Eczema Around The Eyes

By Heather Legg

Just when I think I have it all under control, something throws a bump in the road at me. Isn’t that a metaphor of life, though, and we just figure it out and go over it – hoping the road stays smooth for at least a little while?

Well, in this allergy/skin case, it’s eczema. Every winter we struggle with it and I was so proud we’ve seem to have it together this year. I’ve been lotioning my girls, the humidifiers are up and running, no one’s complaining of itchy skin or waking up in the night scratching.

However…I noticed over the past few days my older daughter’s upper eyelid has been puffy. The skin was looking dryer and dryer, getting red and flaky. I was wary of what to put on it as not only the skin on the eye is so delicate, but also because of the eye itself. The last thing I wanted was to get something harmful in her eye or make the tender skin worse.

So off the the doctor we went and diagnosis – medium degree eczema. We caught it before it got too bad, but we definitely needed to treat it and her were her recommendations:

At night, Aquaphor ointment. This is an ointment that is fairly greasy (sort of like Vaseline but thicker). It really helps quickly. Be careful applying as a little goes a long way. My daughter did say it stung just a little, but results are already there. Next is Cetaphil cream during the day. Even if we think it’s all better, the doctor told us to keep using the cream. Because of the fast working Aquaphor, it can look better and then as soon as she goes back into the cold, dry air – all the moisture gets sucked back out. So each morning it’s Cetaphil than Aquaphor at night. Because it’s not “medicine” we can reapply as needed.

The next thing would be, and only if it worsens instead of getting better, would be the tiniest bit of Hydrocortisone cream. I’m wary of putting this so close to the eye, but she said it’s alright to use there. However, the smallest amount must be used as it tends to thin the skin and eyelid skin is already so thing and delicate. Hopefully we’ll get it better and won’t need to go that route.

It’s probably not a bad idea to use the Aquaphor on any part of the skin that seems extra dry or itchy during the winter – it really does form a good barrier. And I’d much rather protect than treat!


I know this comment is a year old, but I toguhht I’d reply anyway. I’m on Accutane right now. The price is going to vary depending on your healthcare provider. For me, it is covered partially, so my copay is $50. Also, I don’t do blood tests every month, just one before, one the first month into treatment, and one after treatment, but frequency might depend on your doctor. If you are abstinent, you don’t have to take any birth control, since you won’t be doing anything.

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