Hives: Why are They Worse at Night and What to Do?

The other night, my friend called me regarding her daughter who had a strange rash, hives we determined. What she didn’t understand was, though her daughter had the rash the night before, it had cleared up during the day, but was back that evening. I did tell her that it’s not unusual for rashes and hives, even insect bites to be fine during the day, but resurface or flare up at night. Though I knew that, I had no idea why, and curiosity got the best of me.

Hives are raised skin irritations that resemble mosquito bites, but can be much larger. They usually appear in groups, most frequently on arms, legs, back and torso, and can disappear as quickly as they come on. For some, however, they become chronic (lasting months or more) and as we’ve said, are usually worse at night. Obviously, this can become a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation; it’s important to understand why they are worse at night.

The body actually produces its own anti-itch chemicals which help us out with relieving all types of rashes, stings and hives. Often, this chemical provides enough relief for us; sometimes we need to help it along with an antihistamine like Benadryl or Chlortrimeton. As the sun goes down and our body prepares for sleep, however, this chemical in our body decreases. It is very common, like my friend’s daughter, for the rash to worsen at night and then disappear completely during the day. This is also why your insect bites itch more at night.

So we have the why, but what to do? Trying to sleep with a body full of itchy hives is not only hard to do, but while sleeping, many people scratch the rash unknowingly, making it worse. There are several recommendations of treatment worth trying.

Taking an oral antihistamine will not only relieve some of the itchiness, but also help with sleep. Benadryl and Chlortrimeton are the most often recommended (Benadryl is my particular drug of choice). Another non-medicative option to try is a cool shower or bath before bed, but not hot because that will exacerbate the hives. You can also add an oatmeal bath to your water, like Aveeno. Oatmeal baths are also a good option for babies and young children if you are opposed to medicating at a young age; it’s also a relaxing alternative.

Another suggestion is increasing your water intake throughout the day to help your body flush out the hive causing toxin. You can also try rooibos tea as it contains quercetin, a natural antihistamine, and it will simultaneously aid in the cleansing of your body.

Hives are not only uncomfortable, but also frustrating due to their mysterious nature. If you can’t find the cause, at least perhaps you can alleviate some of the nighttime itchiness.

We know winter is a bad time for those with dry, itchy skin and we try our best to combat it. My nine year old daughter wakes up almost every night with itchy flare ups, even though we slather her with lotion before she goes to bed and have cut her showers back to no more than every other night. So why does it flare up at night? She can go all day with barely an itch and then her eczema wakes her up at night. I recently have had three or four friends tell me the same thing, one is even going through it herself.

Eczema runs in cycles, we know that, too. It goes from clear skin to signs and symptoms to flare ups. Then it starts over. Certain things can flare it up and yes, the itch does tend to get worse at night. And in turn, those with eczema scratch it, making it flare even more.

Not only is the itch itself bothersome, but waking up throughout the night is disruptive to the sleep cycle and daily well being. The best thing to do is note when a symptom is showing itself and try to catch it becomes uncontrollably itchy. I’ve seen my daughter during a flare up and she literally can’t stop scratching, though she makes her legs red and even worse.

Many people with eczema have other allergies, and often it runs in families. For us, the one with the worse skin is the one without the food allergies or animal dander allergies, but that’s just the way it is. We try to manage by keeping her hydrated from the inside and out in the winter months. Spring and fall she is fine, but in the summer, she does tend to get heat induced eczema which is different for her than in the winter months.

There are lots of lotions and creams on the market for itchy skin. Find the one that works best for you or your child. Many people recommend Vanicream, it is said to be great for dry, sensitive skin. Another good one is Cetaphil cream; I love the big pot that you can just scoop handfuls of cream out of. Cerave is another one that our dermatologist recommended an does sink right in. I think any of these would be good to keep by the bed so you or your child can reach it instead of scratching. As soon as lotion hits my daughter’s legs, she feels better and is calmer. Much better than frantic night time scratching.

Hives – Unknown Causes and Known Treatment

This weekend we were with some friends and one of them had a terrible outbreak of hives. The worst part – she had no idea why they were there. Of course, all of us were asking her about everything she had eaten and come in contact with, and nobody could figure out anything.

She said for the past few years she has had mystery outbreaks. For her, they start at her hairline and work their way down her body and end up on her feet. We watched the progression of the breakout of hives around her face and hairline and by the next day, those had gone but her feet were swollen and red. She wasn’t concerned with anything more than the hives, and they didn’t even really itch that bad; she was mostly frustrated with the unknown cause.

As I did a bit of research when we got home, I did find that on her feet it could be something a little different than hives, called angioedema. According to, this is “similar to hives but the swelling occurs beneath the skin instead of on the surface.” The article mentions a common place for this is the hands and feet (as well as eyes and lips), and it can last longer than hives but usually not more than 24 hours. It can also, though rarely, occur in the airways blocking air flow, similar to anaphylaxis.

Angiodema forms in response to histamine (like hives) and blood plasma leaks out of small blood vessels in the skin, therefore causing the swelling. I’m sure our friend would like to know (or not) that it is common to have the reactions with no idea why, though allergic reactions can occur from anything from foods (meaning anything from a food itself to preservatives and additives), insect stings, sunlight exposure or medicine.

As far as treatment goes, everyone tends to go to the antihistamines first which is recommended. Benadryl can usually be effective, but it is important to take the right dosage. Once Benadryl (or similar form) is taken, there are some other things to do, but it is smart to take medication at onset to try to control the outbreak. To relieve the itching, cool compresses usually help. Because heat can be a trigger, too, cooling down the body can help, either with a cold shower or bath in addition to cool compresses. Relaxing is helpful as well, though sometimes easier said than done. Hives can get worse with stress (which adds heat to the body) so trying to sit and relax during an outbreak is a good idea. Some of the treatments and drugs usually used for hives.

Of course, if the hives are getting to air passages and turning into swelling of the lips, face and/or mouth, emergency medical attention may be necessary in case breathing is at risk.

Often, like our friend, people never learn the cause of their hives or angioedema. This is classified as idiopathic hives. According to the World Allergy Organization, if no cause is found, even with blood tests, it’s not considered a true allergy because no IgE antibody is involved.

“Research suggests that in 35-45% of patients with idiopathic hives the cause may be autoimmunity – that is, the patient’s immune system working against itself. These autoimmune types of hives are not serious and usually respond to treatment with antihistamines.”

Because there can be so many causes, or none at all, for hives and angioedema, the hardest part may be the unknown and the fact that they can’t even be controlled with avoidance, as you don’t even know what to avoid.

– Heather Legg


  1. Thank you I am just now dealing with the mysterious hive issue I have my husband hold my hand at night to help avoid scratching though it does make for a tough nights sleep your explanation is helpful to me since I am new to this problem

  2. I am 17 and through out my childhood i have had hives only when i am allergic to something such as hard taco shells, pinecillin(idk if i spelled that right),for some odd reason the gas in small potatoe chip bags, and downy clothes deturgeant. I ate at a restraunt the other day and i got a little bit of hives nothing like the cases i have had before. The ones before this one i had them everywhere i looked like a balloon. Needless to say they didnt go away after about 3 days and my mom took me to the er. They gave me epi pens and they gave me an allergy medicine and a steroid and something called ranididine i think is how its spelled sorry its late at night and i have the hives :). They are the worst thing in the worldwell close to it anyways. The case im dealing with now. They are really small and on my lower tummy and upper thigh and i have 1 or 2 close to my upper arm. I try to wear really light clothing that doesnt fit tightly. I also try not to scratch. Also bynadryl doesnt work anymore. it worked the first time when i was little and at the taco shell but after that it was like my body became immune to it. i guess since i am reading this maybe it had to little antihistamines in it and made me sleepy which lowered my natural ones too idk im just a 17 year old girl but i have noticed the pasted two days they go away during the day and come out at night…But thank you for the information i wasnt sure or not if drinking water would really help but now im drinking a lot of water.

  3. I’ve dealing with hives for quite I while now and have ruled out alot of things that might have triggered it. I thought for the longest time that my pets in my house or the soap I was using might be the cause or the onset of my condition but it is not. I have also thought it might be something I ate such as gluten, peanuts, or some kind of preservative. All the things I thought it might be I have omitted in my diet and home environment. Hives still come back. I still have my pets and there are days that i do not get hives. so I don’t think my pets are the cause. my hives are not consistent and there is no way of knowing what is causing them. One thing I know for sure, is when I do have an outbreak it is only during the evening. Weird! I am still trying to figure this whole thing out, and it is super frustrating. Trying teas and cold compresses to alleviate the pain and swelling. If anyone has additional remedies that work please post! I am desperate to find a cure!

  4. I have been dealing with hives almost on a daily basis for the past 8 or so months, I get them at night and I notice them more when I get warm, they drive me insane, it’s 3:10am and i can’t stop itching long enough tp even lay down, this article has been most helpful, just right now is a bad time, becuase I have NONE of the things listed to help me out, we’ve had the 5th worst ice storm where I live ever recorded and my truck is completely iced over the doors wont even open! It’s horrible! I wish I could take some benedryl, that’s my choice, I take it everyday and I ran out de to being iced in for a week now. Thank you for your research!

  5. I get hives at night. I’ve found that a zyrtec before bed makes them go away, if I find that they are disapearing I stop the meds. I was also told I had an over active adrenal gland. I am taking half a packet of Knox geletin a day to increase my amino acids, which has helped and in the afternoon I take 1000 mg of vitamin C and a 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium oxide in juice. I drink lots of tea. And I was also told it was my pets although I find it doesn’t make a difference if I am around them or not. I do however keep my bedroom door closed to the cats and I have a room air purifier. I hope this will help you too.

  6. One other helpful hint. I have been using Yes To Carrots, Yes To Tomatoes, and Yes To Cucumbers Products, etc. They are great. They are organic, and they are 99% natural. They gentle and have helped greatly.

  7. Hi, vie had chronic hives for nearly a year now. Body is immune to benadryl, so my dr prescribed me atarax for the itching. It was working great until of course it wasn’t as effective. I’m a 21 year old female with no serious health conditions and it’s the worst feeling in the world and only someone who gets them everyday can vouch. I’ve seen my dr and dermatologist and they never give me the answers I want, just advice. I’ve kept
    Diary of eveything i eat and do.. And still no relief. Tomorrow I start a new prescription for allegra, I will be taking one tablet a day and pray that this works. The hives occurred out of no where and at first were Any time of the day now just always at night. My dr also prescribed me xanax thinking its stress related— still no luck. I’ve read so much about it and just wish I could find or come up with a cure. Good luck to everyone with chronic hives, I know how miserable you are!!

  8. So I’ve had a hive problem going on a couple of months now. At first, it was only on one small spot right where the tag of my boxer shorts would b, so I thought that was the irritant and didn’t think much of it. Now in the past week the problem has exploded and I’m a bit worried about it becoming like kudzu. Last night it spread up my shoulders, up my neck and up one side of my face. Being fairly itchy at this point (just after 1am) I went to the store to get some benadryl, but my store didn’t have anything. I got some of the counter antihistamines that would make me drowsy, as I’ve been sick about the same time as the hives break out tour, so I could get a good night’s sleep. I’m feeling better this morning and I removed my new memory foam pad (the only new thing from the past week and a half). Hopefully that solves part of the problem.
    About the tea, I work at Teavana and we do sell the best Rooibus teas on the market. Very high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and a natural antihistamine. Good stuff! I’ll be drinking more of that during the day.

  9. I have all those symptoms. Actually it use to only be clusters of (Urticaria like) hives on my arms and legs but not more than a couple of months later it spread to the rest of my body. It got worse tho.. it wasnt just at night no more i began to break out during the day. Point is i went to my allergist and after 3 months of research and experimenting with different possibilities and drugs we found out i was both allergic to ASPIRIN and DOGS.. i have 5 dogs so it was great news… here is what was given to me 9by the allergist.. it really helps. ( Hydroxyz HCL 25 mg and/or Levocentizine ) i suggest u talk to your allergist cause is very likely you have an allergic reaction to an unkown or u have some type of Urticaria. This started out of nowhere an it got worse.. symptoms where hives at night on arms and legs and they where very itchy and with time they got worse.. much worse so dont wait.

  10. I recently got a left total hip replacemnet on Jan 5,2011. From day 1 I have itched SO bad, then 3 weeks post op I developed hives All over my body! They are the worst thing ever!! I dont have them at night only after I shower in the am and then they slowly start popping up all over and then by night time 7pm ish Iam totally cover from head to toe in giant welts! They itch and burn, Iam finally going to a allergist this week. I think its a reaction to my new hip. Nothing new ive been using. My family Dr and Otho Dr seem to just keep blowing me off and saying hives are not harmful. They may not be harmful but can surly drive you nuts! Worst part is I cant take Benadryl or any creams for itching for 5 days prior to Allergy appt and Im going crazy with the itching, they are getting much worse!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Good Luck to anyone with chronic hives!

    1. You may very well be onto something with your new hip. Don’t let them put you down by saying it couldn’t be. If you’re going to an allergist, demand that they test you for whatever it’s made of…usually titanium. Good luck!

  11. My daughter is 2 1/2 and if I don’t give her Zyrtec she breaks out in awful hives all over at night and after naps. I find it very puzzling that she only breaks out after she sleeps. We have been to the allergist and have had all kinds of tests and blood work done and have come up with nothing…This has been going on since October 2010 🙁

  12. It might be the detergent you use to wash the sheets and pj’s. I also used to break out because of soaps. I now use Tide Free (I am 61) and no problems! Also a problem are the heavily scented dryer sheets with perfumy smell. Eliminate all those, check the stuffing of her stuffed animals.

  13. About itching: a dermatologist told me years ago to use water as hot as I could bear (scalding) form the tap or heated, to apply to the itching area. Scalding an itch relieves the itch for about 12 hours. IT WORKS. It does not burn the skin. Wonderful relief. Try a shower, VERY hot for the affected areas.

  14. I have developed a severe case of hives in the last couple of months since I started working nights. My upper back, neck and the scalp of my head itch uncontrollably making it very difficult for me to concentrate of work. My dermatologist has been urging me to quit my job but i am trying to look for other solutions. My body starts itching after midnight and it is unbearable.

  15. I just started having hives two nights ago. I thought it was due to mozzie bites. There were hives on the front of my knees and hips. I took a Clarityne and they were gone in several hours. Then again last night, after using all the anti-mosquito repellants possible (air vaporisor, anti-mozzie patches, air conditioning), it happened again, except worse, including my upper arms. So I took another Clarityne and fell to sleep, only to wake with no hives. I think it’s the most recent body wash I’ve started to use, I’ll try to eliminate that and see if it helps. I will also note that I am asthmatic, which means I’m an allergic person. I’ll keep you posted on my recovery (if it comes!)

  16. Hi,

    I am troubled with chronic hives like many people here. I have never had any skin or allergy problems until recently so I was unaware of how many people actually suffer from mysterious hives. I’ve been reading from many sources since I have had these hives. I am a health care professional student so the topic is interesting while the hives are just darn frustrating!! While the causes of the hives are often due to your body’s innate hyperimmune response to some kind of allergen (food, chemicals in soap or anythig really, pets, pollens, bug bites and even long standing bacterial infections on skin, scalp, or internally). While finding the source of what you are allergic to can be very difficult as many of us have come to find out, there are certain approaches to lessen your body’s immune response to allergens that aren’t truely harmful to your body or your body has only become allergic to due to increased immune sensitivity. Children tend to be more sensitive to allergen due to the activities of their thyroid gland (adults lose theirs as time goes on) so these approaches are probably not going to help in children. Drink plenty of water (dilute the concentration of allergen in ur blood). Lessen stress. Keep skin dry (this is supposed to simply lessen the extend of your hives–more irritAted areas of ur body lead to more severe hives). This is why hives often show up in areas like belly where pants contact skin, armpits, and thighs where sweat (and not dry up) and rubbing occur. Diet is always the best way to combat any innate response (or lack of) of your body. But obviously, that’s easier said then done as not all of us have the means or time to experiment. But I would really try a more balanced diet (while eliminate possible food allergens) to allow your body to have the ability to utilize types of immunal mechanisms. Think this way–the type of immune response that the leads to hyperimmune response isn’t the only way your body has to protect you. But if one isn’t available (due to nutritional imbalance), the body then activates the next best thing in hope to continue to protect you. And this option is often the one that leads to hyperimmune response that allergic symptoms such as hives arise. I am still experimenting on myself so how effective diet really is… I don’t know. But hey, nothing to lose with trying a better diet, right? Good luck everyone. It’s neatly five. Better get some sleep now.


  17. I have urticaria diverculitis and over the past 4 months I’ve been constantly itchy. Now its 430 ish and they are everywhere. I’m 16 and I can’t sleep and I’m itchy and sad . Someone please tell me how I can go back to sleep!!!!

  18. Hello all,

    I would also like to chime in and say I’ve unfortunately gotten the chronic hives for a little over 3 months now. This article has been helpful as I was curious why they are worse at night. I did not realize the body naturally produces such chemicals during the day keeping them at bay. The cause is still a mystery but I am staying positive it can be solved. I have eliminated dairy, then sugar, then gluten believing each at some point may have been a trigger. Alas I still break-out every evening without fail all over. Basically I just eat spinach, organic meat, water and very little at that. The stuff I eat is very boring and should not cause allergic reactions. I’m still keeping all these things out of my diet just in case and am now removing my down pillows, vacuuming and switching to organic detergents. Expensive as they are, you all know how desperate this makes us. Anyway, I’m glad to get the tips on the water, rooibos tea, etc. I shall post if something miraculous happens and I finally find the cause of this horrid affliction and am able to nip it in the but. Take care all.

  19. Sounds like I am not the only one suffering from this craziness. I have only been dealing with this for about three nights now, but I am sleep deprived and cranky. I don’t understand what is going on, I have had allergies to ragweed and mold all my life, but never anything like this. ALL NIGHT I itch and break out in different concentrated places on my body, only to get up in the morning and see nothing, just scratch marks from where I was digging at my skin all night. I woke my husband last night to show him, well to PROVE to him that I’m not losing my mind, so he could see the hives and feel the heat from them. I am going at lunch today to get the rooibos tea and see if that helps. I read one post about the HOT shower, but when I tried that it seemed to make mine worse and my skin prefers the coolest water I can stand. Benedryl has helped too but I can see how an immunity could build up if I keep doing that every night. I have showered about three times a day these last few days, thinking that would help. If the tea doesn’t help I am calling my DR and asking for a steriod pack. I have obviously come in contact with something I’m allergic to I just have no idea what it could be. JOEL thanks SO MUCH for sending me this link, you’re a great friend!

