Over the Counter Allergy Medications Options

When it comes to allergy medications we have many choices these days. We can get allergy shots. We can get prescription medicines from our physician or we can get over the counter medications ourselves at any pharmacy or many of other types of stores.

You have many choices when you are buying over the counter allergy medications. You can also buy them in many different forms.

Allergy medications can come in pill form, which can be in tablets, capsules, or even caplets. You can also buy them in nasal sprays. If you are having an allergic skin reaction, you can also buy topical creams that will help the allergy symptoms such as itching, redness and flakiness.

Before you rush off to the pharmacy to buy your medicine, begin thinking about a few things. What time of the day do you plan on using it? Should you buy a medication that comes in a non-drowsy formula? How much of the medication do you think you will need? What symptoms do you really need to control? Is your nose running? Is your nose congestion? Are you having headaches with your allergies? Are you sneezing?

Now go to the store and see what you can find. If your area stores are like most, you probably will be surprised at the number of products that they have for controlling and treating allergies. With so many products, it can be confusing.

Some products are called antihistamines. These are great when you have a runny nose and sneezing. They also help a little bit when you have skin allergies such as hives.

Decongestants are used when you feel like your sinuses are congested. They also help when you are congested in your forehead and your cheek area. Decongestants are also used for sinus type headaches. Most decongestants also have pain relievers in them to help with the pain that comes with the sinus pressure.

You can also buy allergy pills that have antihistamine, a nasal decongestant and a pain reliever in them. These pills are supposed to be for people who have multi allergy symptoms.

Nasal sprays are used when you are extremely congested in your nose area. But be warned that they are highly addictive and after about three days of use, they can actually dry out the nasal area, causing the area to become severely aggravated. So use caution when using these.

Finally, there are preventive allergy medications you can buy over the counter. These come in nasal spray form. But they are not decongestants. They are similar to allergy shots in that they help the body build up a resistance to any allergens. Yet, you generally have to take them for a few weeks before you will notice any change in your symptoms.

If you choose to use any over the counter allergy medication, follow the directions that come with the medication and tell your doctor what you are taking. But remember if your allergies are severe, you may still end up having to seek treatment from a physician.

– Linda McCloud

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