Food Gift Ideas

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I remember a few years ago I gave a good friend some spiced pecans for Christmas. There were no allergies in her house, but her husband just hated nuts. Since then, and of course, since my daughter’s allergies, I have been much more careful in the gift giving of food. It is the holidays, however, and we all love to eat! It’s time to eat some things that year round we may not indulge in, but it’s also a time to be extra vigilant about our allergies or one’s our friends may have. Continue reading…

Allergy Safe Baby Products

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New moms need everything for their babies, including skincare. We try to give fun gifts and not just the basics, but when choosing a baby gift, or even something for your own baby, it’s important to choose the safest thing, not just the trendiest, priciest or the one wrapped in the prettiest paper. However, there is a way to do both, and I’m here to help you with that. Continue reading…

Hot Pepper Nasal Spray for Allergy Relief with FDA Approval

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I’ve been hearing a lot about hot pepper (Capsaicin) as a natural alternative for allergy relief. Capsaicin, the property that determines the “heat’ in hot peppers, like jalapeños and habaneras, (the more capsaicin the hotter the pepper and vice versa) has long been known to act as a decongestant, as any of us know who have bitten into a hot pepper and felt all of our sinuses immediately clear. Sinus Buster (, a nasal medication for the relief of rhinitis allergies and headaches, incorporates capsaicin as a major ingredient. Of all the alternative, homeopathic methods of allergy relief, this is the first to gain FDA registration. Continue reading…

Allergy and Asthma Friendly Toys

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As I was skimming the pages of the online toy stores for my daughter’s upcoming 6th birthday gift ideas, I came across something I had not heard of before—asthma friendly toys. These are toys that have received a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Allergy Standards Limited. The certification is awarded to products to

“ensure that they fulfill suitability criteria for individuals with asthma and allergic sensitivities.”

Continue reading…

New Benadryl Product: Perfect Measure – Single Use Spoons

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For those of us who always keep some sort of Benadryl product with us, in our cars, in our purses, in our desks, it’s exciting when a new form of the product comes out. We’ve seen the liquid, the tablets, the strips, and we probably all have our favorite. Benadryl’s latest is the Perfect Measure pre-filled liquid single use spoons for children.

These come in packages of 10 pre-filled plastic spoons that each contains 5mL of Benadryl in them. Children ages 6 to 12 will take one or two individual spoons, adults and children over 12 will take two to four spoonfuls. The tops just twist off and the vials/spoons are disposable. Continue reading…

Safe Cleaning Products for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

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With the current move to greener lifestyles in the United States, it’s becoming more and more common to find environmentally safe household cleaners. There is another big benefit to these cleaners, however, and that is that many of them are safe for those affected by asthma and/or allergies. The store shelves are stocked with a plethora of cleaners for everything, from toilets to tables, to wood to windows. Most of these cleaners are produced from powerful chemical components which can be quite harmful, especially to asthma and allergy sufferers. They emit fumes which often exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms. Cleaning becomes not only a household chore, but something which can lead to dangerous reactions for these people. Continue reading…

‘Tottoos’: Not Only a Catchy Play on Words, but a Great Safety Measure

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Kids love tattoos. These days, we see temporary tattoos everywhere and we see all kinds. Kids get them at birthday parties, fall festivals, at Halloween. They come in pretty much anything you can imagine, from Dora the Explorer to Dinosaurs to religious symbols to peace symbols. Older kids love them, toddlers love them. And they also come in practical, life-saving forms. Continue reading…

Recommended Reading List on Allergies

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Following is a list of recommended books to help you in your search for allergy information. Some are specific to a common allergy, some are focused on treatment and some are more generalized. All of these books can be found on Continue reading…

Product Recommendation: Aquaball

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Skin allergies can be extremely challenging, especially when the allergen is unknown or when it is a common ingredient, like fragrance or harsh chemicals. Therefore laundry can be a challenge; what detergents to use? The natural ones are good but more expensive, and may not work for everyone. The mainstream brands can be harsh and full of chemicals, even the ones claiming to be “free.” One alternative worth trying is the Aquaball Laundry Ball. Continue reading…

Product Recommendation: Crystal Body Stick Deodorant

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A year or so my mother-in-law gave my husband and me a gift. A strange but good one—deodorant. You may wonder how deodorant can be a good gift (though you know it strange), but this one is different. It’s the Crystal Body Stick Deodorant, made with no fragrance, no chemicals and is hypoallergenic.

My mother-in-law got it for me because we had been discussing the link Continue reading…

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