    1. Why do you ask about the temperpedic bed? i have one and i have terrible hives for the last 6 months. Can’t figure out the source. Is there something related to the bed ??

  20. Hello all, I am a 23yo female that has also recently started suffering from this 3 nights ago. I don’t know what could be causing this breakout. I breakout starting around 9 at night in hives and welps on different areas of my body. My hands as well as the bottom of my feet get itchy and red to start out. Then, the hives start on my knees and spread to other areas throughout the night. I have not did anything out of the ordinary or eaten anything. The only med I am taking is a birth control pill daily called Microgestin, I’m allergic to iodine but I do not consume it at all. The only thing I could think of is the day this started I went to a chinese buffet… maybe its something in the food. I’m miserable at night. The only thing that has been working for me is 2 benadryls at night and a cream I bought called cortizone (which has worked miracles). When I wake up in the morning and take a shower they go away within 30 min. Somebody, anybody, please help!

  21. I’ve had hives on and off since I was 18. I’m 38 now and I think sometimes it’s from the volume of food. If I don’t eat enough I seem to get them badly…at night of course. I try to eat evenly spread meals but once my bodies “off” it can take months and months to get back on track. Sometimes I go 8 months without any. It’s crazy. I’ve had allergy tests, blood work…no one can figure it out. I don’t go to the dr. for it. I just take loratidine daily and benadryl at night if needed. It’s so super frustrating.

  22. Every since i moved back to my mother house. I’ve been itching like crazy and getting unusual red bumps. At first i thought it was a bug bite but then the rash started increases everywhere in my body. It looks so disgusting,I look like i have some kind of disease. I forgot I had this long time ago but it only stayed for 2 days. Right now its been pass two days and getting worse. What am i doing wrong or what do i need to do. To heal and get rid of this rushes. Why do we even get them? At first i thought it was bug bites but im the only one that’s getting these bumps. Is it really cause through allergy?

  23. I started getting hives when I was a teenager. My parents took me to every doctor, allergist and even the Mayo Clinic. I had every test and medication under the sun. No one was ever able to pin down what I was “allergic” to. After a few years the hives left as mysteriously as they starters. For many years I was hive free. Then in my 30s I started to get them again. I know realize as an adult that I not allergic to any food or detergent, etc. They are 100% stress induced. It is my body’s natural reaction to stress. Not always is it an immediate reaction to a stressful situation. Sometimes it comes after the storm. But once I stopped searching for the cause and understood the hives were caused by my own mind and the stress I felt a lot better. The hives come and go but with this understanding they are much more manageable. I try to relieve the causes of the stress in my life and the hives get better. Although I know that at times they will return. But it’s OK. I hope this helps someone out there.

  24. I am 18 years old, I have been suffering from the “red spots” already for a week now & they still come and go but gets worse during the evening time.

    I went to A&E hospital and a private clinic but the doctors claim that its just allergies. The thing that bothers me the most is that I’ve been missing school for quite a while and moreover my exams are up in a week. I don’t wanna miss school next week as the teachers will provide useful details about the exam questions. When the spots appear during the morning time when I go to school, they appear all over my legs and my arms – it looks pretty ugly and really kicks my mood out.

    Is there any cure for this ?

  25. I started having hives for the last 2 weeks and they come usually at night, I feel really hopeless, nothing seems to help I am going for a blood test tomorrow
    I think they are related to the stress I have in my job place, pray for me

  26. Hi, i first experienced hives when i ate strawberries a few years ago. But now i experience them when i sleep, but here’s the catch, only if i sleep over my boyfriends house. We’ve tried switching laundry detergent, taking benadryll before i sleep over, even getting a new matress! I’ve never had them in the winter when i slept over but ever since spring, i get them. And now he starts getting them when i do! I know hives aren’t contagious but what’s going on with me?? I’ve watched what i eat and food doesnt seem to be a factor. My mom suggests it might be pollen in the air or even stress. I do stress ALOT but when i sleep i’m relaxed because i’m with my bf. Any help?

  27. And when i get hives, i mean I GET HIVES. Huge welts that take up my arms, and the weird thing is, it looks like i have ring worm because when they are at the worst, they have a ring around the huge welt. I’m not exaggerating at this but i get them at the size of anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches. It stinks

  28. Thank God through research i stumbled upon this site and found out that i am not alone in this. Hives are terrible i think mine might be stress related i recently had a c section which phsically i handled well but emotinally i did’t handle it well and during recovery i was moving into our newly built home so with a toddler, a new baby, a c-section and a new home brings along stress thanks to this site and every one who contributed i can try to deal with my hives which mainly occurs at nights

  29. The responses in this thread make me quite sad and feeling even more desperate than I already am. Like me, very few people here have made much progress in determining the cause of your hives. For me, they came out of nowhere, and won’t go away – always worse at night. I’ve never been a person who is allergic to things, so the causes of this never-ending itching boggle my mind. Been to two different dermatologists and one visit to the ER in a desperate attempt to get answers. Prednisone treatment, cortisone creams and atavax prescription help some, but don’t make it completely go away. My life was so great before, and now I live in fear of these hives on a day to day basis. Really affecting my standard of living at this point. I’ll continue to come back to his site in case anyone has a breakthrough they’d like to share that might help the rest of us. Until then, wishing everyone some peace and relaxation from suffering.

  30. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I have food allergies so hives are nothing new. But for some reason I’ve been getting hives at night only! They are driving me absolutely crazy! I haven’t eaten anything new so idk what’s causing them!

  31. Chris
    From nowhere these hives came up! All over my torso, arms and legs but was on holiday in a foreign land! 2 hospital visits where I was blasted with huge amounts of Antihistamines etc! Just kept me going until I got home! Trawled internet and found lots of information BUT much is conflicting!!!!Tried an elimimation diet but the hives still keep on coming up! Doc just gave me piriton! Very useful…. not!!! Next week paying for a food intolerance test which hopefully should throw up something!Just keep smiling…. even though through gritted teeth!!!

  32. CURED OF HIVES THAT I GOT FROM A PRESCRIPTION (hydroxyzine HCL). I was almost suicidal with exhaustion. It was cured by a few days of “Pearl Acidophilis” My homeopathic doctor says hives are caused by bad gut bacteria. Acidophis fixes this. I had to try the Pearl as all other Acidophiises made me gassy and gave me a painful gut. Good Luck! And take 2 to 3 per day. With food or without. It may take up to 2 wks for the last of the hives to disapear, as it did for me.

  33. About a week ago my husband began with the same symptoms as all of you for the past year of this site. It has become increasingly worse. The interesting thing is, as I researched, I found that thousands of people around the U.S. are getting this and it’s becoming more prominent as time goes on. All walks of life, all ages, genders, religions, etc… makes no difference in mountains, deserts, oceans. Would be interesting to find the common denomiator. Could help in the the cure. I’m going to try the Pearl Acidophlis on him and see if that works. I know this is not contagious or all of the rest of us would have it in the households that are effected with one individual. I don’t believe that doctors know what it is as in every case they have either skated past the problem or ignored it. Hmmm The sun? We have been experiencing high levels of solar activity never before seen starting almost 2 years ago and getting increasingly worse.. just a thought. Good luck everyone.

  34. Hi all, I have had what I assume is hives, no one can confirm it, for 6 months last year and now they have sprung up again for about a month, but mine do not itch much at all???? but only comes on at night, huge welts type rash all over me, but by the day they are gone. Antihistamine does nothing to help. Do all hives itch like mad?? or are some very mild?

  35. hi dear
    me too
    I have been suffering from this prob since month so i thought this is desiese is just for me but now i know whole world si affected by this so i noticed the drug tomorrow inshallah i will take and use

  36. Veronica…me too..I have hives that come on in the evening and are usually gone in the day. there are days when I don’t have them at all but I did notice that when I went and stayed with a friend of mine I had no hives. I have 3 dogs so wondering if I could be developing an allergy to my pets? I am going to try changing my washing detergent to All Free or something similar. Very frustrating to wake up itching. usually rash appears on my legs and arms and rarely on my upper back.

  37. I just wanted to share my experience of chronic hives with everyone on this forum. They have been with me for more than 6 months now and during this period my body was hyper sensitive to allergens that would not bring about a reaction in the past. Luckily my sister was reading naturopathy and recommended a doctor to me in hong kong. He said my body was overwhelmed with toxins and suggested a course of detox to eliminate the cause of the hives. I have spent 4 months detoxing and towards the end of the treatment all my hives had gone. Unfortunately, the hives returned one month later, but less serious and only at night. Prior to detox, i was taking benedryl once a day to suppress the hives. I do not have to take benedryl anymore for the time being. I will see how the hives react over the next few weeks before taking the next course of action. Good luck everyone!

  38. Going on 4 months now. Mine don’t ever go away. Sometimes they ich less during the day, but the welts are always there, just in diffrent places. I know Antihistamines are suppose to decrease the iching but they do nothing for me. My hands and feet get it the worse. Cold help, I sleep with a cold pack almost every night and move it around as I need to. I also find that running my hands under cold water helps. I think the worst part for me is the loss of sleep. I loose about 2-3 hours a night. I can’t remember the last time I just slept through a night without waking up a hot ichy mess. Sometimes I don’t get welts, instead my hands just swell up esp around the joints. I do notice that eating healthy and regular exercise are somewhat helpful. It sounds like a lot of people on here get a 6 month bout, so maybe just two more months. . . Who knows. Best of luck to everone, Hives suck. If I had to pick between being puched in the face once a day or hives I would pick the puch to the face. (but just a light punch)

  39. I have had hives when I was only 12 years old, am now 43. It was a terrible experience that had effected my daily lives for more than 10 years. It only disappeared after I gave birth to my eldest daughter.

    During that miserable years, I sometimes even had hives during the morning, getting bad in the afternoon and worst at night. I still could remember that the severeness of hives on me had caused me fainted. I have been to many doctors both Chinese & western practitioners, change my diet, eating those food that believe to help, have tried on many types of cream & ailment but sad to say that nothing help. Even Clarityne has lost it power on me.

    The last Chinese practitioner treated me told me that it was caused by the dirty blood in my womb and that the hives will go away after I gave birth. It seems to be true but I am so sad that I have passed the hives on to my precious daughter. She has been suffering from hives for the past 1 week, missing school and feeling terrible itch and stressful when the hives started to set in, she is only 8. Both of us feeling very sad and helpless. Hope to find cure soon. I hate those hives and hated it even more when it is on my daughter.

  40. Intermittant hives started almost 30 yrs ago..first small itching areas on hands. Over the years have become worse, as described by others on this site, appear regularly at night, covered all over my body in morning and used to go away during the day, but now just seem to be less itchy and red during the dat, but always there. Hydroxyzine, Benadryl, H1 (Zantac, CImetidine, etc)blockers all tried, nothing helps. I also have tried diets, getting rid of house plants, changing detergents, all the usual suspects to no avail. I have had them daily for almost two years straight this time and seem to be getting worse. Really don’t see stress as causative..the hives and histamine and lack of sleep and constant itching are the real stressors. Know that one cause for me is any physical pressure..and the hives occur later. FOr example,having my hair washed at the beauty shop and the back of my head that leans against the sink has huge hives on hours after. The seams in clothes that are rough or that I can feel, always worse around waist and bra line. I often get very flushed and my skin feels like it is burning.

    Been to immunologists, allergists and had allergy testing but develop hives at the site of needle tests so hard to tell if true reaction. Had hay fever allergies as a child and also developed hives after taking Erythromycin and from Toradol, given in ER after an accident.

    Wish I had suggestions and would love solutions for all of you. You really cannot explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced hives. It sometimes feels that the body is being taken over by aliens! Thousands of dollars worth of tests and treatments and all the doctors can say is “Don’t scratch,it releases more histamine.”

    Incidentally wanted to mention that I have been on dose pkgs of prednisone and have also taken for longer periods of time. Over the years, there is a rebound effect when I taper off the prednisone…that was really a bad experience, hives much worse and to the extreme. Was scary! Hope I never had to take them again.

  41. I started suffering from chronic urticaria (chronic hives) about three years ago. The first bout was the worst. I spent 4 months covered from head to toe in hives and was covered in bruises from scratching them. I can relate to all of the sleepless nights and extreme discomfort!! The dermatologist I saw wasn’t very helpful. He told me that it was “some sort of allergic reaction” (duh!) and all he could do was prescibe meds. He prescribed several antihistamines (Benadryl, Zyrtec and Allegra) plus ranitadine (a common heart burn med that also “boosts” the effectiveness of antihistamines) and a topical ointment (it contained menthol, salicylic acid and a couple of other ingredients I don’t remember–it was made at a compounding pharmacy). It took several months for the hives to subside and they were back less than 4 months after they had disappeared. It went on and off like this for awhile. At this time, I found out that the townhouse I was renting had a lot of mold growing in an area behind the refrigerator that had previously suffered water damage. I suspected that this was the cause of my hives, but had no way to “prove” it. Even after the mold was taken care of (and I moved), the hives continued to appear and disappear at will.

    Fast forward to today and I’m almost completely hive free. About 7 months ago, I decided to pay for allergy testing. My hay fever was making me miserable and causing a lot of sinus infections and I was still experiencing sometimes-severe hives. I went to a great allergist, had skin testing done and found that I’m severely allergic to grasses, trees and mold (especially the dry molds that inhabit the state I live in–Colorado) and moderately allergic to weeds. My allergist explained that living with the mold had made my immune system reach a “turning point”. It was over-stimulated and couldn’t regulate histamine production. After that time, it never seemed to be able to settle down because of all of my other allergies. She suggested immunotherapy (allergy shots) and I immediately agreed to them, even though I hate needles and the therapy requires weekly shots for 4-5 years. I’m 6 months into my injections with another 4 years (at least) to go and my hives (as well as other allergies) have already improved. I still take Allegra in the morning and Zyrtec at night, but my hive outbreaks have become far less severe and further apart. I’m optimistic that in the coming years, I could be hive-free!! None of this was inexpensive (even with insurance), but it’s been worth every penny.

    During my urticaria outbreaks that were really bad, I found some relief from acupuncture and Aveeno oatmeal baths and I also took ambien (rx from the doc) to help me sleep. Being exhausted doesn’t help your immune system! 🙂

  42. About 6 weeks ago I began to feel an itch on my left breast. It was like that for about a week. I thought nothing of it. Then it moved to my right breast. Then my underarms started itching and then my inner thighs. After that my belt line on my abdomen.

    6 weeks later here I am with some sort of hive in those areas. I itch all day long but it is the worst at night! I have not slept in over a week. I have seen two doctors who have both told me it is not Scabies since no one else in my house hold is having any problems. They think it is either caused by stress or an allergic reaction. The itching is so intense at night.

    I have a toddler to take care of and I’m starting to lose it. This is driving me crazy! I figure my next approach is to see a dermatologist and get some testing done for allergies.

    I just find it so weird that the itching is so bad only at night and keeps me up the whole night. Nothing has given me any sort of relief. None at all. Not the benadryl not the steroid cream. nothing!

  43. I’m am 28 year male. And I have been sufferinf with hives for the past 2 months,they all start when I when wake up in the am or at midnight when I go to sleep. I’ve controlled what I eat and still the same thing. I become soooo itchy that I scracth so hard and I leave marks on my skin. All I wana do is get this problem over with so I can sleep

  44. I too have been suffering from hives for the past 2 years, on and off. But when they do appear, like others they are better in the day and worse in the evening. However, they’ve always lasted for weeks at a time, the first bout lasted almost 4 months.

    The specialist said I may be one of those people who will get hives if I’m suffering from any other infections like a bad cold or flu. And more recently I have noticed this to be true.

    I have had them for 6 days with this episode. I’ve read a lot about it, and most people recommend drinking green tea about 3 times a day. Also more Vitamin C. Both are natural antihistamines. Today, I tried dabbing my hives with apple cider vinegar. It reduced the swelling and itch in about 40 minutes. I hope some of this may work for others. Failing everything else, I go with Reactine – extra strength once a day is enough to take care of the itch and the swelling goes away enough that you’re not bothered anymore. Zyrtec is supposed to be great as well. Pray for a cure everyone 😉

  45. I had been sick with Bronchitis for a week or so when on the 20th of November I finally went to the walk in clinic. I was prescribed a Zpak antibiotic-made by TEVA in Jeruselum(I should have looked!!!!) I took the first dose of 2 pills at 3pm and at 2 am that night I was covered in Hives… I am on my 11th day of having hives only at night, only where my body touches my bed and or other parts of my body. I was told that the medicine only stays in the system for 5-10 days and I am still having issues. 2 Benadryl a night barely help and it takes cold compresses for them to go down. I only have issues at night and this is ruining my life and family due to my stress and lack of sleep. I used all of my sick leave at work and am debating using all of my vacation time to battle the Motherfuckers. Fuck Hives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. This is my secone night of having hives. I went to the doctor today and she gave me steroids to take for the next week and sent me to get a blood allergy test.I have had 4 antibiotc since August for a very stubborn sinus/bronchial infection. Just finished the last of it the other day. Hopefully, for me, they find out it is an allergic reaction. I can’t stand the though of going through this for weeks or months. Good luck and God bless.

  47. I too just started getting hives a week ago. Reading all of your responses has me a little worried though, there is no reason to EVER TAKE STEROIDS. Doctors will tell you whatever and give you whatever drug before even knowing what is wrong with you. Like the article said, drink a lot of water, general detoxification is the best thing for your body and hives, introducing artificial hormones (steroids) is the last thing we should be doing to cure our hives. God bless every one and take care.

  48. I have recently started breaking out in hives in my sleep. It seems to happen at 4:00 a.m. I wake up scratching and find welts all over my body. When I get out of bed and start my day the welts dissappear and the itching stops. This started on Christmas day so I figured it was just stress. The doctor prescribed steroids and antihistamines but they still come in my sleep. Have not changed detergents, soaps, perfumes nothing. I really thing it is stress-related.

