Another Mystery Rash

By Heather Legg

We used to have mystery rashes popping up all of the time in my house. My kids took Benadryl left and right, but haven’t had anything in, well, years. This weekend, however, we did see a rash on my older daughter, and of course, have no idea what it’s from.

Of course, this weekend was Halloween and there was a lot of candy being eaten. We  looked back on everything she ate and couldn’t determine anything that may be the culprit, though. She hasn’t had any food reaction in years, so I really don’t think it was that. plus, the rash was on her cheek, not mouth, eyes or lips. She also never mentioned itchy mouth or lips which was always her first sign of a food allergy.

The closest we could get to was the tiny bit of face make up we used on her for her costume. When I put it on under her eyes, she had me wipe it off as it felt weird. My daughter is super sensitive to anything uncomfortable, she won’t wear anything with rough thread or socks with embellished feet. I thought the makeup just felt funny in that respect, but in hindsight, it may have been too much for her sensitive skin. We took it off right away, but it may have been on long enough to cause an impact. 

We ended up putting some on on the outside of her eyes (between eyes and hairline) and that didn’t bother her. Are the cheeks more sensitive? I think they are as I know from my own sensitive skin, and the skin under the eyes is so delicate. There was nothing where the makeup stayed, but on Sunday morning, her cheek was a little red and throughout the day became worse.

By bed time, her cheek was almost flushed looking, but only one of them, so I didn’t worry it was the virus that causes flushed looking cheeks. She had nothing in her eyes or mouth still, so she took some Benadryl and this morning the redness was completely gone and the only telltale sign was a tiny bit of puffiness towards the spot where the makeup actually was.

With her, we’ve noticed lots of skin sensitivities, with lotions, soaps and things like that. It’s not surprise if that makeup caused the latest rash – Halloween face makeup isn’t the most carefully crafted or safest stuff, I’m sure! But if I had to pick, food allergy or skin reaction – I’ll take the skin reaction!

Hope Halloween was safe and fun for everyone!

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