Flea Control for Dust Mite Relief

By staff

Sometimes the best products are those that have more than one purpose. Take your kitchen utensils, for example. Don’t you much prefer the ones that have lots of uses, like your grater/zester/shredder, than the ones that can only do one thing, like the salad spinner? Sometimes it takes a little more creativity or investigation, but there are a few products out there that are made for one purpose, but work great at another, the focus here being dust mites control using flea control products.

Flea Stoppers, obviously a product whose primary purpose is the control of fleas, is also highly recommended for the control of dust mites. Flea Stoppers is a granule that is used to dehydrate and kill fleas. This product, however, is also very effective in killing dust mites through the same process. It is a safe product unlike other bombs and sprays; the toxicity level is comparable to table salt and licensed by the EPA. Because it is not absorbed into the skin, it’s safe to use in your household and won’t harm children or pets. It’s also not a “dust” so it won’t get on pet hair, in fish tanks, or into the air, in other words, where you don’t want it. The consistency is similar to sand or salt and can’t be inhaled.

Though it is primarily a carpet product, it can also be used other places where dust mites inhabit, such as on furniture, beds and pet beds. Flea Stoppers is a bit slippery because of its granular nature, so can’t be used or hardwoods, or slick surfaces, but this isn’t where dust mites are problematic anyway.

Another product that works for fleas but is also successful in dust mite control is Dust Mite and Flea Control by The Ecology Works. This product also has a very low toxicity level and is EPA registered. The boron compound mixes easily with water or carpet cleaning solution and is directly applied to the area. It can be sprayed onto furniture or used while deep cleaning, as in carpet cleaning.

– Heather Legg

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