  49. My Son is 3 and when he woke from a nap the other day he was covered in a red rash with hives. I took him to the er and they gave him a shot of benydryl and a shot of a steroid. Then prescribed me with the steroid and told me to givet that and benydryl to him twice a day for 5 days! Well everytime the meds wear off the rash/hives come back. Esp after nap and when he wakes up ok the morning! ?? We changed nothing, he just woke up with it ?? I hope its not something like Idiopathic urticaria!

  50. For some strange reason, I get a round of these hives every few years. At first, I thought I was allergic to paint since I was, at the time renovating houses. The itching started in my hands and I thought maybe washing paint brushes, rollers, etc., with no gloves was the culprit. WRONG. The itching went on for several weeks, if not months, then went away as suddenly as it came.

    A couple of years later, the exact same symptoms, itching in hands that spread up arms to torso and down trunk of body to legs. Funny thing is, it rarely goes to face and jumps from thighs to feet. Calves are rarely involved. Mine also heighten at night which made an evaluation by the numerous doctors I went to almost impossible.

    An allergist administered prednisone which rendered my legs useless for several days. I went to get out of bed about three days after the shot and just could not stand. No pain, just unable to stand. Again, after several weeks, the itching went away. Stress and certain foods, especially seafood such as crablegs, seemed to make the itching worse.

    After a mild third episode, I was not troubled by hives until this year. BUT, I found that my need to have a hip replaced due to avascular necrosis was probably due to the prednisone use. There are no other factors besides prednisone that it can readily be attributed to.

    I urge anyone, especially those seeking help for younger children, NOT to let the doctor administer prednisone. Had the internet been as big of a resource as it is now, I would have had the opportunity to research other options avoiding a lot of physical, emotional and mental anguish.

    Instead, drink lots of cleansing liquids like water, flavored waters, rooibos and other teas, clear soups, etc. Also, try fasting and praying. I fasted for ten days on a regular basis until I had the hip replacement and my body is bogged down with toxins which no doubt have contributed to the hives popping up again recently.

    With soooo many people having so many mystery illnesses such as this, it makes one wonder about diabolical schemes that may be the root cause of such.

    Good luck to all and God bless.

  51. Today is Thursday. First itch on thigh was on Saturday. No big deal. Next day, minor itch. Last couple of days – my body has been taken OVER. This thing migrates. First arms , then legs, then outline of my underwear, then my torso. I am scared to look at myself. I have always prided myself on my looks and I guess this is the karma I have to pay. I hate not knowing why I am getting this. I have been prescribed prednisone and also zantac and benedryl. I dont even know if I should just take them all together. I hate taking antibiotics, the side effects are usually worse than the symptom. I guess its detox time, if anyone who has done a detox regarding hives, please let me know what they did, and how. Is this something I have been in contact with outside, or is this something inside my body? I am so depressed 🙁

  52. Hi, read all of the above comments. My experience is interesting. My husband first got hives about 4 months ago. Now in the last month i have them – so we are both itching together and keeping each other awake. I accept what people are saying that it is not food or allergy related. I think it must be stress. There is a big issue in our lives which is comming to a head in the next few weeks. i will watch closely to see if the hives disappear as the annoyane disappears. Oh yes in reply to the person who suggested Acidophlis. I just coincidently finished a full course and it has had no impact on my hives. I go to yoga 4/5 times a week. I am very fit and healthy.

  53. My son started getting hives around the time he turned 1yr old. He had them off and on for 1 1/2 years before we figured out what was causing them. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the outbreaks which would often cover his entire body or sometimes just one body part. As it turned out, the breakouts were caused by cold. During the summer, we would open windows at night and the house would cool off. He’d wake up covered with hives. He would get them when he went swimming, but not when he took a bath because bathwater was warm. In the winter, we bundled him up when he went outside so only exposed skin would break out. Hope this helps someone. We were so frustrated for so long. He seems to have grown out of them somewhat, but is prone to getting them for other reasons. For example, after having a cough and taking Ricola cough drops for the better part of a week he had 50 or so pop up on his legs.

  54. I get hives when I sleep.When i get a night sweat from menopause and the pressure of laying in bed i break out.I scratch them in my sleep I look like I have been showers and benedryl and they go away Now i get them when the sun goes down I hate this

  55. I have never had any type of allergy. One week ago, an hour after I went to bed, I started itching. Then I finally fell asleep. My husband woke me up after midnight becuase I was scratching so my in my sleep that it woke him. I went into the bathroom and discovered I was covered in hives. The next morning, the hives were gone but I actually had bruises on my thighs from scratching so hard. I had not eaten anything different, no new soaps, detergents, etc. All day I was fine. The next night, it happened all over again ! The next day I went to my doctor who told me to take Benadryl at bedtime. I did this and it helped some with the itching and sleep but the hives still showed up. I tried to figure out what could be causing this and went over my diet. The one thing that I drank every day (and drank too many of) was Diet Coke. So I googled Aspartame–the sweetener in Diet Coke. I was shocked at all the problems caused by aspartame! I noticed other symptoms I’ve had prior to the hives—all things caused by aspartame. So I stopped drinking Diet Coke, stopped chewing sugar-free gum or anything containing aspartame. It has only been 2 days since I stopped this and I still have the itching and hives, but the website I was on said it takes up to 30 days to rid your body of aspartame toxins. I’m hoping I found the cause of my hives.

  56. Please check out this website forum for hives – it has some really great information and may be able to help? I suffer to and will be trying out the water intake option that seems to be having great results.

  57. Try an endocinologist – many cases of hives can be hormone related. I had hives for years as a child and went through a slew of allergy testing to no avail. Several courses of prednisone and high powered prescription antihistamines. Was diagnosed with hyper-thyroidism at 12 and once regulated my hives stopped. I’ve been in remission for about 15 years, now suddenly my hives are back, every night. I’m awaiting the blood test results and expecting to hear that my thyroid levels are way out of whack again. Google “hives and thyroid” and you will be shocked at what you find. Allergists and d

  58. Try an endocinologist – many cases of hives can be hormone related. I had hives for years as a child and went through a slew of allergy testing to no avail. Several courses of prednisone and high powered prescription antihistamines. Was diagnosed with hyper-thyroidism at 12 and once regulated my hives stopped. I’ve been in remission for about 15 years, now suddenly my hives are back, every night. I’m awaiting the blood test results and expecting to hear that my thyroid levels are way out of whack again. Google “hives and thyroid” and you will be shocked at what you find. Allergists and dermatologists won’t usually help.

  59. I have hives for 17 years now, based on Indian ancient medical treatment i recenty started eating raw aloe vera pulp every day ( 1 spoon )in morning, magically my hives intensity and frequency has come down in 2 weeks. Want to share this if it helps someone else too..

  60. I have had, what i believe to be my second case of Hives. When i woke up yesterday morning i noticed my arms and thighs covered with hives my dad told me it was an allergic reaction and that it will fade away, which it did, during the day. It is now 3am the following day and i woke up to find even more covering my body. I dont want to go to sleep now and im hoping it will fade before day comes around. Im 16 and I havent done anything different to my daily routine, havent changed my diet which is pretty balanced.
    The only thing I could think of it that I drank some alcohol at a party 3 nights ago for the first time and that may be related.
    Judging by these comments Im in for a bitchy few months

  61. also, where it is most severe – on my arms – it barely itches, but on my thighs where it is no where as bad as my arms, its started to itch quite a bit but is still bearable.
    And im not under any stress so I dont think that that could be related

  62. I had a bad case of hives this past summer. My dermatologist put me on prednisone. They went away immediately and life was good until the past six weeks. I went back to my derm and she put me back on prednisone. They go away when I’m on it and then immediately come back. I don’t want to stay on this drug. Going crazy with this. She also has me on Allegra in the a.m. and Zurtec at night. It doesn’t seem to help. I started taking Acidophis yesterday. I will try the tea. Don’t know what else to do!

  63. Hi. thought I was going s.mad as keep having allergic reactions between 2 and 4am. I wake up with v.itchy scalp, palms of hands and soles of feet, and then the itching spreads. I take antihistamine and an hour later it finally simmers down. Have rash all over my face for last few days for the first time.this has been happening on and off for about 5 years – I had a Bell’s palsy and something wrong with my liver, which they didn’t get to the route of problem – I also developed weakening in my legs. Scans and lumbar puncture and 10 days in hospital.
    Reading other comments I do wonder if its 1) stress related 2)ill with other problems lowering immune system. I will now try water and the tea and hope it improves things! will keep you posted!

  64. Im 34 never had a health problem in my life. But if the itching dosent stop completely I dont know what ill do, I just want to die. Please I got to find a sure cure. I cant live like this anymore. My life is going nowhere

  65. Help someone im 34, never a health problem cant live like this anymore I scratch till I bleed all day nott just at night. I need more than advice,l need asure cure.please

  66. My case,in one sense is unusual.My Hives(about 1 week now-first time in my life-I am 60 )DISAPPEAR AT NIGHT and reappear about 20 mminutes I open the curtains and let the light in.Minimal itching,but Dr put me on a 5 day course of Prednisone(I am not keen at all).Points about Rooibes Tea+pearl Acidophilus noted.Dr suggested it might have been caused as a sideeffect of Provastatin I take or remote possibility,the cherries=lychees i ate previous night .Any thoughts ?

  67. I’ve been having uncomfortable itching since January, and it’s March now. My main problem is that I’ll get the feeling of goosebumps more often than usual, and it turns into really itchy hives and rashes on my legs, inner thighs, stomach, arms, and back. It’s the most miserable feeling, especially because I’ve NEVER been allergic to anything at all. I’m suspecting it’s due to the cold weather, even though I’ve been through colder winters, and I’m in Texas, so it doesn’t even get that cold. It’s the most puzzling thing. I’ve made the decision to visit an Allergist for a free consultation, and see what they think. I’ve taken Benadryl, Zyrtec, and some other anti-histamine, and so far, nothing. The only temporary relief I’ve had was from the Goldbond Anti-Itch medicated lotion. It made me feel like I just walked outide in freezing weather, but it’s better than feeling like I’m covered in ants.

    Good luck, guys. I hope someone finds relief.

  68. With my experience oatmeal or mustard baths before bed, you can usually get these bath products at gnc or specialty stores. Also you can put kosher salt or baking soda in the bath to help. I like tba baking soda it soothed the skin, the salt can help dry out the hives. Surface treament you can try tea tree oil. For adults also take supplements l lysine and l gluteamine these help slowly strengthen the immune system to get past the hives. I hope this helps.

  69. People!!!! I have had hives almost every night for the last month!!!! It is awful! I work nights and sleep in the morning so it happens when I am at work and when I wake up. What is the deal??? I first thought that I had bedbugs or something, but I recently went to Aspen and it was even worse! I am itching and bleeding all over my new sheets…. This is completely horrendous. I am at a loss for what to do. Judging but everyone else’s comments the dr.s haven’t help just thrown medication after medication at the problem. I hate taking meds. But at this point I will do anything! It started out on my ankles, now it is on my feet, legs, thighs, stomach, and forearms. It goes away for as long as 3 days and comes back with a vengence. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  70. I have been living with hives every night now for 7 months and have to take benedryl every night or a allergy pill. I dont know the cause at all. It only bothers me at night, when im tired or i get hot. i wake up covered in welps and if i scratch it turns into patches of hives. i am so tired of not being able to sleep without being medicated. i have no idea when this will go away but it has been a true nightmare. It was so overwhelming in the beginning cause the itching was so intense i wanted to throw up and pass out. thank god i have allery pills to help. does anyone know whats going on cause the doctors dont

  71. Hi all.
    I had urticaria for a year ten years ago and tried everything!! Then it just disappeared but in the last few weeks has come back. Not even steroids or the strongest antihistamine combination worked before. However very strangely this time I am finding I can get itch relief , totally after about twenty minutes using calendula gel of all. things . Really can’t believe it works as its just a flower extract. If anyone wants to try need to apply it, and let it dry three times in succession for best results.

  72. By the way to the lady who said she only ate chicken and spinach. Spinach contains high levels of natural histamine and should be avoided !!

  73. hi guys.. I first got hives when i was 18, it scared the hell out of me then. Now its back aftr 10 long yrs! Yes..hives is still a mystery to me. I am lucky enough to get aid of ayurveda here in india as it helped me at the first time. They give u a herbal pwder which u need to drink empty stomach in the morning which will flush out almost all the toxins in ur body. Oh lemme warn u after drinkin it, u will have lil time for anythin else besides shuttling to n fro between ur room n the loo . But trust me its worth it. Within a week u can say bye to hives.

  74. ira
    Hey everyone I’m ira and have had chronic hives for over 5 months now. I got send home from work a couple times now bin to the er 3 times doctors keep putting me on all these prescriptions (benydral prednisone and a whole list more) nothing is working. i usually only break out at night and i dj every wknd and large venues and also do business presentations so my image needs to be clean at all times…help would be great!!!!!!

  75. So, Im having the same issue for the past 3weeks. Tried Alarax,Aleegra,but they seemed to worsen. My Dr. upon first glace claims it to be a parasite,perhaps worms. I have taken a dose of Mebex,but i had shivering and fever along with the hives all day and nigh. Please Help!!

  76. Just found this site. Thank you so much for sharing! My 3 yr old suffers from eczema and what I believe now is a Histamine Intolerence. Where her bodies enzymes are not able to degrade histamine quickly enough. Certain foods are very high in histamines ( spinach, avocado, fish, berries…etc). She seems to react with hives and patches of hives when she gets too many or in some cases any of these foods. Histamine in our bodies is best visualized as filling up an empty cup, if we can’t clear our bodies efficiently enough the cup overflows and we get symptoms. Im fascinated by the day time production of our bodies anti- itch chemical and will be checking that out to look for connections with Histamine Intolerence. I hope we can all find resolutions to our itchy skin soon. Also a good book called Skin Deep covers the psychological aspects of skin conditions. We found it very helpful, bottom line is stress and emotional turmoil makes skin conditions worse ( or causes them).

    1. Yes. My husband suffering same thing (75). Read Dr. Janice Joneja two books on Amazon. Also into on DAO enzyme.

  77. Well im 14 and it my first time with hives and i dont know what caused it i took byenadry one day because my throat was hurting and later that day hives started to pop up out of no where i didnt tell my mom cause i was scared but then my twins speical teacher saw some on my face when i was walking with him to class and she took me to the nurse and my mom came and got me thank you for the information hopefully it will help

  78. i had no idea this was such a big problem. i went for months just getting it on my beltline after a long day driving. now i sporadically get it at night and once in a while in the day. the reason i looked up this website is because my lips have started to puff up. most common in armpits, beltline and neck. it’s definitely worse if i’m sweaty and lying down reading. i have found that a cool shower with mild soap can usually ward off an attack, or at least stop it from spreading. incidentally, my wife has just acquired an allergy to horses(we have 6). i should not have told her it was all in her head. paying for that now. a bit concerned though, with my puffy lips. i never wanted to look like angelina jolie.

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  80. Hi, I am 42 and I have had chronic urticaria (hives) for over 6 years now. DAILY! Some days are bearable with only about 25% of my body affected. Other days are so miserable with 90-100% of my body affected that I just don’t think I can take anymore. I have been to 7 doctors (IM, FP, Dermatologists, Allergist/Immunologist) and have received no help. All they tell me is that it is idiopathic and there is nothing that can be done. I live on an antihistamine cocktail with Prednisone filtered in as needed. I HATE taking all of this medication. The summer is upon us and my daughter cries because I cant play outside or go to the pool without being miserable. The comments and stares from other people are cruel and just plain ignorant. I have these all day and when they do finally start to go away it’s time for bed…..just so they can start back up. I have been prescribed anti depressants, sleep aids, and xanax. Nothing works and I’m just about to give up hope. The only reason for my existance now is for my daughter. I seriously need help and don’t know where to turn. As I type this, I am crying so bad I can bearly see. I do have some comfort knowing that other people do have this problem and, I feel so terribly bad for you. This is a horrible condition and I pray for a cure of some kind every day. My quality of life had taken a serious nose dive. I am constantly tired and depressed. For everyone suffering through this horrible condition….please know you are not alone. It doesn’t make your hives go away but, it does help to know there are others with the same problem. God bless you all.

  81. Hi All and Jenny,

    I’ve just developed this two months ago and have been to three different doctors and eaten a whole cocktail of antihistamines, anti allergies and anti itch medication. The symptoms stopped when I’m medicated but problem is, I’m not comfortable taking these medications all the time.

    My question to Jenny, and all is that you say you take the medications when needed. What if I get hives all the time? Do I still live on the meds all the time? What about the side effects?

    It’s absolutely irritating to be scratching at a dinner party, when working late at night and before going to sleep (just how sexy is THAT?) !!!


  82. Oh ya, prickly heat talcum powder works magic. Try St. Luke’s. The swelling reduces almost immediately. One of the small miracles to be thankful for!

  83. Andrea, Im very sorry you are suffering through this. I take Prednisone as needed when I have an extreme flair up. Other than that, I take the antihistamines daily and still get hives daily. They just help reduce itching. It is miserable..I will try the talcum powder too. Thanks

  84. ok, i still have hives almost daily but in really small doses. probably due to stresses in my life i won’t get into. do you ever notice you never get hives at work? this website asks why it’s more common at night. BS! it’s only because you’re idle at night. i’ll bet you also don’t get hives at the bar at night. especially when meeting new people. my best advice is a cardio workout. go out. do something. do not take prednisone! i cannot stress enough, do some excercise!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I’ve had hives now for three months and I am seriously considering killing myself.

    It’s torturous. The hives rarely go away completely, but they are worse at night. They disappeared completely when I was on a six day steroid regimen. Then they came back worse than ever.

    Antihistamines work sometimes. Other times, the burning and itching is beyond imagining. These hives are surely idiopathic because there is nothing that’s causing them anymore… I was super sensitive to allergens, dyes and pollens and such but since the steroids I don’t seem to have any sensitivities any longer.

