The Summer Rash is Back

By Heather Legg

Every summer, my kids get a rash. I’ve blogged on it before and here it is again. It’s a bumpy rash that surfaces on the inner thighs, sometimes behind the knees or under arms. It drives them crazy! It keeps them up at night itching, that’s when it flares up, and you know how that is…it keeps me up, too.

I’ve thought it was due to sunscreen or chlorine, which I still think are both factors. I also think heat plays a big part in it, because it didn’t come until later this year and e had a cool spring. It’s in all those places that rub together. This year, we saw the doctor about it and she labeled it as eczema and gave us some cortisone cream. It was better in a matter of days. In fact, the first night no one woke up itching and by about the third night, we went without the cream. However, it did come back so maybe I need to continue the cortisone.

I’ve also found a few other things that work. Lotion lotion lotion. We prefer California Baby, but Cetaphil works really good, too. There are bottles of lotion by each girls bed and she can do it herself when needed. Baths are important, too, to wash off the chlorine (they are in the pool almost every day, at least once), but you have to be careful with over bathing, too. Once our dermatologist told me to only bathe them twice a week!

Baths and showers can be really drying, too. You need to use water that is just barely more than lukewarm. Though hot showers feel great, they are terrible for skin, really drying. Use a moisturizing, but gentle soap, like Aveeno or Dove. It’s important to put on lotion or cream within five minutes of getting out, so the skin is full of moisture from the bath.

There’s nothing I can do about he chlorine and chemicals in the pool, but I am very picky about sunscreen. I know plenty of people love the spray sunscreens, they’re easy and kids can do it themselves. I think they break my kids out, so we save some money and don’t buy them. We stick with the gentle baby formulas still and brands like Neutragena (which our doctor recommends).

Summer’s fun, the last thing I want to worry about is skin rashes. With a little maintenance, maybe we can keep it under control this year and won’t have to stay out of the pool.

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