Product Recommendation: Crystal Body Stick Deodorant

A year or so my mother-in-law gave my husband and me a gift. A strange but good one—deodorant. You may wonder how deodorant can be a good gift (though you know it strange), but this one is different. It’s the Crystal Body Stick Deodorant, made with no fragrance, no chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

My mother-in-law got it for me because we had been discussing the link (nothing is determined at this time, but studies are under way) of breast cancer and deodorant/antiperspirant. Apparently, the skin under the arm is very sensitive, and add in shaving and opening up the pores, well more sensitivity. This area also holds many lymph nodes, the body’s way of expelling toxins. If you block these, either with the product itself or halting the body’s ability sweat (i.e. antiperspirant), problems may arise.

Therefore, if you have skin sensitivities/allergies or other issues, deodorant is a good choice over antiperspirant, especially if you don’t sweat excessively. And an excellent deodorant choice is the Crystal Body Stick. This product is made from 100% natural mineral salts and is hypoallergenic; it contains no fragrances (one of the leading causes of skin allergies) and no paraben. From a health perspective it’s an excellent product.

Now the big question, does it work? As far as a deodorant, it far exceeded our expectations. You must remember, it’s not an antiperspirant. Therefore, you may notice some perspiration, but you should remain odor free. It doesn’t sting, either, or leave residue under the arms which can exacerbate skin irritation. Nor is it sticky like some of the mainstream products. It also never leaves that annoying white residue on your clothes (which we all know, especially when we’re wearing black), which is a huge plus!

The way it’s applied is a bit different, too. If you have just showered, you can apply it directly, but if your skin is dry, you must wet the stick so it goes on. It’s like rubbing a giant, smooth piece of salt under your arms. One crystal stick lasts over a year even with daily use (in most cases longer), so you can save a few bucks. It’s not an expensive product, either; price ranges from $4-6, depending where you purchase it.

Not only those with allergies and skin sensitivities will benefit from this product, but it’s also never tested on animals (something I like to look for in a product) and it’s safe for the environment due to its lack of chemicals. I think this would also be a great choice for pre-teens starting to use hygiene products but don’t want anything too strong.

Overall this is an excellent product; it works, is non-irritating, and is one you can feel safe using. Look for it in your natural health stores or online at

– Heather Legg

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