    It’s just straight up insane, burning hives. People who don’t have this just don’t know. They just don’t know…

  86. Hello everyone, I am so sorry for all of you experiences with hives. I am 26 years old and never had any type of allergic reaction. Im not sure where it came from. it started friday night a itch came on my neck. I scratched and it only seemed to get worse. Well I went to sleep fighting it and woke up and thought I was going to die literally. It spread from my neck to my arms and then to my inner thighs. I was unable to do anything I just itched all over. First I was afraid so I took a warm shower and got out and rubbed alcohol(green) all over me. It slowed for like 20mins and came back even worse. I was to the point of going crazy so I had my little brother go and speak with a pharmacist at Walgreens and he said to get benedryl, well I rubbed the cream all over me and I just wanted to sleep so i took to of the gel pills. It slowed for awhile until a friend came over and said she had the same thing and it was an allergic reaction. So she went back to walgreens and got some MEDICCATED CALAMINE LOTION and she rubbed it all over my body. And thank god I went to sleep the lotion dried up on me and that caused me not to itch as much and whenever a small itch came I rubbed more of the lotion on me. I woke up the next day and thank God the itch was gone. Today I feel so much better thank God I dont know what it was that caused the reaction but I never want to experience anything like that ever again in my life. To be on the safe side i rubbed a light coat on me today after my shower and bought some of the oatmeal lotion to keep my skin moisterized. I would strongly recommend the calamine lotion it did miracles on my skin. I wish you all the best.

  87. Please try the CALAMINE LOTION it did me a great deal of relief all of the red marks are gon off of my body. Benedryl at night with the lotion and cream. The main thing is keeping your skin full of moisture so the your not able to scratch as much the calamine lotion really saved my life Im just hoping that it never comes back again.

  88. Jim – are you in the US? I would highly recommend you speak with Dr’s at National Jewish Health for help and relief. My daughter goes there and we’ve been through it all. I don’t know how she (my daughter) manages without losing her mind some days. In the past, it was horrible and she was also on 3 different antihistamines in a day for daily treatment (for months at a time). She’s so much better after coming out of their day program that she’s not been on any meds for almost two months now (outside of her necessary meds for other reasons). Oral steroids help initially, but in the end, they only make things worse as they cause the skin to rebound. I know…I know exactly what you’re dealing with only it’s my daughter and not me. It makes my heart hurt to see your words and I sincerely hope you find the help you need for this. :/

  89. For me….3rd week with hives. fed-up,tired, just want to cry. I want my normal body back. I’m so hot you can properly cook eggs on me. It hurts it’s itchy, the cold showers are too cold – I had enough. Thinking everyday all day what has changed….new job, new job location, dealing with stress differently, eating differently, starting jogging (allergic to trees according to my allergy test but never had symptoms yet.)…so everything is practically new and was really hard which one to eliminate first. But for me it’s the water tank filtered water. it does become worst at night – which drives me insane. I am getting better but still have hives so i haven’t gone to the doctor yet. i can feel cold yet my body is is scorching hot to the touch. I’m so excited I found a main cause. I am still wary there’s something else but hey, eliminating the water tank is a huge start getting rid of my hives.

  90. Hi,
    I had similar symptoms with some of the ones posted here. I noticed that the hives will come once in every 4 years. It just need some trigger. The weird thing is I’m beginning to acquire different causes of hives every four years. 2004, I developed rashes during the day and it was due to heat as I’m living in a tropical area very close to Earth’s middle belt. Used Johnson & Johnson’s soothing medicated powder and it helped to soothe the skin. It took roughly 6 months of hives before it totally disappeared for the rest of the year. 2008, rashes occurred very badly. I found out that I can’t take soya products. It’s easy to find out cuz the outbreak happened 20 minutes after soya consumption. I stayed away from soya products in any way which was very difficult as most food had some soya proteins involved in making the food. I had to put myself under very cold shower and you could literally feel the hotness of the water as it ran down the body. I also drank 500ml of water (one shot) when rashes occurred at night. I avoided over the counter anti-histamine pills as I’ve tried them and hives got worse after 4 days. This year rashes occurred with vengeance. I tried my previous methods (drink lots of water at night when it comes, put on powder etc) but all these doesn’t help when my country experience dry heat weather. I have to remind myself to drink 500 ml of water in the morning and in the afternoon to ease the occurrence of hives at night. Now, hives appeared roughly 2 hours into sleeping time. I had to wait for an hour in order to allow the hives to disappear for each occurrence before returning to sleep.
    Lessons learnt from the above.
    1) Our body has some sort of memory remembered the medication taken thus causing it to be immune to drugs if these drugs are taken regularly.
    2)Learn the types of symptoms that occur within bouts of hives. Then, avoid them.
    3) We may have additional triggers and it just need a some sort of trigger to cause hives. We need to learn to identify the trigger(s) then avoid them. This looks like avoidance of whatever causes the triggers is the best medicine.

    I’m taking Atarax(which I do not use often) now to help me sleep. This is only after hives appeared the night before. Would like to thank for the roobois tea and m trying it this year. My triggers are
    1) dry heat (year-2004 & 2012)
    2) soya ( 2008)
    3) delayed pressure (2012)
    4)chocolate (2012)
    These are my triggers and I avoid them 99% of the time. I’m sharing my triggers in hope that we do really take note what caused the hives to appear. This triggers seem to be added once every 4 years.

    Frustration is always there whenever hives appear. We do not need to feel suicidal and learn to identify symptoms and triggers as quick as possible. =)

  91. I’m in my 8th week of hives and am determined not to take prednisone again. I’m eating a low histamine diet and learned I have treenut and peanut allergies. But I’m sure neither of these caused the hives. And although some people think its stress– I don’t. I’m the same amount of stress as ever. But that doesn’t mean relaxing isn’t a good idea.

    In doing a lot of reading, I’m pretty well convinced that they will leave on their own schedule, same as they came. I think sometimes people change their diets, the hives go away, and they erroneously assume it was the diet. I think docs give prednisone first, because they’re under (understandable) pressure to provide relief and secondly, because they hope the hives will run their course and leave on their own while you’re on the prednisone. They’re just buying you comfort and time. And nasty side effects.

    I’ve doubled my Zyrtec, am taking famotidin 2x per day, and take hydroxezine at night. With benedryl during the day as needed. I’m drinking stinging nettle tea (which brought down lip swelling ON CONTACT) and taking fish oil, calcium, prescription vit d, and acidophilus pearls.

    I’m trying so hard not to go back on the prednisone. Even my hives now have hives. I can feel areas begin to tingle and then I know that’s the new frontier on my body. That’s where the hives are growing today — that’s where they’ll become 5 inches across.

    I tell people it’s like getting stabbed with a knife covered in itch.

    Ive tried baby oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, Averno bath applied as a paste, chalomine lotion,…many home remedies..with no relief.

    This week I’m starting acupuncture, but I’m not sure whether it’s for the hives or to help me bear them.

    I sleep with cold packs. I take them to work.

    And although no one mentions it–I miss sex. Any kind of friction creates a new frontier that will swell up with hives tomorrow.

  92. ok, hives are completely gone now!!! they just stopped. nothing i did. i just want to give hope to some of you who are still suffering. hang in there.

  93. I was suffering from hives for the past one month….i consulted an allergy specialist nothing worked…. then i tried betel leaves with pepper corns…it worked for me….thats a home made remedy….no side effects in taking that….take one betel leaf with 4 pepper corns …chew them and swallow it …hope it will really help you…

  94. I have chronic hives too. They are so mysterious.I don’t worry about them anymore. I just take 2 benadryl every night along with a very nice oatmeal bath. This combination helps immensely.It will calm you down and help you sleep. Good luck everyone.

  95. Thank you, everyone, for your insights; I’ve learned a lot. Here’s some info about what has worked for me.

    I’ve had chronic hives since Nov. 2003 (the beginning of a long period of grief and stress). From 2006 thru early 2008, when my stressors were fewer and less intense, I seldom had hives. So pls don’t discount this component of a multi-pronged approach — food; meds (both OTC and Rx); personal-care products; household products; relaxation techniques. Keep in mind that people can develop allergies to products they’ve been using/foods they’ve been eating for years and that weren’t problematic in the past. (Not sure why, but at least two ideas: We’re exposed each year to greater amounts of, and new, environmental toxins; and, even if we lived in a clean world, our bodies would nonetheless change/deteriorate over time – that’s life.)

    * First, if you can’t sleep: Antihistamines can help. Benedryl (generic: diphenhydramine) helps with the itch, plus it will make you sleep; some people feel groggy the day after taking it. Chlortrimeton (generic: chlorpheniramine) won’t help much with the itch, but it will help you sleep and won’t make you groggy the next day (it leaves the system sooner than diphenhydramine does). I tried hydroxyzine (an Rx antihistamine) — similar to diphenhydramine re: effectiveness, sleep, next-day grogginess.
    Other OTC, non-habit-forming sleep aids that won’t help with hives (they aren’t antihistamines) but which will help you sleep: Bach’s Rescue Sleep; Hyland’s Calmes Forte; MidNight (a melatonin blend that is also available, cheaper, with the house-brand label at various drugstore chains); valerian; and melatonin by itself. ***Read labels — many sleep aids are simply diphenhydramine in a fancy package, and if you’re going to stick with that med, at least buy the least-expensive form you can find.
    ***I am very impressed by both Rescue Sleep and Calmes Forte; I’ve taken various Rx sleeping aids over the years, and these work almost as well yet don’t carry the risk of dependency.

    * Meds, topical: I’ve had varying degrees of success with OTC 1% hydrocortisone, Aveeno’s anti-itch cream, Gold Bond Anti-Itch cream (contains menthol). I like Aveeno’s body lotion (this is one instance in which I don’t use a no-name version) and have had some luck with menthol-based Sarna lotion and Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief lotion. Have not tried any of the Gold Bond body lotions but would like to.
    I bought a dollar-store rubber spatula to help apply creams to hard-to-reach places, such as mid-back. Just be sure to label the spatula and keep it out of the kitchen!
    Two Rx creams have sometimes helped me: 2% hydrocortisone, and triamcinolone acetimide. (I’m leery of using corticosteroids for an extended period – too little is known about how they affect the body.)
    ***My dr. discouraged the use of Benedryl anti-itch lotion/cream; she told me that when used on hives, it can intensify the itch (tho it’s fine for bug bites).

    * Meds, oral: I’ve tried generic Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra and haven’t found any of them particularly helpful, but another post-er said he’d found relief with Zyrtec. (Buy generic — it’s cheaper and just as effective.)
    I like Bach’s Rescue Remedy and Hyland’s Nerve Tonic (for stress relief overall; I can’t say that either has reduced my hives, but feeling somewhat relaxed is preferable to feeling somewhat anxious).

    * Food/drink: I have gradually – VERY GRADUALLY — shifted to a better, tho far-from-perfect, diet – about 20% of my diet is still processed food. Do what you can in terms of incorporating (organic, when you can) fruit, vegetables, whole grains, non-dairy “milk” (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk – if at 1st they seem too different from cow milk, add a little vanilla extract or even a little chocolate syrup for a flavor boost), and non-animal proteins (for ex., “chikn” nuggets made from soy or vegetable protein or both). If (like me) you don’t cook, try organic frozen foods; shop around to see who has the best prices – in my area, the best bets are Trader Joe’s, Target (really!), and Wegmans supermarkets.
    I gradually – gradually – broke the soda habit. I drink a lot of tap water; when I can afford to buy/use filters, I do; when I can’t, I fill some one-liter bottles with water and keep them uncapped for about 20 min. so the gases (which alter the taste) can escape. ***Try slices of lemon in your water; or lemon + stevia (a natural sweetener); or cucumber slices (sounds odd but it’s good – a little sweet, very refreshing).
    ***I recommend making one change at a time and sticking with it for at least a month before incorporating the next change. (For ex., I started eating a piece of fruit 4 or 5 days a week; soon I was up to a piece of fruit daily; and after several weeks of that – I didn’t keep records, just became aware that I’d been reaching for fruit every day for quite some time – I knew that the habit was entrenched and I could move on to the next change.)

    * Clothing: I do best with cotton or cotton blends. Exception: microfiber underpants.

    * Sheets and towels: Cotton or bamboo. Relatively inexpensive at Target, some warehouse stores, and overstock stores (both “real” and virtual).

    * Household cleaners: Cannot emphasize enough that this is an area in which we can get rid of toxins and still have a clean home. Dish soap and laundry soap that are dye-free, fragrance-free, and vegetable-based (NOT petroleum-based). A 50/50 vinegar+water solution will clean and disinfect; borax and baking soda are great for other tasks. Look online for other homemade, ecofriendly cleaning products — you’ll feel better and save money.

    * Personal care: Cetaphil cleanser (in liquid and bar form) is great for sensitive skin, and I find that the store brand is cheaper and just as effective. I’ve been using Tom’s toothpaste for years and highly recommend it (less expensive when you buy a multipack, which some warehouse stores sell, or a quality imitation, such as the one from Trader Joe’s). Same for hair care, face care, deodorant — anything that can be absorbed by the skin. If you’re on a tight budget, as most of us are, and you can’t find natural products that work with your budget, try shopping online — I like Vitacost dot com — or buy something mainstream that’s hypoallergenic (many Almay products are).

    * Sunlight: Direct sunlight tends to prompt a breakout, so I avoid it.

    * Exercise, stress relief: Mainstream medical finally acknowledges the brain-body connection, meaning that emotions flood our bodies with chemicals that can, in turn, cause physical changes or problems. My dr. recommends targeted physical activity, such as kickboxing, to help release all sorts of feelings, but any exercise can help – exercise, even “gentle” exercise such as stretching or qi gong, offers systemwide benefits.
    Some people (I’m among them) find acupuncture and therapeutic massage helpful: They promote overall balance in the body; I think they dislodge toxins, enabling us to pass them; and I like the emotional release they sometimes provide.

    Good luck, all.

  96. on July 12th I think I started this new pil that was to help me constintrate and level out my simtoms I have going on (stressing over little things) I started itching at night at first I thought I got bit but it only happened at night . but it got so worse and worse I wouldn’t sleep at all, I checked my bed and sheets for bug beds… nothing…. And then I thought well I’ll feel better tomorrow night nope got it again. it’s on my back, mostly my legs, arms, feet, face and hands. it’s really driving me crazy at one time I thought taking a or bath but I wasn’t aloud. At night when I would itch I would put aloe Vera gel on it does help alittle bit but then the itching would keep going. Its July 25 and I’m still itching like crazy I go to doctor Thursday to tell her what’s going on with me. my mom thinks its not serious and she thinks it just get bit in the morning. sometimes I don’t go outside and I still itch like crazy at night.

  97. I started getting hives 3 weeks ago. At first it was just a few welts here and there, then I started getting clusters and groups of welts together, and sometimes the groups of welts will come together producing gigantic welts several inches wide. It’s so frightening to see myself naked in the mirrir. I don’t feel sexy or attractive anymore and can’t wear shorts or go swimming in fear of another breakout. I have been reading tons of articles on the internet lately and have come to a conclusion that the cause of my hives are from stress. I experienced an episode of intense stress at work about 4 weeks ago. I have recently started drinking green tea and matcha tea. At night I would drink decaffeinated green tea. Sure made a difference.

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  99. Chandra, don’t be so ridiculous. Your husband is a slime ball, not under some spell.
    Has anyone noticed if their symptoms get worse around the tome their period is due? I get huge itchy raised welts which are always gone in the morning, all over my body apart from face. I also get itchy feet. I have to take 3 anti histamines when it is bad – not every night thankfully.

  100. JJ, thanks for sharing so many tips with us. I guess we all fight our battles in our own ways. I’ve tried some anti-itch creams and they don’t work on me, but Zyrtec is my lifeline.

    I guess it is also a wake-up call to all of us to change our lifestyle. I had a nagging feeling that it’s due to my eating habits (I never cook, and eat out all the time, and erm, don’t exercise). Well, like you say, one change at a time. I’m going to start with increasing my fruit intake and then eating out less often. I’ve also noted that alcohol is one of my triggers and so bye-bye wines!

    I’m sick and tired of looking reddish all the time and taking antihistamines so I’ll just try changing my lifestyle instead. Whether that helps or not, only time will tell, but hey, there’s nothing to lose from trying, right?

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  102. Amazing! Can’t believe that I have something in common with so many people!! I had a problem with hives and found I was allergic to aspirin products. Also found out I have Hashimoto’s a thyroid disorder. Just started breaking out again for the past week. Same thing gets worse as
    The day progresses and bad at night. Take Benadryl and Zrtec and they are gone when I wake up. Can’t figure out why it’s back!!! I truly think it has to do with my thyroid. I’ve eliminated processed foods, gluten and diary, preservatives. Ive been off of my diet restrictions for a couple of weeks……maybe there’s a correlation! I agree that you should try to find out what you are allergic to, and have your thyroid checked!!! I will definitely try the tea too!!! Hope i can get it back under control! Hives really do suck! Hope up you are all doing better!

