Knowing Your Enemy is the Best Way to Fight Skin Allergies

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My family is known as the mysterious rash family around here, because one of us seems to always be breaking in some sort of unidentified rash to some sort of unidentified allergen. We’ve seen everything from general hives to the infamous pinprick rash to one isolated to inner thighs (on both of my daughters at the same time) to a bizarre eye swelling my husband gets on the whites of his eyes. Continue reading…

Allergic Reaction to Nail Polish…

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…doesn’t mean you can’t have elegant looking fingernails.

Long, sleek, painted fingernails are what many women dream of having. But for some women this dream can turn into a nightmare because of allergic reactions.

Continue reading…

Hair Dye Allergy

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Would you like to have hair that is shiny and healthy looking with a very rich, dark color? Why, certainly! We would all love to have beautiful, lustrous, dark hair, especially if gray strands of hair are starting to appear.

However, sometimes, for some people, the cost of coloring your hair would be an allergic reaction, several doctor consultations and medications, or possibly a trip to the emergency room. Yes, it is possible for you to have an allergic reaction to the ingredient found in hair dye, paraphenylene-diamine (PPD). Continue reading…

Nickel Allergy

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If you develop rashes on the area where your skin came in contact with metal, no doubt that you have allergic contact dermatitis to nickel. Allergic contact dermatitis is the skin’s allergic reaction to something it touches. The allergy manifests as an itchy red rash that is not only painful but can make you self-conscious as well, especially if the rash is in a place that is impossible to conceal. Continue reading…

Types of Skin Rashes

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Everyone deals with rash problems. Some are caused by allergies, viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, and certain environmental conditions, while others can be symptoms of more serious diseases.


Most types of skin rashes are caused by reactions to allergens (such as chemicals, foods, fabrics, nickel, latex, animal dander, plant fibers and medications) that touch the skin or are ingested in our bodies. Continue reading…

Alert on Latex Allergies

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Having an allergy to latex is no joke. Latex allergies can be life-threatening. Those who have tendencies to develop the allergy should take steps to avoid material made with latex, and use alternatives if necessary.

Latex, or natural rubber latex, is a milky fluid that is produced by the Hevea brasiliensis, rubber trees found in Asia and in Africa. Continue reading…

What to Do With a Drug Allergy

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Taking a medication that will supposedly cure your condition and then later having an allergic reaction to it is one of the worst situations that can be encountered.

A drug allergy is an overreaction of our immune system to a medicine. Although some drug allergies can be life-threatening, most are mild, and the symptoms would go away quickly. Continue reading…

Skin Fragrance Allergy

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There are thousands of known fragrances, but, fortunately, only a few fragrances are considered sensitizers that cause allergy to individuals who are prone to fragrance allergies.

A screening agent, called the fragrance mix, is a list of 8 individual fragrances that are the most common allergy-causing fragrances used across many everyday products. Continue reading…

Skin Allergies

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Having skin allergies can really ruin your day. Imagine you’re at the beach, or trying on this new eyeliner, or preparing for an important board meeting, when your skin suddenly starts to itch, burn, redden, and swell. If this alarms you, don’t worry. You are not the only one who suffers from skin allergies. Here’s some information on how to recognize the most common types of skin allergies and how to manage them. Continue reading…

Hypoallergenic Makeup

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Is hypoallergenic makeup really non-allergenic?

Hypoallergenic comes from the Latin prefix hypo meaning “less than normal”, and this term might as well be the most overused and most abused term in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. Continue reading…

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