are good choices, too. Many doctors even recommend avoiding lotions unless your baby’s skin is extremely dry because babies have more natural moisture in their skin.

When purchasing a gift, though, it might be a little more fun to give something besides pharmacy lotions and soaps, something Mom may not buy herself. Here are a few ideas for some higher end products that are good for baby while jazzing up gift giving at the same time:

Baby Cakes Products (includes Body Wash and Body Lotion, Shampoo & Body Wash and more) – All natural and organic baby skin care line, not tested on animals, non-irritating. No harsh chemicals, dyes or chemical perfumes. Watch for coconut oil in some products if allergic.

Burt’s Bees Products (includes Shampoo& Body Wash, Buttermilk Soap, Lotion and more) – Gentle products without mineral oils, parabens, or talc. Uses natural oils and gentle ingredients like honey and buttermilk. Watch for almond oil if allergic.

Lucky Ducky Vegan Shampoo and Baby Wash – Gentle formula made with non toxic ingredients. Made with no harmful TEA’s, DEA’s, sodium lauryl sulphate, soduium laureth sulphate, or ammonium lauryl sulphate. Cruelty free.

The key is to stay as natural as possible, just like my warm water and wash cloths. When checking ingredients the guideline, as with anything else, is the fewer, the better. No matter how good a product smells, you don’t want a long list of contrived perfumes and fragrances. Simplicity is best. Natural oils are better than mineral oils, too. Stay away from pretty colored products; dyes have been used and those are extremely harsh on baby’s skin. Also look for words like hypoallergenic, fragrance free and organic; those are what we want.

Be careful with products with nut oils in them; baby may have a food allergy and anything with an ingredient in it that he is allergic to won’t be good, no matter how gentle. Don’t go with a product just because it is more expensive or “designer.” That doesn’t make it safer or better for your baby.

The above products and more like them can be found in natural food stores, some baby stores and on,,, Next time you are in the market for a baby gift, give something gentle. Not only will the mother be pleased, but so will the new baby.

– Heather Legg

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  1. Lorene…….wearing too much excessive stuff is not good, but wearing no deodorant is just plain stupid. those scents sell because they smell good, funk does not smell good. next, are we all gong to walk around naked? you have a point about the sterile minded people but that has to do with using antibiotics for everything. it has nothing to do with deodorants or sprays. do you guys just make up stuff.

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