  103. I’ve been suffering with this bad joke since April 1, 2011, yes April 1st, I was the fool someone stuck this bad hive juju on… I’ve seen every Dr under the sun and been put on so many medications (same as everyone else) that has helped with everyone else’s stuffy noses but not my own Damn hives!! It’s so unbearable, I’m up every night cause yes in my case as well they are worse and I’m covered about 90% with swollen lips, eyes, feet and hands.. I’ve lost all hope, prednisone is the ONLY thing that works for me and yes that too has caused me to gain 40 lbs and I’m now suffering with a bulging disc because of all the extra weight I put on. I can’t have a relationship anyone because I’ve became so insecure with myself not to mention how do you explain to someone that at night u turn into Shrek! I choose to take prednisone because I have tried all the teas and milk thistles and detoxs and diets and acupuncture and NOTHING!! NOTHING WORKS!! I have eaten pure coconut oil, yes I would scoop it out of the jar melt it down a bit and swallowed it…I’ve cried, I’ve prayed I’ve rearranged my whole life and ive got NOTHING NO RESULTS!! But I have a 5year old and I’m a single mom and my that’s the reason I take the prednisone, my daughter has seen me suffer in pain and wallow and lay on the couch and cry all day covered in bumpies (is what she calls them) enough…I’ve missed out on so much because these things have taken over my life, I’m embarrassed to leave the house with ugly welts all over the place and my eyes swollen shut. I’m laying here in the middle of the night cause it was that time to pop a prednisone so these hives will be gone by time i have to take her to school and start work.. It’s a horrible obstacle that has been thrown at us, but we just need to learn how we can live with it. I see no light at the end of the tunnel, I miss my old self and my old life , I miss being NORMAL!! I will continue to try new things but right now this is all I got… So good luck to everyone and I hope everyone finds a light at the end of their suffering. We don’t deserve this!!! :'(

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  107. I av jus picked up the same problem while on holiday nd I got back home nd bought TUMERIC POWDER nd made a thick paste with water nd rubd it all over hands nd arms nd my body to nd leave for half n hour nd bath of with luke warm water nd then take a full tblspn mix in quarter glass water nd it for three days nd problem work like magic for me coz I been to da clinic nd meds dnt wrk.goodluck

  108. I had these hives for four years. I felt tortured every single day. I had hives everywhere on my body. I couldnt hold my child without getting hives on my sides and forearms. I couldnt do anything that put any kind of pressure on my skin. I woke up everyday with huge wheel hives on my head face back legs feet hands you name it. All from tossing and turning in my sleep. Doctors all told me I was fine and gave me zyrtec, benedryl, allegra, pretty much every one you can think of. The only thing that helped was prednisone. I had read so much bad stuff about it that I avoided it until I couldnt stand the hives any more. I literally wanted to chop my hands and feet off it was so bad. I went to a dermatologist she gave me more antihistamines- did not work. Then one day I had broken out so bad it looked like I had been attacked by hornets or something I had no prednisone and was searching for relief when I found a bottle of GOLD BOND ULTIMATE- I cant remember if it had shea butter or not but I put it on one arm that had really painfull wheels on it. Miraculously in 20 minutes I kid you not every hive that I had put it on was now only slightly pink and not painful at all. I was amazed as it worked faster than prednisone. I put GOLD BOND ULTIMATE on my whole body for a couple days and I havent had a hive since. FRIGGING MIRACLE I SWEAR. That was the last time I had hives and It was almost 2 years ago. Thats after being tortured to the point of wanting to die for almost 4 years straight. I would not wish this suffering on my worst enemy. I feel so bad for anybody with this. If GOLD BOND ULTIMATE cured me it may also cure you. Really cheap and worth a try. NOTE no other lotion gave me relief as I had tried liquid vitamin E, Green tea, Calamine, I even tried colloidal silver, gold, platinum, about everything you could imagine and nothing worked except GOLD BOND ULTIMATE. I am cured from something that docs said there was no cure for. I called dermatologist told her and she did not even sound interested. I hope this works for all who suffer with this. I also tried changing my diet- fasting- all fruits and veggies- juicing- nothing worked.

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  110. I only get hives seasonally, like during the change from Winter to Spring, or, more usually, Spring to Summer. The weird thing is they don’t occur every year. I have them this week and finally got some OTC antihistamine.

  111. Amen to the frustration and itchy pain of hives, I have been breaking out for 3 months. At first it was only 1 or 2 times a week and benedryl controlled them. Now they are chronic, I have had the flu and a tooth abscess which of course, infection can make them worse. My allergy testing was all negative, they keep trying different meds, I just started Allegra in the morning, and Zytec at night, along with a new prescription of doxepin 10mg. to start, as it fights hives. Night time is always the worse, it is winter and I have to be under covers at night and I know the heat makes everything twice as bad……..I pray a lot, and trusting the Lord to heal me up…..

  112. Not sure if this will help anyone. Three years ago a had a bad tooth that needed to be taken out. I was in a lot of pain off and on for about 6 months with the tooth. My hives started during month one of my tooth hurting. 1 1/2 – 2 days after tooth was pulled I have never had a hive again. Assuming the infection in my tooth caused the hives. I have another sore tooth right now and the hives have returned once again. Will be having the tooth looked at next week. Will write again to update. I have not heard of anyone getting hives due to a tooth related problem by I guess babies get fevers and rashes when they r teething so maybe not so crazy.

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  115. Okay, I’m no rookie to hives and allergies. I’ve had them since I was in junior high, I’m 44 now. Before many of you flip out, it hasn’t been an annual or life long thing for me. It came along every spring with occasional hives and shortness of breath, due to allergy induced asthma. All of these symptoms were very manageable with prescribed antihistamines.

    Throughout my adult life I didn’t want to rely on meds so I rarely took them unless absolutely necessary. Although my allergies came back every year, it didn’t always mean I’d break out in hives. It would occasionally occur if I was extremely active and taking in a lot of pollen. Again, all would go away so long as I took my anti histamine meds.

    Most years were not too bad and the most I suffered were itchy eyes and runny nose most of the time.

    Fast forward to today, it’s fall and not spring, and it’s come around again only at night. Yes, the anti histamines are working, especially if I’m proactive and take them before a reaction.

    The reason I’m on here this morning at 7am, after being up for the last 2.5 hours is because I woke to another breakout and thought I’d search the Web for some online support, only to find more confused people. I took my Claritin D about a half hour ago and things are already starting to clear. I held off as long as I could but things didn’t seem to get better in their own tonight. I’ve gone a couple nights with no reaction to very little reaction, and not taking any pills.

    I’m in incredible shape, I’m a trainer, I eat very clean with occasional cheats, nothing is new in my life in the way of linens, soaps, detergents, foods, and I’m not stressed. It occurs if I exercise and don’t exercise. It happens when I drink my veggie juice or not. It happens if I shower before bed or not. Nothing stands out. I’m a very analytical person who has performed the process of elimination of everything. I can’t figure it out.

    One thing that I’ve contemplated is that throughout the summer I’ve cracked my Window open at night during the warm evenings. I’ve continued through these cooler fall evenings and I’m guessing the trees and plants are in a growing point, putting out much more in terms of pollen perhaps. But what gets me is that it’s fall not spring. Why are things affecting me greater now and not in spring?

    Many things in my life, even if new, are not that new that I wouldn’t have noticed something sooner. I’m baffled and am left with continuing with a nightly regimen of taking a pill every night or with every reaction until this thing goes away. After spending a couple hours online reading everyone’s stories, I’m no closer to understanding the problem than when I woke.

    Good luck everyone. I hope you find your peace soon! If I figure it out, I’ll be back to post it for everyone.

    For everyone else fighting the weight loss fight, find me on, Facebook and Instagram at Fitness Savage, YouTube at The Fitness Savage. It’s not the workout, it’s mostly what’s going into your body that’s causing obesity!

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  117. I have hives for over 3 years and you think you’re frustrated. I’ve eliminated gluten, take PRP spray. They have gotten a lot better been getting acupuncture for the last 2 years, but I still get a few now and then. They come out at night and I wake up with a few. Put ice cube directly on it takes away the sting and itch quickly. I also take Body Pure tablets 2x day…got tested and was allergic to almost it’s the pollen, getting treated for that..just seeing how’s it going and taking one day at a time…

  118. Great stuff on here. Felt itching all over last night. Today had small bTiny bumps in a rash form on my top and back shoulders. But after work today broke out at all places skin rubbed my clothing. Looked like mosquito bites hundreds of them hen compounded together making huge maps of welts. Itchy and irritating. Benadryl to the max on day one, drunk lots of water, do a detox to clear the toxins, try not to itch, add apple cider vinegar to water, get allergy test to get fine tune results, pretty sure my case was Change in laundry detergent. From gain to xtra. Changed back to an original cheers. Rinse with cool water and used dove soap patted or air dried. Tea tree oil on the areas help big time. After a few hours of irritant continues redo shower, Benadryl, and tea tree oil.

  119. I had hives at an early age for years and one day they just went away. Fast forward 15 years later and they are back. From my past experience I noticed that when there was a change in my body temp (when I would get flustered and hot) they would appear on my forehead around my hair line and the back of the neck, If something dirty would touch my skin they would break out everywhere or if my bra strap or hair tie around my wrist was a bit tight I would break out in that area. Allergy medicine has not worked for me it actually causes my eyes to swell or I would get odd bumps on my forehead. What worked best for me has been to wash with cool water and a mild soap and air dry it takes a while for the hives to go away but it works for me. As long as I stay relatively clean during the day there aren’t as bad as the ones I get at night although it’s really hard for me to stay clean with two boys under the age of 3. Which I think is the reason the hives came back. 🙁 hoping they go away soon to never return!

  120. ive suffered from an extremely ichy skin rash for over 20 yrs. it started one day I took a shower in an old visibly moldy shower over a friends house. immediately I developed an itchy skin rash. this rash was mor intense around the stretchy waistline where my underwear push against my waist. my dr was confused so I had to do my own detective/medical analysis and history. I have since figured that my sin must have developed some type of reaction to some type of mold in the shower. it has never gone away 20 yrs later. it becomes more intense after I shower. I clean my shower every other day to keep the mold levels down. this seems to help however I still have the reaction. the only thing that makes it go away is prednisone. the rash started around my waist however it is not uncommon to have it on my legs ribs n genitals. only my testicals n not my penis. very strange. I am allergic to some type of mold in showers but I cant seem to figure out exactly what is the culprit. I have narrowed it down to something in the shower.

  121. I’ve also heard Zyrtec works and Cortizone Cream too. But I think the main problem is eating too many foods high in Histamines as well as Sulfites and also using products with Sulfites in them.

    BE AWARE that anything that comes in contact with our skin (dish detergent, lotions, bug-repellant, sunscreen, etc) enters our bloodstream and within 20 seconds it is in our bloodstream.

    Drinking 6-8 glasses of purified water spread all throughout the day, not all at once, helps a lot.

    Many people don’t know about Sulfite allergies. So, if you ever need an Antibiotic request a Macrolide-based one, not a Sulpha-based Antibiotic.

    Sulfites are in everything; food, cosmetics, hair products, etc., which is why I have to wash my hair in the kitchen sink so the shampoo products don’t come in contact with my skin, especially my neck, back and butt, even if they are the sulfite-free shampoos.

    Sometimes Sulfites are listed as Sodium Laurel Bisulphite. But if ‘Sulfi’ appears anywhere on the label don’t buy it.

    Also most shellfish, some regular fish, canned foods and pickles and olives contain sulfites as well as dried fruits and nuts. Store-bought potato salad and cold macaroni salads and Hummus all contain a lot of sulfites as well.

    Wine is the worst for sulfites.

    Sulfites have been banned from restaurant salad bars but sometimes I wonder. Avoid sauerkraut, and condiments like ketchup, pickles mustard and mayo as they are high histamine foods. Chinese fast-food buffets use sulfites, so avoid them as well. You want to reduce histamine products/foods and also those with Sulfites in any form.

    Also run all your laundry through an extra 10-20 minute plain cold-water rinse (with no soap) to get the excess soap residue out- that helps a lot. Good Luck

  122. @JOHN from Oct 30th.

    It could also be the soap you are using and you also want to run all your laundry, including bath towels, all laundry, through an extra 10-20 minute plain cold-water rinse cycle (with no soap,just plain water)to get excess soap reside out of all laundry, as when it rubs against your skin can cause a rash/hives. Don’t use dryer pads like Bounce, they aren’t necessary and can aggravate skin conditions.

    There might be mold behind the wall that you can’t see but seeps through OR you might also need a new shower-head or a shower filter that removes chemicals, not sure but bacteria can thrive inside shower filters.

    Hope that helps

  123. hi …i have itchy lumps on my thighs,they started in september 2014 for 2wks and were they are back.they appear in the evening n disappear in the morn when the sun comes times when they are rainy showers and i come in contact this itchiness now i dont no what is causing this as i use and eat the same things i hv using for 31yrs old in durban,south africa and ts very hot this side.

  124. Hi, I’m a 23 year old female currently experiencing day 2 of my first ever gives breakout. I like others have been unable to pinpoint the trigger for my breakout but I am experiance huge burning welts across my arms, legs, palms of hands and feet and scalp. I have taken normal over the counter anitihistamines which did nothing, I did have a bath but it was a hot one, that didn’t help either (or makes it worse) I then took piriton and over the counter antihistamine which seemed to reduce the rash but not the itching, now I also suffer from a condition called Lichen Scholorosis which is a skin disorder causing the skin to become inflamed for this I am prescribed a steroid cream called Dermovate I have applies this to the welts on my feet legs and hands that are causing me to stay awake and the rash and reduces quickly and he itching but. It completely it’s the best fix I have found but you should be aware that Dermovate is a steroid cream and causes thinning of the skin in long term use. Hope this helps x

  125. I’m 57 and have had hives periodically since I was 15. They come and go. I call it my 7 year itch because I can go sometimes years with no hives. Allery testing, blood testing, everything has been tried. They are miserable and I feel for anyone that has them. Loose clothes and oatmeal baths has been the only soothing thing for me😟

  126. Very helpful- my husband and I have both been going through this the past few weeks. Mine reappear at my elbow area and fingers- with occasional on my back and leg. don’t know why we both are getting them- nothing new in our lives…
    My joints near the hives also have been getting sore – but my husband does not have that symptom.

  127. I have been dealing with extreme itching on my arms, stomach, back and top of my legs. I went to the doctor and they thought I had bed bugs. She sent me to a dermatologist and he said they were flea bites. I immediately put frontline on my 2 Persian cats, exterminated my bedroom, and nothing….My cats never had any fleas, they are indoor cats. My husband is fine, not a mark on him, so why me? If bedbugs were carried into my home, wouldn’t my husband be a target also? The marks are like welts, very itchy, but get more itchy during the day. I am at wits end.

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  129. I have had chronic hives for the last 9 months. Homeopathic ‘Uritica Urens’ internally and using Traumeel (arnica cream) externally has helped me sleep at night. They do NOT engender harmful side effects like some of the medical solutions listed above.
    I suffered with allergies severely as a child and had hives as a teen under stress.
    I think the advice given to avoid Sulfites and products with histamines is most helpful. I went on an allegen free eating program (rice, vegtables, beans and chicken) and it did decrease the severity of the sypmptoms. Now that I have been less strict about it, they are going gangbusters again.

  130. Just a thought to consider: My daughter has some food allergies, so we are very careful with her diet. Although we have not introduced any known allergens, she has broken out in hives, mostly night, but some during the day for the past 4 days or so. I found that she is infected with pinworms and this could be the cause of her hives. Pinworms are apparently very common and many people could be asymptomatic although infected. Just thought I would pass this on, for consideration for all those with unknown causes. Hopefully pinworms will be easy to treat and we can put this behind us.

  131. Hello everyone. I am a 23 yr old female and I guess its safe to say I am experiencing chronic hives.. It started last year in November and has not gone away. What I think triggered them was a scent booster I used on my laundry. I washed everything with it being so confident nothing like this could happen. The only thing I know I’m allergic to is penicillin. I wasn’t eating or using anything new other than that.. I feel like that has to be the cause. But by this time I have most likely washed everything I own without the scent booster. And hives still here just not as bad as before. Oral benadryl does not help but the cream does help calm the itching. They are not so bad during the day but at night it’s awful. Its 2:14 am .. I can’t afford consulting a doctor right now. I truly am miserable throughout the night. :'( I wish I never bought that scent booster…

  132. Karen,
    Look up Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. I have had symptoms for 12 years and was just diagnosed in December.

  133. I have been waking up in the morning with blood under my nails and hives in different spots everyday now for the past month and my mom doesn’t know what to do about it . and she thinks it’s my eczema coming back but I’m not sure … what should I do ? knowing that I have had eczema for my whole life (16 years)

  134. For almost a month now I have been dealing with hives. I’m 27 and have never had a case of hives in my life. Now they’re all over both of my arms everyday and have started spreading to my shoulders and collarbone. I don’t get it one month of this our of nowhere and only in those spots, mainly at night. of course this is happening when I am getting married 10 days from now in a strapless dress. If anyone has any ideas or can help please help!

  135. For almost a month now I have been dealing with hives. I’m 27 and have never had a case of hives in my life. Now they’re all over both of my arms everyday and have started spreading to my shoulders and collarbone. I don’t get it one month of this our of nowhere and only in those spots, mainly at night. of course this is happening when I am getting married 10 days from now in a strapless dress. If anyone has any ideas or can help please help! Email me at

  136. I am a step ahead of you all, I believe. I’ve been taking a probiotic (and I swear by them!) for 8 years this July. It’s done multiple things for me but one thing I noticed is never having hayfever again. That is, until I ran out of my probiotic recently and didn’t purchase any for 4 days. I got horrible hives for the first time in my life. Every night until I got back on my probiotic and caught up on the days I missed. Your immune system is in your gut. If your gut is off balance then something will go wrong with your skin, or digestive system, or whataever. Find one that works for you. I listened to a leading research doctor on National Public Radio the other day say how probiotics are the medicine of the future and we will be learning more about how they help us with allergies, etc. Find one that works! Give it time. You will be so glad you did. Btw, I take Digestive Advantage for anyone who is interested.

    Good luck to each and every one of you!!!


    Take a PROBIOTIC. Your immune system is in your gut. Probiotics keep your gut healthy. Off kilter your gut will give you bad skin issues, and digestive issues, among a list of other things. You need to find a good probiotic and GIVE IT TIME TO WORK. Please believe me, you’ll be so glad you did.

    (I had to add this for the people on the forum that are at their wits end with the hives. I experienced the same thing and am happy to say, the hives are gone.)

  138. I believe that I have developed hives also. My Dr has told me that I have an allergic reaction to some over the counter cough medicine and has prescribed me 3 different medications, and one lotion. All FOUR items have made the rash and itching far worse. Unfortunately, if there is a side effect to a medicine I will suffer it, and the most common side effect to EACH of them was a red itchy rash – this has made me so frustrated! I’m now controlling it through using oilatum cream to soothe my dreadfully dry scratched skin, and a bag of frozen veg is what I use to numb my itchy feet/legs. This gives me around 2 hours sleep initially, the itching then wakes me around midnight and I get the frozen veg out again to freeze/numb my skin for around an hour or 2. At first it feels horrid, but then the relief is SO amazing. If this bizarre method helps just one person get some well needed sleep. Ill sleep better!

  139. I’ve been almost sleepless recently because of this itch. At first, I thought this was just normal so I didn’t care about it.
    But since then, I have been itching every night so I decided to look it up in Google and I found out I have hives.
    Then I searched for a remedy about it and I discovered diphenyhydramine hcl.
    I took it whenever I feel very itchy.

