Hypoallergenic Linens and Bedding

By staff

It is inevitable for dust mites and other allergens to settle into your mattress, bedding, and pillows, and disturb your sleep by triggering your asthma, allergic rhinitis, or eczema.  One way to sleep soundly through the night is to keep your bedroom allergy free.  Instead of spending on anti-allergy medications or pay regular visits to your doctor when your allergies are at their worst, you can stop the problem before it starts by investing on hypoallergenic linens and bedding.

Dust Mite Covers
As you sleep at night, dust mites that made a home in your beddings will come out and munch on your dead skin flakes and leave allergy-causing proteins on your skin or in the air for you to inhale.  Dust mite covers protect you from microscopic dust mites that can wake you up in the middle of the night with nasal congestion or itchy skin.  These hypoallergenic encasings are nontoxic and chemical-free, and are usually made with organic cotton that is unbleached, undyed, and untreated.  The more popular brands include Solus, Cottonfresh, All Cotton and Euphoria.  Set aside $60-$200 if you decide to make a purchase.

Sheet Sets
When buying sheet sets, look for those that are organic, chemical-free, or those made of silk.  These materials are naturally hypoallergenic because they are made from natural materials.  Other than controlling the allergen levels in your bed, these sheet sets are also luxurious, smooth, and soft to the touch, and will guarantee you a good night’s sleep.  Usually, these will be available in several sizes and would normally come with a fitted sheet, and flat sheet, and at most two standard pillow cases.  The silk sheets, in particular, are available in several colors, and your choice will depend on your taste.  Your investment should cost around $100-$350.

Hypoallergenic comforters are made from goose down, wool, or silk.  In down comforters, syriaca clusters (milkweed) are combined with the goose down fibers to traps and hinder the dust mites and dander from nesting into the comforter after washing and processing.  Lambs wool comforters and bed duvets naturally repel dust mites and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew because wool repels moisture.  Silk comforters are also naturally hypoallergenic and offer an added luxury with the use.  The more popular brands include Hypodown, Hyperclean,  Primaloft, Alpaca, Kumi Kokoon, Euphoria, Imperial Delight, and Ming Dynasty.  The best buys should cost less than $400.

Mattress Pads
Mattress pads or mattress toppers are used for additional softness and to help cushion aching joints.  The hypoallergenic ones are made from wool, down, organic cotton, silk, or latex.  For allergy sufferers, wool mattresses will do because these naturally prevent moisture and growth of dust mites and mold spores.  The same goes for the ones made of down, cotton, and silk.  The latex ones in particular offer sheer comfort and extra softness, where the thicker latex mattress pads can even add an amount of back support.  The most popular brands include Euphoria for the wool pads and Royal Pedic for the latex pads.  You can get a wool mattress pad for under $300 but if you will go for the latex types, be prepared to shed around $800.

Bottom line, make sure than when you are shopping for linens and bedding with your allergies in mind, look for those made with all natural material such as organic cotton, wool, silk, or down.  These materials are your ideal options for keeping allergens out of your bed.

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