    Now, I have a problem. After taking it up, yeah I fall asleep easily and the itch is somehow gone. However after few minutes or say, almost an hour, I suddenly wake up feeling like I’m out of control of my mind that I want to just explode. I feel very sleepy but I can’t really sleep.

    So please help me, is this a side effect of that drug?is it dangerous?
    I stopped taking it and now I didn’t even have a chance to have a good night sleep, in fact as I was typing this, I haven’t slept yet and is very itchy.
    Do you recommend any other way to ease this? Please help me…

  140. I’ve been almost sleepless recently because of this itch. At first, I thought this was just normal so I didn’t care about it.
    But since then, I have been itching every night so I decided to look it up in Google and I found out I have hives.
    Then I searched for a remedy about it and I discovered diphenyhydramine hcl.
    I took it whenever I feel very itchy.

    Now, I have a problem. After taking it up, yeah I fall asleep easily and the itch is somehow gone. However after few minutes or say, almost an hour, I suddenly wake up feeling like I’m out of control of my mind that I want to just explode. I feel very sleepy but I can’t really sleep.

    So please help me, is this a side effect of that drug?is it dangerous?
    I stopped taking it and now I didn’t even have a chance to have a good night sleep, in fact as I was typing this, I haven’t slept yet and is very itchy.
    Do you recommend any other way to ease this? Please help me…


  142. I am a fifty three year old woman born and raised in Uganda. I started getting hives after a serious bout of cough and cold in February 2015. at first i was told it was an allergic reaction to the medicine; i was given some antihistamine and they disappeared for a very short while and then reappeared. i went to see a dermatologist who said that I had developed sensitivity to the sun because of hypertension medicines. (I live in Uganda which is on the equator – I have never left my country for more than a month therefore I have been always in the sun)he gave me some treatment and the skin cleared. as soon as the medicine was used up the eruptions began again. I went back and he told me they would disappear. the fact is especially with the hives, the doctor would not see them because they are worse in the evenings, especially on the upper arms.

    recently i started getting the hives on my buttocks and I am making a connestion with sitting on the leather couch which we got recently (late May).
    however, I am now confused and I am developing a lump in the throat; i feel like I swallowed something and it got stuck in my throat. sometimes at night I wake up and feel I cannot breath, it clears after a fit of coughing.
    Is there any help out there?

  143. In response to Winnie, after reading all of this I think you may need to have your thyroid checked. I know several people with thyroid issues who have lumps in their throats (some have it inside and some can be seen visibly on their neck when their chin is raised), and I read that hives can be related to thyroid issues. You are in my prayers.

    Also, thank you to all for sharing their stories about their issues with hives. It is a blessing to me. I hope you have all found relief. God bless!

  144. Well, the urticaria causes are a number of factors. There could be insufficiency in omega fatty acid, vitamin C, D, imbalance of acid-alkaline, no proper diet, stress, depression, pesticides, preservative in our food and pollution in the air.

    I have this horrible hives for 2 years and tried all kinds of medication and cream etc. None have worked and very frustrated. I ate everything and I had the hives. So I gave up in visiting doctors and did researches online and get lots of information and worked on it. Finally, urticaria is gone for good.
    I started taking things easy, relax and keep calm and let the body cool down. Take the following daily:
    3000 mg cod liver oil, 3000 IU Vitamin D, 500 mg Vitamin C, 1/4 tsp baking soda with a glass of water, dilute salt water, apple cider tonic and lemon juice.

    Before breakfast: 1/8 tsp salt into a glass of water. 10 minutes later 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. After 30 minutes, take your breakfast.

    Breakfast: Take 1 capsule or tablet of cod liver oil, Vitamin C & D.

    Lunch: Take baking soda water, 1 capsule cod liver and Vitamin D.

    Dinner: Take 1 capsule cod liver oil and Vitamin D.

    Before bed time: Take a glass of lemon juice.

    For the itch, apply the following to the affected area:
    1 equal part of apple cider vinegar and 1 equal part of water.
    Or apply calamile lotion
    Or make 1 tsp baking soda with a few drops of water to make paste.

    Detox your body weekly:
    Add 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a bath tub. Make sure the water is as hot as your body can stand. This is to open your skin pores to get rid of toxic build up all these years. Soak it for not more than 20 minutes as it might make you sleepy. Best time is before bed time.
    Do this detox for weekly for two months and reduce to monthly.

    You will see a big improvement and urticaria will leave you forever.

    If you do not want urticaria to return keep doing the above.

    Give it a try and you got nothing to lose!

  145. I have had tremendous success with an antioxidant/vitamin tablet from It’s made for people with kidney disease but my doctor said to try it for the hives on my back as they use a very good quality source of D3 in a high concentration, plus vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid which are good antioxidants. I’ve taken it for a month now and I’m hive free already and sleeping so well at night.

  146. Please please please, for all of you that have had this ” itchy rash” for more than a few weeks, please Google invisible biting bug. There are thousands of people, that thought they were dealing with a rash,hives, it has turned out to be a skin mite, you can’t see it.
    It mainly itches at nite. There is so much info about this Just take the time to look. Some people have scabies, some have bird mites, if you have birds nesting near your home, or even mice, they both carry mites. Some drs say they don’t feed on people. This is old outdated info.
    If you have any of these mites, even scabies, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DIRTy!!! With so much plane travel to and from all parts of the world, the chance of transference of skin issues is a lot more possible, than it was years ago.
    People are even catching this from upscale hotels, shopping, trying on clothes. If nothing else rule this out.
    I’m not trying to be weird or scare anyone, but if you’ve been dealing with this hives for longer than normal, you owe it to yourself to educate yourself about it. Another thing, not all people that are dealing with theses itch mites give it to other family members. One person only may have it!! Go to scroll down to almost bottom of the page and click on forums
    Also this is GREAT site for ALL cures, from kidney stones to rashes and hives to good info on skin mites. I’m not selling anything, but I have a girlfriend that had these hives that would not go away
    Her doctor gave her creams and lotions and pills, she said the pills helped her sleep and the itches were gone in the morning. But nite time they would start up again. Drive her crazy. Yes they like the warm places on people too, I’ve read over and over mites are more active at nite.
    She’s doesn’t have a computer, so I’ve been doing research for her, I had never heard of such a thing before.
    But think this info will be helpful.
    Also if you go to the birdmites web site, don’t buy anything there.
    The forums are great info for free, but have read on these itch sites that it didn’t stop the problem.
    By the way, I repeat, I’m NOT talking about bed bugs. not not not.
    Well, that’s my 2 cents worth.
    I hope it helped someone.
    Take cAre all

  147. HIVES???? OMG…..been going on since i was a teenager(Im 49) Some of you spoke of “wanting to kill yourself”? Trust and believe….I’ve said that very same thing outloud MANY times!!OR feeling soooooo miserable that i could kill someone else..(fig of speach) All the different meds…..fod interactions….stress or no stress….cool baths……sprays….lotions….timing…….I AM AT A LOSS! They say don’t drink alcohol????? PLEASE! Atleast i can somewhat COPE. Heard about xolair…my insurance wont cover it.NICE. Do I have to live this way the rest of my life? How do I do that with a 10 yr old active son? I m very frustrated at this point.This is the worst thing i have been through…..and ive been through ALOT. I dont deserve this….but mostly….my family doesnt……HOW DO WE GET HELP FOR THIS?????

  148. My 8yr old niece is experiencing this mysterious hives, that’s why i’m here. summarizing remedies i’ve read on almost all of the comments for everyone’s convenience 😊

    Apple cider vinegar + water
    Hot/cold water bath
    Drinking lots of water during day time
    Drinking rooibos tea

    Anything i missed?

    Let’s help each other out. Take care you all!

  149. I have been going through this problem it’s has been one month very irritating all these itchi all over my body I feel like it’s burning kind of feeling man I don’t know how long I have to suffer these.

  150. Hi,
    I was both relieved and saddened when I found this site as I have been suffering with chronic hives (urticaria) for about 7 days straight now but have had it sperodically for around 6 weeks, I am glad I now know a little more about it but saddened because from the comments I can see there is no specific cause or cure, I am utterly exhausted from both lack of sleep due to worsening of the rash at night and the drowsy effect my anti-histamines have on me. I have had a blood test of which came back normal and am at a complete loss as to how I can help myself. I attended the A&E dept last night by ambulance as I woke with a severe hives rash all over my body with what felt like a slightly swollen tongue and throat with tingly feelings in my tongue and fingertips to be told I need an allergy test, I am now on my second lot of steroids in 1 week and all they seem to do is make me wired. I am feeling hopeful for my GP app tomorrow however I dread night time as at around 9.00pm I start to feel that dreaded sting/burn feeling of which only gets worse as the night draws on, the rash is normally severe in the mornings however once I am up and about and have taken my morning dose of steroid and anti histamine it tends to die down for the day only to complete the same cycle again. Does anybody else feel the tingly feeling in the tip of their tongue or fingertips when the rash is severe? I also notice my wars go bright red and part of my face becomes affected. I will be monitoring this site daily as it seems to give more clarification than the NHS website or doctors themselves!!

  151. urticaria? oak mites? chemtrails? Hip replacement?
    It’s a mystery to me why I began to experience “hives”. And, I’m not totally sure when this began because for years I’ve thought it was spider bites or fleas. My breakout is sporadic but chronic and locations vary. No matter, my sympathy is with all who going through so much agony, discomfort, loss of sleep, costs for meds and doctors, etc. I get a bit of relief from apple cider vinegar and/or ice and acupuncture. I distrust pharmaceuticals but I will take an antihistamine when endurance is no longer possible.
    As for chemtrails for those who might be confusing them with contrails… Chemtrails do not evaporate; they spread across the sky causing a clear day to become hazy. For more info, please google for more info. It is worldwide and quite disturbing!!!

  152. Just like everyone else here I have been getting hives at night. I skimmed some responses without finding anything useful. Should I take it to the doctor immediately or is it possible it will clear up naturally? It’s been going on for a little less than 3 weeks now.

  153. I have noticed that since I have been going for allergy shots for a serious bee sting three years ago, I have been experiencing hive-like symptoms for a couple of years. I wake up around 2 – 3am feeling like I am on fire. Benedryl or Chlortrimeton work, but it is frustrating to say the least. I am wondering if it is the bee syrum or a certain food I am eating. I have tried staying away from anything containing sulfites.

  154. Hi all, while reading all your comment above makes me frustrated even more… thinking this itchiness doesn’t have cure were realy sucks… starting at my leg and hands…its spread my whole body… I’m totally sad… i hope this could end sooner… i can only hopes…

  155. Figured out my hives issue! I suffered from having hives for almost 2 months. Night times were worse than daytime. I tried everything from gluten free diet to stress free meditation, benadryl, and went to the doctor as well. Then an idea of lacking something like a vitamin came to me. So I started taking a multi vitamin (one a day) and within 3 days there were less hives and now completely gone! OMG. From now on think of our body needs all the healthy nutrition. So thankful. Sharing my story in hope to help others.

  156. I haven’t had time to read all of the comments but I wanted to advise anyone reading this to get checked for h pylori I have recently been diagnosed and about 50% of Americans have it an don’t know it doctors very rarely test for it… It’s the number one cause of ulcers can cause chronic hives, stomach issues, psoriasis, excessive gas build up, and a whole bunch of stuff… I honestly have been so sick I was scared of my test results thought I must have cancer or something serious… The hives have been ruining my life… I’m on some very strong medication to get rid of it I would advise anyone with unknown hives to go get tested.. You can have several symptoms like I do, a few, or some people never have any at all…

  157. I hate to say this but I am glad I am not the only one with this horrible mystery. I cant start allergy testing until the end of may and i just want to cry Im so frustrated. Reading peoples srories and advice had made me feel better….ideas for things I can try for relief and I thank all of you for it.

  158. My hives are getting better. Ive been having hives for 4 months. I got my blood test back and turns out I have very low level of vitamin D. Now I’m taking over the counter vitamin D and the hivessential are less. I’m trying to catch up on my vitamins!
    Hope this helps someone. Good luck

  159. Over the years I’ve had seasonal allergies and reacted differently to different things. But these past two years my reactions have been the same. HIVES. They started out on my arms then moved to my legs. The worse part about them is they grow and leave huge swollen areas that make lifting my arms and moving my legs impossible. I’ve gone to two doctors and they gave me Allergex but I swear it doesn’t work any more. I know they chronic cause I’ve had them for five months now and now thanks to this site I now know why they itch more at night.

  160. I have been having the same problem as described by everyone here for the past two weeks – full body hives every evenings. I noticed that my hands and feet would go cold, heart rate would increase, and I feel hot internally just before the onset of hives each time. I also noticed that I wasn’t sweating at all. I looked back at what I ate in the past few weeks and realized that I consumed very rich and spicy food. We Chinese call these “hot” food. My diet caused an imbalance. So, I stopped using Benadryl after 3 nights and did the following:

    1. Drank more water – 4 glasses a day.
    2. Started drinking rooibus tea close to the time when I felt the onset of the hives.
    3. Started eating “cool” food – pears of all kinds, carrot juice, yogurt, chicken soup, apples, water chestnuts, light green salads, and orange juice. Avoided beef, seafood, and everything fried.
    4. Exercised until I started to sweat when I felt the onset of hives.
    5. Applied ratio-ectosone on the hives whenever I see them.
    6. Sleeping on a couch in my living room. I am using cotton pjs and bed sheets.
    7. Cut my nails and pressure rubbed each little bumps and scratched a little just as long as it didn’t cause any skin damage.

    Tonight I feel great because the hives have gone. I hope I am and all of you out there will be free of this as well. I am currently also asking my doctor to check my progesterone level since these hives occurred at the same time as my menstrual period. You can get hives when it is too high. I will update my findings when in get the results or when I get another bout of hives the next time I am on my period.

  161. I have had hives for about a month and a-half and still can-t find out what the problem is .Me and my family thinks that ibprofin might cause it to flare up even more so my suggestin is to not take pain releving medicine. there are things that can cause it to flare up like stress.You can take tilano for pain but nothing else.If you decide to go to an allergist wait at least 5 days of not taking anything for pain or any kind of medicine for anything until after the visit to the allergist

  162. Had hives for over a month and a half, damn, hope it’s not chronic. It is itching me right now, trying hard not to scratch or even think about sleeping with this going on….what time is it?
    I’ll stay up a bit more tho`…. damn hives! damn!
    (I think it’s cause I sleep in a room with Mold and Mildew)
    Charleston, S.C

  163. Hi there my name is Dawn and I’m 51 and I been itchy all the time. I read up that if u going thought the change of like sometimes u can itch like this but it can also feel like something is crawl in your skin. I can take any allery med because it makes me dizzy. When get a rash or something I have go the hostipla and they give me something else. I have some rash in me but I itch now and worst at night. They no bugs or anything in my bed. I had peeople check. I feel like going crazy because of it. Two day ago I wasn’t that bed but last it start up again. Like as I typing this letting it there but it ok. I can dealing it. I would raither have hot flshes then this. I don’t if can help but I was ok then it come back. What should try.


  164. 30 year old male, day two with hives. I woke up with them yesterday on the side I was sleeping on right before I got up. Then I vaguely remembered being especially itchy all night. As the day progressed, I noticed that the hives moved around. After a couple hours the ones I woke up with were gone, and I had developed new ones where my clothes were rubbing against my skin.

    When I got home from work, I took off all my clothes and took a nap. When I woke up a couple hours later, the hives were pretty much all gone. A few hours later I started getting them very lightly on my wrists and palms. Those also went away within two hours.

    Then I tried to go to bed, and that’s when they flared up again. I got them anywhere my skin contacted the bed and pillows (with some arbitrary exceptions). I decided to try sleeping somewhere else, which did seem to help, but I still woke up this morning with the hives all over the side I was sleeping on again (only this time it was the opposite side).

    This is especially difficult for me to figure out since there are so many new factors in my life:
    1. I started a new job in pest control.
    2. I just moved to Phoenix AZ, and the hives started immediately after the first really hot summer day (113 degrees).
    3. My wife just started using a smelly fabric softener.
    4. There’s a leak in my apartment ceiling that may very well have mold.
    5. I’ve been extremely stressed lately.

    Anyway, just sharing my story and empathising with all the folks here who are going through the same, or a similar situation. Here’s to finding a cure.

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  167. I have developed hives last week, and it only appeared at night. Very strange. I never had allergic condition before. While I’m waiting for doctor’s appointment (another 2 weeks) I started taking aspirin (80 mg per day) and multi-vitamin. It’s amazing that hive didn’t come back for 3 days.

  168. I have suffered from hives for years now. It started my freshman year of high school and I am now graduating college. As you described it is only apparent at night. I Learned to deal with it, taking antihistamines when it was bad or if I was up latelate. But I recently started working as a CO at a local prison, working 3rd shift. They have been a nightmare ever since and I can’t take anything cause it’ll put me to sleep is there anything I can take or do that won’t cause me to pass out at work? In addition I also get angiodima which I guess commonly accompanies hives.

  169. I am a nurse and I am suffering from chronic hives also. I noticed, it only flares up at night and early morning like 4am or sometimes also at 7am. It’s very itchy, especially when I started to scratch it. I am worried about my urticaria, but I think it’s all about how my body’s response to stress. I am eating fresh carrots daily and avocado, I am drinking milk also before bed time, and I noticed my urticaria is getting better. I don’t drink cold water or any drinks because it makes my condition worst. My advice is, try to eat fresh carrots or avocado because it can help and maintain the smoothness of our skin.

  170. Hi everyone, I just want to share my own experience with my 12 months baby rash. It just started from slelepless night like he kept turning different positions all night. Then during the day he was ok, later in the evening he ate blue berries for the first time, although he swallows them. Later after eating blue berries he ate mashed potatoes, and threw up everything starting from blue berries. That was when I knew the blue berries was never chewed lol. So he slept that night again with turning around all through that night. The next day which is day two he woke up not showing any discomfort ate his breakfast (cereal) without throwing up, but later in the day he slept and woke up with hive rashes on his face, buttocks, arms and legs which cleared after few hrs. I was worried now because apart from blue berries he ate previous day that was no new food to him. He threw up at every meal for the day. Then comes night he slept same way by turning around and restless but woke up without rashes. But during afternoon nap he developed some rashes again especially in the face. I began to worry why only at afternoon nap. Later the night of day three, I was getting ready to put him to sleep, the rashes that came out during the day had cleared , so that night I put him in bed, within few minutes the rashes came up again, that’s when I knew that rashes could still come at night. I Immediately suspected something is in that particular room. I suspected mold right away, so I took him to another room where he slept very very well without turning around and woke up more happier than in the last three days. This is day 4 I have noticed good night sleep but let me watch for day rashes. I will come back to report. But I think mold is the culprit. Thanks guys.

  171. I have dealt with chronic urticaria (hives) for the past 51 years. For me, they started after “the change.” The good news is that they can go into remission. My last bout has been 1.5 years now. I’ve tried everything, do take zantac and zyrtec 3 times a day; have been told you can take them up to 6 times a day, no more. I’ve tried Xolair injections, made it worse for me, heard it does work for others, extremely expensive. This is NOT an allergy, it is an auto-immune response to the unknown. I’ve also tried kenalog injection, while it did knock out the hives, the side effects were bad. You can spend hours trying to figure this out without any answers. In my experience, it does have to do with internal body heat. Prednisone does work for me, sometimes they go into remission, sometimes they don’t. You don’t want to take this steroid often. I am going to try the rooibos tea. The itching is worst part. Oatmeal does help. Good luck in your search for some relief.

  172. i get this hives and rashes every night particularly on scalp ears neck around tummy more i dont know what to do if someone can tell the reason it is since a month and scalp and ears are the main part thankyou

  173. just starting getting hives 2 months now. at first it was on my legs and arms, was away on vacation for a week and nothing. the very night home and flare you, losing sleep. only thing that helps is benedryl, but I don’t want to take that everyday. its getting worse , now my face is pulsing and itchy and almost dizzy at times. it has been constant for the past 3 days!!!!

  174. I have the same problem, chronic hives all over my body, worse at night, starting in my 50’s. After the first time when a steroid shot had no effect I investigated why I would have elevated histamine levels – there was no immediate cause such as bites, but I realized looking back, that I had been reacting badly to insect bites for quite a while leading up to this. I have found a lot of good things to help with that. I avoid foods with high histamine levels and take a supplement to help with them if I am going out to eat. The important thing for me to remember is that my tolerance for histamine in my body varies, so sometimes when I don’t expect it my body will flare up. When this happens I look back and see what I’ve been doing for the last three for four days or longer, and then I don’t expect things to return to normal immediately. I go on a cleansing alkalising fast and then slowly add in permitted meat, fruit and vegetables. I make sure to keep my vitamin supplements going and double up on the methianine and SAMe supplements til it settles down.

  175. I came across this site during a chronic flare up with hives. Thank you so much for all the information on here. I hope my story helps someone. I first noticed my hives early in March this year. I had 2 flare ups which lasted a few days. I thought nothing of it at first but then it got worse. I saw my GP & he said I probably have bed mites (idiot). He gave me cortisone and I was on my way. I decided to book myself into to see a specialist, the wait was 3 months. During those 3 months I gained over 14 kilos due to the cortisone. I eventually saw my specialist at Epworth Hospital in Richmond (Melbourne). I told her my symptoms, I kept a diary of when my hives were visible, what I ate previously, what I wore, what I washed my clothes in etc. She told me to stop the cortisone asap and gave me information on how to manage my hives. At the moment I only take Zyrtec – 2 in the morning and 2 at night. If I get bad flare ups like tonight then I start on Singulair (Montelukast tablets) 1 tablet every morning while still taking Zyrtec. The life span of hives are anywhere between 5 years to a lifetime. She said if it gets worse there is stronger medication to take & it’s called Hydroxychloroquine Actavis. It takes 6 weeks to take effect. You need to get blood tests for liver and eye sight as there is a risk they could get damaged! I get the hives anytime during the day but usually at night or in the morning. They are on my legs, back, arms & stomach. The burning & itching feeling is the worse but I am use to it now. You sort of have to live with it. I get flare ups maybe once a month or maybe twice a month. If you suffer from chronic hives like myself then please see a specialist immediately & get onto a plan how to manage it.

  176. Hi Abrar. I researched several specialist and in the end I was put on a waiting list for a doctor at Epworth Hospital in Richmond. I had to wait 3 months to see her. As soon as I told her my symptoms and showed her photos etc she knew what I had and put me on a plan. Other GPs that I saw didn’t even have a clue what was wrong with me, they said I was allergic to fabric softener and I had bed mites!! I have placed her information below in this message…….

    Dr Priscilla Auyeung
    Allergist and Immunologist (MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA)

    Priscilla consults in allergy, including allergic rhinitis (hayfever), food allergy, urticaria (hives), angioedema and drug allergy. Her research interest is in mast cell-mediated disorders. Since 2011, she has been studying chronic idiopathic urticaria, a skin disease in which itchy hives recur without any apparent trigger, at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    Priscilla underwent specialist training in Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Immunopathology in Perth and Melbourne. She was conferred Fellowships from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia in 2011. She undertook PhD research studies at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and University of Melbourne.

  177. Hives can also be a side effect of autoimmune conditions and an allergic reaction that is enabled by digestive problems and Allergic food.
    Research healing your gut and “Elimination diet” and I bet you beat your hives.
    Antacids like Prevacid can help short term but that’s just working on symptoms and stopping the crisis. Heal your gut

  178. I am 51 years old . I have been having hives on and off since my teens. It’s most annoying when it comes random in location , time , duration and severity. They all clear out for no apparent reason as they start. After all these years, I noticed that the hives will appear a few days after I eat red meat. I know that whenever meat is ingested, small particles of it will stay in your gut. So I am thinking that I am having a delayed reaction and that is the reason it was hard for me to track the cause of my allergies all those years. I try my best to avoid red meat but sometimes I do eat them. To help shorten the subsequent hives episodes ,I eat yogurt, spirulina and fiber supplements . I believe these helped to clear my gut of the allergens.

  179. Thanks for setting up this blog! It’s helpful to know I’m not alone and appreciate the suggestions, especially the water increase which I’ll try right away. I started getting hives a few years ago and thought it was simply stress-related since they went away for a year and a half after a 6 month bout. However, they’re back and can only be controlled with benedryl. I’ve found that eliminating dairy products has also decreased the intensity of my hives and limits them to a few hours at night before bed. I’ve been careful to substitute with non-dairy almond/coconut creamers in my English tea and I check ingredients in baked products, etc. I’ve never had food allergies before this began in my mid-fifties and don;t expect a Dr. to be able to help but guess I’ll visit an allergist soon, though they require you to be off benedryl for 5 days which is hard to do!!

  180. Studied my nightly rashes – – seem to be from FILARIAL WORMS – – from bites from NO-SEEUMS – – so small they can fly THROUGH the smallest insect screen – – burrow – – and – – like malarial parasites – – the filarial parasite is transmitted to humans – – no real cure – – drugs ruin liver – – still dealing with it

  181. For all the people getting chronic hives, THERE’S A WAY OUT! I struggled with hives over the past 3 weeks. I live a very healthy lifestyle and had no issues in the past (29 years old). It would occur the same time every night and I would lose hours of sleep everyday. Doctor offered medication, but I wanted to find the root cause of the problem without drugs. Here’s what I did

    1. Make a descriptive journal for each day. Be creative, but include food eaten with drinks. Note the time that you received the hives. For me, it usually occurred every night around the same time.

    2. Next, try to change up your routine as much as possible in hopes of having a day where hives do not occur. Take a couple days off and go visit friends/family in another city. This will determine if a specific food, tap water, laundry detergent, or air quality in your home is the cause. Minimize the amount of products you use on your skin and switch to a different cleaning soap (I used dawn for a couple weeks).

    3. Try to relax, one of the common causes of hives is stress.

    4. Exercise: Now might be a great opportunity to get into good habits and let overcoming hives be a benefit to you.

    5. If all else fails, try fasting for a short period. The less things you have in your life, the easier it will be to identify the cause.

    I found out that the body wash I’ve been using for several years was the cause of my chronic hives. There may have been a change in their formula that may have triggered the problem. Either way, I’m no longer using that brand and now I enjoy sleeping through the night (hives free!).

    Don’t let this control your life! More than likely, it’s a simple fix, and you won’t have to completely change your life. Be patient and thorough!

  182. So here’s a weird one for you, I started getting hives a few days ago. I only get hives when I have penicillin which I am allergic to. Anyway, I went to the doctor and he said it’s mostly coming form high levels of stress mixed with my new contraceptive pill. Ok. I started using diprisone cream to aid the hives. They only come up at night. But something I forgot to tell the doctor, I had cut gluten out of my diet under the recommendation of another GP. That’s when the hives began, the next day I started having whole foods and gluten again and I haven’t had hives since. I know it seems quite strange, but I believe there’s something in the gluten

  183. Hi guys I have been suffering from chronic allergies for a while. I have so many things even the xolair injections which did not help. I have created a diet for myself which some days I have totally nothing on the skin. Some advice it may work or not. Do not wear tight clothes try your best to wear cotton. Drink lots of water.bromein querctin and nettle leaf tablets are excellent..these are high natural vegetable tablets. Pineapple acts as an anti histamine as well. Stay away from alcohol. Uercrine shower gel for dry and itchy skin works wonders as well as the lotion. Stess is a contributing factor. You have to watch your diet its important. Cut out junk food and trigger foods. I hope this helps.Good luck

  184. I have realized that when I drink a few cups (about 3) of green tea per day by hives are much less at night. I use powdered green tea I got at the asian market. It is bright green and very aromatic. But regular green tea in teabags might work just as well. Give it a try. Nothing to lose.

  185. I have been itchy at night for months now. Tried Benadryl, Atarax, Zyrtec, etc. still itchy.
    I have found that Tea tree water (tea tree oil and water) sprayed on itchy feet or wherever the hives are seems to help. Within minutes the itchiness is gone or diminished to the point that I no longer feel the urge to scrape my skin off.
    I use tea tree water from a store called LUSH. It has more than just tea tree oil, but it has all natural oils and is great for your skin.
    I originally bought it as a toner for my face and noticed that the itchy welts on my face decreased when I used it. I now make my own tea tree water (the LUSH spray is a bit pricey, about $20 for 8oz. I believe.)
    I still get itchy at night, but my large spray bottle is on my nightstand!!

  186. I work outside and every winter my eczema acts up. I have tried several products to avoid prescription steroid cream. Nothing has worked until now. I apply foderma serum once daily after showering. Bumps and itching went away within a week and have not returned. The only negative is that it doesn’t smell great when you put it on.

  187. Has anyone ever done the “Elimination Diet” to completion” and had any luck? I am a week in. No results yet.

    This is my third round with chronic utacaria. First time I had it for almost 5 years, second time 1 1/2 year, and now its been almost 2 months. I’m totally over it.

  188. Wow…cant believe there are so many hive sufferers out there. I am currently completing doctoral research in education and leadership and I am a HR Director for three hotels in a Caribbean country…so my stress levels are very high. However I started suffering from hives 10 weeks ago and its all I obsess about. I feel like I have a terminal illness. its causing me much anxiety and added worry. It came up, out of nowhere although I had to visit the ent specialist in August because of tinnutus, which occurs once a year or so for a few weeks. Hives at night always and in the day its completely gone. dermatologist just gives me allegra, benadryl and zyrtec…she advises against prednisone but the pharmacist recommends it. The hives continues… I feel hopeless…HELP someone..please????

  189. In regards to Meg’s question… I started an elimination/ histamine intolerance diet 38 days ago and I’m seeing results. I’ve suffered from chronic hives off and on my entire life. This current spell has been every night for about 8 months. With the elimination diet and low histamine diet I average about 4 days between outbreaks. I started reintroducing foods and noticed a spike in hives occurring every day I ate red beans. I’m from southern Louisiana where we love our red beans and Cayenne pepper. Those two items are high in histamines and it’s so hard to be a Cajun without them. But I follow a lot of online AIP recipes and am surviving. I recently started freezing all of my cooked meals. Apparently once food is cooked the histamine levels start rising and the best way to combat it is to freeze it. I’m hoping to see a longer stretch between outbreaks. But I must admit my patience is starting to wear thin. Good luck Meg. Keep me posted with your elimination diet. I saw results pretty quickly but I already ate pretty similar (IE no processed foods and mostly organic)

  190. Thanks Jana for the feedback, that gives me hope on giving it a try. I’m on day 2 now. Sticking to the diet exact is tough when there is barely any food on it to start. Keep you posted!

    Anthony, I’m sure your overall stress level with work is not helping your hives at all. I know its a scary thing at first but I would definitely try to stay calm, it only makes the condition worse. Your hives being worse at night are normal, due to a chemical change in your body so that is normal. I personally would avoid or hold off on the prednisone if you can, there are many side effects and this can only be used short term for hives. Appreciate the pharmacist feedback but they are not a doctor/specialist. I only use the prednisone in very bad flares. There is a lot of information and support boards like this that you can find for utacaria. It will pass, you just have to get through it.

  191. Vitamin C, 1000mg!!!!!

    I have been waking up with hives everyday for the past 6 months. It has been a complete nightmare. I had no clue where it came from because I have never dealt with having hives before. They would appear over night and leave in the morning, but they were often red and itchy.

    I knew that this was a result of a compromised immune system. Hives are a result of histamine being released in an effort to fight off free radicals. These free radicals could be pollen, dust, foods, mold spores, etc.

    I searched for a way to fend off free radicals naturally so that it would not trigger the release of histamine in by body. Vitamin C was the answer!!!

    On the first day I took 4 X 1,000 mg o Vitamin C throughout the day. I woke up without one single welt on my body. The next day I only took 1-1,000 mg of Vitamin C and again i woke up without one single welt.

    I have been taking it now for two weeks and it continues to work. I also realized that my severe allergic reaction to a spider bite six months ago depleted my supply of Vitamin C. This is how my immune system became compromised and weak.

  192. Hello all, I am a guy from INDIA age 28, earlier in my childhood I was badly going through this HIVES problem, I dint remember properly but after some 5 to 6 months it went off and till the age of 25 I never faced such problem. But suddenly in between again it started I went to a doc and after certain medication again it went off, but after 1 year means at the age of 26 it started again and I am suffering with these hives daily, each and every day, I have we to doc, taken certain treatment, different injections but can’t get rid of this.
    One of my friend working in chemist suggested me to take atarax 10mg. I tried it and found positive result but only for 2 days. Yes when I take this tablet atarax 10mg my body take rest for 2 days and again it start dealing with the same problem.
    One more thing that I observed, not only atarax but any of the medicine is doing the same work for me. Such an example when I got flu doc given me some tablets at that time for those 3 to 4 days I haven’t took atarax still there were no hives on my body.
    Recently, I was suffering from acidity and tooked a tablet called as OMEZ and still found the same result that there were no hives for 2 to 3 days.
    It means whenever I took any tablet, I found that there were no HIVES. I met with certain docs but even they are not able to find out what is happening.

    Plz suggest me something, I very much tired because of this…

  193. I’ve had hives every single night since being injected with cortisone shots. Took me awhile to figure out. I hope this ends soon it’s been 2 months!! 🙁

  194. I am 21 got these hives alomost a year back and consulted to so many docs some pointing my dry skin the reason, some pointing my soap, food colors, skin infection and so on. Few months back I was taking allegra but the doctar asked me to take them like for forever not a permanent solution solution. Now into homeopathy and ayurveda still no relief nearly 1:30 of night and have these itichy welts all over my face.. Legs.. Arms.. Neck.. shoulder.. nearly all over my body including scalp.. When will it go for always.. Any time period to get rid of this itchy shit..!! How long to bear this itchy torchure of this allergy on my body.. 🙁

  195. So glad to have found this website. Ive had hives all over my body for 2 weeks now. First my dr said a heat rash, now they say hives & maybe a sun allergy?? No one else in my family has them. So clearly it’s something I’ve been in contact with. They are so itchy & the meds they prescribed didn’t help. Prednisone had no effect & now I’m on Vistaril to help with itchiness. The Vistaril makes me super drowsy & tired though and with 3 kids at home it wouldn’t be advised to take during the day. Had anyone had hives after a pregnancy? My youngest is 3 months old and I’m wondering if something changed in my body chemistry?

  196. I have to say healthy 29 year old.
    I am in a rooming house until the first.
    30 days in my room changes and I get attacked by bed bugs.
    So no big deal I have the house manager wash everything and to hell with the mattress I’ll sleep on the floor. Well next day hives all night and day. Mind u I have an absess tooth that needs oral surgery.
    No big deal so ina day or so I’ll be fine right?
    Well day 20 almost now.
    The detergant broke me out first. Also spiders and ants biting me something ain’t right with this place. Between vermin and detergents, my doctor discontinued my penacilin and hydro condone thinking I was having illergic reaction. Well its still happening.
    Back to the doctor I go.
    Evem my penis amd feet head and back nothing is exempted
    My god wishy throat just swelled up and I Didnt have to deal with this any longer. Word

  197. Well. I’ve had urticaria since the end of April. Recently went to a dermatologist, they put me on prednisone and gave me 8000 creams that didn’t do much. They also took a skin sample and all they can say is that I’m allergic to something. Went insane with using free and clear detergents, changing all my soaps and products, changing my diet, adjusting medications and nothing has changed much. When I take xyxal every day, it’s the only way the hives, stomach upset and lump in my throat go away. It got to the point I was taking 3 benadryl every 4 or 5 hours and it was barely touching the symptoms. I’m on day one of being dairy free, day 3 without the xyxal, it makes me very sleepy. And I just woke up at 1am with hives again. I had to take the xyxal so I can get some sleep so my symptoms would go away. Next stop is an allergest and prick test, but I would like to rule out as much as I can before I get to them. The xyxal is so awesome with getting rid of symptoms, took it every day for two weeks and it was the first sign of feeling normal. I ran out, didn’t have the money to get more right away (it’s about $12 for 10 pills) and I was right back to where I started as mentioned earlier. I’m really trying to stay positive but it’s hard to have a normal quality of life feeling this way. I hope to get some answers soon. Good luck to you if you are reading this. And know you are not alone!

  198. I’m a 35 year old male. I’ve been getting hives at night on my hands for almost 10 years. I had them as a kid frequently, but they would be all over my body.. but the worst has always been the hands and feet.
    Until earlier this year I drank a lot (cheap beer mostly) and ate very poorly…lots of cheese.
    I decided to cut drinking down to a few drinks, one or two days a week as well as switching to a plant based diet. I also cut out bread. I know it’s the last thing people want to hear, but it’s working. I was losing my mind 4-5 nights a week for most of my life and Benadryl was taken almost nightly…. but one night in an endless online search for an answer I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a woman who had the same exact symptoms as I did. She said she cut out all foods from her diet that were processed in anyway. Only straight up fruits, veggies and meats. Since I’ve done the same I’ve only been getting them once or twice a month…and that’s usually after a drinking day or pizza night..
    I know it sounds daunting, but after losing 30lbs., lowering my blood pressure and getting my blood sugar to a normal level, having my sanity restored has been the biggest payoff.. good luck.

  199. I have had severe outbreaks of hives over the last 30 years. Can go months, even year or so without them and then they come back for months at a time. I want to alleviate the symptoms without taking medications.

    I use Aloette skin care products which are made with aloe vera. They have a spray called, Nutra-Hydrating Mist. It is fantastic. As soon as I spray it on the itching stops immediately and within minutes the hives and redness vanish. For anyone looking for a natural alternative, I highly recommend it.

  200. I’m in my 60’s and for the first time experiencing night time hives. My neighbor sewer pipe broke and the water ended up in my house (basement) and he was not neighborly at all. In the meantime the mold grew all over my walls and the hives began so I went o the doctor for blood test and was told it was not allergic reaction to the mold but stress. I believe it’s a combination of both. Comes at night and by morning it’s gone. Dr prescribed cetirzine and seems to work for me.

  201. Mariam, what ever your doctor tells you that mold is not your issue because of the test came back and indicated it is not mold is probably not correct. . We fought a 10 year battle with my wife getting sick all the time for no reason and having to run 20 days of antibiotic before she gets better. She was tested for everything including mold. Come to find out we had a water leaks in 3 walls in the house. We discovered this when we did a remodel job in one bathroom. Went ahead and tore out the other 2 walls to verify and discovered each wall had a leak with Mold build up. We went ahead and had the house completely re-plum with all new pipes. Cleaned up the Mold “inside” the walls and put the rooms back together. She has not been sick for 2 years now. Outside a sniffle or 2. IF your Hives started after the mold and have not gone away. More and likely you still have mold behind the walls where you cannot see it. My wife is OCD and our house is clean as it can be. But the mold inside the walls is what created her problem. Have your walls checked inside and out or your air quality checked. she did not have Hives, but everybody has different responses to mold. I am looking over everybodys comments because now I am starting to have Hives every night for the past 3 days. Thought that was odd but after reading several post. it makes sense why I get them at night now.

  202. I had my first hive outbreak 4 years ago at age 55. Started around my waist on an airplane going overseas. Throughout the vacation the hives were really bad…waist, hips, buttocks, upper arms, kneecaps, tops of feet, etc. When I came back to US, went to doctor and had many tests, nothing came up positive. I was treated with what they call triple antibiotics…3 different drugs. It helped for a while. One outbreak even included my lips swelling. Since then, I have gotten less severe hives out of the blue for varying lengths of times. I found during really bad outbreaks, getting a prednasone pack from the doctor helps. This latest outbreak was triggered by being especially warm one night (ac broke) with hives around wait, hips, buttocks and upper arms. They do slowly go away during the day. I’m taking antihistamine every night hoping that they will ease up. Since I never was able to identify any allergic food, I don’t know if I’m aggravating them or not. I keep our bedroom really cold since I have night sweats from menopause and another drug I’m taking. Tried Olive Leaf Tea for first time the other night and my right cheek swelled up. Not sure if the tea caused it or what. I’ve been told once you start getting hives, you really will never be rid of them. I just ensure I have antihistamine drugs always around.

  203. I suffered from hives and eye swelling growing up and now my boyfriend has had them for over 7 months basically every night. He has been to doctors doctors and allergists. Nothing. Thought it might be mold exposure or even as extreme as Lupus. Until I found out he takes NSAID’S almost everyday. I stopped getting hives after I stopped taking Ibuprofen and other NSAID’S. I am making him at least stop for a week and see if maybe something happens. I just know I suffered for a long time a took benedryl like it was candy. Until I stopped taking Ibuprofen for the pain of the hives.. they only come back if I take any form of NSAID. hope this helps!

  204. Hi
    I just started a week ago to have hives and night and sometime in the morning. I have regular allergies to pollen and dust. But most of the time my symptoms are running nose itchy eyes. Last week started to have hives. They always started like small mosquito bites, small and round, but itch and if I scratch them, they become big and goes over my body. I have taken Benadryl and works for few hours. The way that works for me to relieve the itch is cold ice packs or apply cold shower!. Few nights I woke up at night scratching, took Benadryl and apply really cold water on areas where it itch. I think the cold water would make the body to circulate more blood to the area and therefore no more itch.
    Still getting hive nights and morning.
    But hope this will help for others who can’t take the itch.
    Remember you will have to apply cold water until the skin feels numb then I can sleep after that

  205. I have my hives for more than a month now and it still getting worse. I take cetirizine 20mg before going to work and another 20mg before going to bed plus betaderm cream and ointment when needed which is constantly but still nothing helps. My Dr changed my cetirizine to atarax but the first night i used it disnt even make me sleepy my hives are stronger than my meds. I stopped taking my supplement changed detergent and body soap. Keeping diary of what i eat which is basically almost the same as always(food i grew up eating all the time) just rotating the zchezule when i eat them in the week. I tried bath with epson salt, worked for a night. I was able to sleep for 2 hours before i start feeling the itchiness again. I put vazeline on the itchy part then i was able to sleep agI for another 6 hrs with minimal discomfort. I tried the same remedy again it doeant work anymore. Im back to waking up every hr scratching. It is true that when you use hot water it geta worse. One night i braved the cold shower and i tried not to use blanket and less clothing and no tight coverings, the hivea lessened but still couldnt sleep well because i was so cold. I am trying protopic ointment now yet i dont see desireable effect.
    I have been racking my brain what causea this. I have been miserable since late december its already close to march and still not getting better and my lerfy testing is not til july.
    I have thought of many things that this might have been. I have been researching or symptoms for each deseases that have hives. I come upon thia site when i search for hives flare up at night. This gave me a peace of.mind that its not a virus or something worse than what it is ehich is allergic reaction (to undetermined something for sure) Thanks, knowing im not alone helps. I know we will get pass this, sooner!!!

  206. Hello, I had hives started 2016 winter and they lasted for almost 6 months. I was given prednisone and that did help in relieving them, but didn’t cure it. I then started taking a bunch of probiotics and that helped until this last winter 2017 it started again. I went in and got another round of prednisone and it’s help relieve them, but they are still happening. The doctor just started me on Xolair and I am not sure I want to continue with this. I am wondering if there is some kind of infection that I could have, because histamine is released in response to something attacking the body. I just normally have seasonal allergies and allegra usually helps me during that time. I am going in for an upper GI this next week to have my stomach looked at. I have been having lots of gas which I know a load of histamine in the stomach can do that. I’m just not sure if maybe some bacteria or infection could be searched out to help. I hope to get this resolved soon and I hope everyone on this page can get an resolution soon as well.

  207. Hi,

    I first started getting hives when I was 14 back in 1996. They would occur in the early morning anytime I was outside where the air was cold, even when I was bundled up. Once I warmed up by taking a warm shower or sometimes even standing on the vent of our heater they would go away. My doctor prescribed zyrtec to me and it worked. Back then it was not available over the counter so I am guessing it was a stronger dosage. I took the zyrtec for the rest of my school years and it worked and then stopped taking it and it did not flare up again except occasionally I would get one here or there that would go away quickly. I am now 35 and just recently got a horrible hive flare up 2 days that started when I was asleep. I had an itch here and there til it was pretty much everywhere. Rash was also around my eyes and my lips were a little swollen. Was guessing it could be from canned baked beans I had the dinner before because I haven’t had them for probably a year. Saw the doctor and she doesn’t think it could be the beans but possibly the dye in the sauce or the nickel from the can. SHe prescribed prednisone and told me to take zyrtec and benedryl. My hives lasted thorughout the day and didn not seem to go down until 5 hours after taking the predisone. Was looking forward to having a better day the next day. Before I knew it I woke up at 3am with the hives flared up all over my body again. Took benedryl and it didn’t seem to do much for the itching. Now I don’t beleieve it was the baked beans that caused it. I seem to get the hives when I am in bed. I get cold easily so I add an extra blanket and a pillow at my feet and will wake up sometimes sweating. Did some research and found pictures of people with Cholinergic Urticaria which looks like what I have. One site said that people could be allergic to their own sweat and so I thought maybe because I sweat in the middle of the night it gets on my sheets and irritated my body. One site also said the simple cure for it is reducing you sodium intake and drinking lots of water. I washed my sheets and everything else I possibly sweated on. Also doing process of elimination of foods and vitamins I took. Been taking a multivitamin for a month now so will stop that and not eating anything with peanuts since I had a cookie with reeses pieces in it. Keeping my fingers crossed it will improve tomorrow.

  208. I have suffered with hot itchy rashes and hives for a year now – tried everything but the best short term relief is ice packs as they take the heat out, I go to bed with them as antihistamines don’t help me much. Immunologist put me on plaquenil which took six months to work and I was pain free for two months. it made my joints ache so I stopped and skin got bad within a week. So hard….

  209. I’ve read several articles about an over active thyroid . Has anyone explored this ? Anyone tried saunas ? As I’ve seen it’s trying to get rid of toxins through skin so opening pores to allow it to escape maybe will help . Niacin opens cells but can cause flushing but might be worth a try , especially doing sauna with this should enhance pore openings .

  210. I was on the keto diet and I started breaking out with hives daily. Turns out my stomach flora was outta whack. If the gut doesn’t have enough carbs to feed the bacteria in your stomach the bacteria leeches out of your skin in the form of hives. I talked to my doc about this and he said for sure it could be the reason. So I started taking Pearl pro-biotics and the after one pill a day for about five days no more hives. You should take a full 30 day course to really get your stomach back in shape. The Pearl pills work best. You can get them at target and other big chains. As well as Whole Foods etc. The other cool thing that happens from having a healthy gut is it helps fight off viruses. Like the flu. Sounds hocus pocus but it was the o my thing that helped me.

  211. been having welts almost every evening at different locations. right below my kneecaps?? weird. anyway, brother gets contact dermatitis and his doctor recommended solotec (something like that)and he doesn’t get the welts like he used to. (wish I could remember, just remember it starts with an s)

  212. Hi. I’m 12. And I have been coming out in hives at night for no apparent reason. They are slightly more severe. Though antihistamines and etc help slightly they don’t do much good. I’ve had them for weeks now. They settled for a bit when I went away for a week but then came back another week after that. Just be very careful not to scratch as you can actually scratch it in your sleep without you knowing. A good thing that helps me often is using some calomine lotion. Be sure to use as much as you feel right.they always Seem to appear around a certain time. Some good tips. If you are in daily contact with animals. What foods have you had. And also I suggest going to get an appt at your health centre. Hope some of this helps. Xx

  213. I came down with an autoimmune condition last September called polymyalgia rheumatica. During the following months I have hives off and on and they always begin in the early evening. If I catch them before they break out badly I put some cortisone cream on the patches. I haven’t found that it’s any certain food that causes it.

  214. I’m 48 years old I’ve just gotten hives I’ve never had anything like this before I thought poison ivy was bad this here is worse it’s on both my arms both legs and neck I’ve tried gasoline just burning off the top layer of skin didn’t work just kidding but I’m about to that point if someone know of anything to get rid of this please let me know

  215. Hi, like to thank people here and the staff of BeyondAllergy for their help in curing my hives overnight.
    I strongly believe we’re not helpless victims – that we do have control over what’s going on in our bodies as much as we have control over the external world. One of the important components of that control is having an agenda and believing in it – so with this in mind I read thru the articles here and this is what I did. I started drinking Rooibos tea, I had these hives all over my backside and directed very hot shower water onto them – no need to do yourself harm, just as hot as you can stand – then I lathered them with a bar of Dr. Bronner’s Green Tea soap for a few minutes, after drying myself well I spread Agisten Aloevera Cream – Clotrimazole 1% over them and rubbed it in. After doing this one time I had my first real nights sleep in months, I repeated this for a few days and now they’ve completely gone. Not sure what part of this was responsible for curing my hives, which is why I included all the things I did, and as I said the most important part is having an agenda and believing you have control over what’s going on in your body, no less than you have control over your external world.
    Hope this helps someone, really like to hear other peoples success stories.
    Shine Brightly

  216. Same here buddies!I am from India and I have hives from age of 8 and now I am 25. But strange thing is it had stopped completely some 5 to 6 years back. Just 3 monthly back they made a very well planned come back.
    And believe me.. nothing in this world is more mysterious the reason causing it. Tried to think think think but nothing is constant that causes hives. Although good part is they mostly come at night or evening but it is embarrassing sometimes when u are in party or working late night.
    And yes itchy too..
    Sorry I may say this.. but it’s good to hear that so many people also have this and I am not alone.
    Let’s hope we all get rid of it soon.

  217. I’ve been reading this site for years to treat my hives on my arms that itched horribly only at night. I would put a cold compress on them and take a benedryl and finally fall asleep. It started when pregnant and lasted 10 years. Finally, they are gone. It was my thyroid. Hypothyroidism. My weight loss dr had been monitoring my thyroid levels along with other things and we noticed that my thyroid levels had been slowly changing and it was very close to the level of being hypothyroidism but hadn’t crossed the “magic” number that a GP dr would insist on using. My dr used the change of levels along with other symptoms- weight gain, tired, etc and prescribed a medication. My thyroid levels are squarely in the middle normal range and I knew it worked because immediately NO MORE HIVES AT NIGHT. I’m so grateful. I hope this helps someone else.

  218. I use Bert’s bees insect repellent in the morning to prevent itchy hive breakouts in the evening. Burt’s bees contains natural oils. Hopefully it will work for you too.

  219. I have been getting hives every night at around the same time for a whole year. Luckily Zyrtec relieved the itchiness. I went to get my thyroid levels tested and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. My levels were considered mild and since other than hives, I did not have other symptoms so I just stuck with taking Zyrtec and not any hormone prescriptions. The hives eventually went away for half a year but now I’m starting to get them again. Which is what the doctor said, that i’ll Always have it and it’ll be like a roller coaster, and that the best way to keep it down is to keep the body healthy mentally and physically.

  220. I have had hives (breakouts) for the past year. Mostly at night. I was taking 6 Allegra a day. Then 3 Zyrtec a day. Nothing helped. Sleepless nights, etc. Someone told me that my problem was an imbalance somewhere in my system and it was probably in my gut. I am over 55 so I have been taking 81mg aspirin for the past 2 years. I read on this thread that you should not take aspirin. Two weeks ago, I was prescribed prednisone. I took prednisone for the week. Then I stopped taking the aspirin. Next I started taking Phillips colon health probiotics. I also drink Synergy KambuCha. I have not had one hive in the last 5 days. I don’t know what happened, but I suspect the aspirin were the culprit. I also suspect the probiotic helps to balance my gut. Good luck to all those who suffer this awful affliction. I will post another update in a couple of weeks.

  221. Hi guys. I have been suffering from hives since few months ago. The condition only got worse like it used to happen after my bath and early in the morning. But now it happen only when I was asleep like 3am onwards. I realise that it only happen when the blanket cover my whole leg and my body in which the hives appear after which. Please help… what can i do? I only took anti histamine medication when I need at night.

  222. This year I had hives for the first time. I figured out what was causing them after 3 months and doing research on the internet. It was the Tide Pod Detergent. If you google “Tide Pod Hives” you will see a lot of people have had this problem. It may not be the reason you are getting them, but as one person mentioned above they switched laundry detergents. It even impacted our dog since we were washing his blankets with this and he was always scratching. These Pods are really too concentrated. My dermatologist said it is a common problem that people get hives due to detergents. Mine were worse at night too because the sheets had been washed with the laundry detergent and the build up of the detergent. I had to rewash everything (sheets, clothes, towels) with just water. I now always do a double rinse and use the detergent my dr recommended. This may not be the reason you have hives, but I thought it would be important to share with this forum. Good luck.

  223. Try lightly massaging some drops of lavender essential oil, and it can be mixed with unscented lotion if you wish. This works for me. Calming and quiets the itch fairly quickly. Smells good and is also helpful for sleeping. Get a reputable brand like Doterra. Can buy on Amazon, too.

  224. I’m so sad to see all the people on here suffering so badly. I began getting the hives a month ago. I had a few rare bouts with them when I was younger…in my 20’s…just a couple of episodes. A month ago I woke up in the morning with my wrists and palms itching like crazy!!!! The night before I remembered a big welp on my shoulder that itched, but thought perhaps a bug had bitten me outside. It’s continued daily since then and some days it’s definitely worse than others. I do know sugar or high load carb food affects it. I’ve had SOME relief with a probiotic…S. Bouardii. I’d read somewhere that your gut bacteria can be off and they recommended it. I got mine off Amazon. Hope that helps someone. I haven’t gone to the Dr. yet as I really hate the guesswork and run around they give you. Trying to treat it myself, till I can’t. It sure seems like a lot of people have this…could it be something (GMO’s or spraying) on our food?

  225. So many people are not aware that scalp therapy shampoos for fast hair growth (obviously without any sulfates, parabens or DEA) exist. We all now may experience longer hair and experience more alternatives. Surely worth looking into it.

    If you’re exploring hair loss, damaged hair, avoiding hair disorders, hair growth, hair and scalp care more often than not, almost the same principles come to mind.

    As a general rule, you will want to avoid hair treatments and products that contain chemicals such as parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What’s good for your hair is good for your skin all the same.

    Obviously your content here is spot on for many reasons. It avoids the accustomed errors and pitfalls most fall into- buying ineffective alternatives. Greatly appreciated!

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