Tips for Clearing Up Eczema

Well, I am still looking for answers for clearing up my children’s eczema, because though my older daughter’s eczema is gone (and so is the discomfort and itchiness), my little one now has the exact same thing. Same spot, the inner thighs, and same trouble with the itching becoming worse at night.

Applying plenty of good moisturizer was key in clearing it up, I think. We put it on after bathing, after swimming (even when she was just taking a break at the pool), morning and before bed. I remember once the dermatologist told me that you have a small window of time, about three minutess after getting out of water that is the best time to moisturize. This mostly applies to shower or baths because you don’t want to seal in the chemicals from the pool. However, to get the most benefits of your moisturizer, do it right after bathing and only towel off the skin, don’t completely dry off.  This allows the lotion or cream to seal in the good moisture from your bath and helps prevent dry skin, which in turn helps prevent eczema.

Here are some other tips I found while perusing the internet for what else we can do to get rid of and keep this eczema away:

From Food Allergy FAQ:

– Bath water should be lukewarm only. Water that is too hot can increase itching. If your child has open areas in the skin, bath water may burn. Try adding 1/2 cup of table salt or Domeboro’s powder to the bath water.
– Water should be deep enough to reach the child’s stomach when sitting. Close supervision is essential whenever your child is in the tub. Keep the neck and shoulders covered with a wet towel (as a shawl) during the soak, re-wetting as needed.
– Provide bathtub toys to make it fun. Your child needs to soak at least 15 minutes to obtain proper hydration of the skin.
– Use antihistamines (especially at night) to help with the itching.
– Wear 100% cotton clothing because it breathes unlike polyester blends. Also, use fragrance free detergents like All Free and Clear.

Reader tips from Family

– Avoid getting too hot and sweaty (hence it is worse in the summer)
– Continue skin care even after skin has healed (bathing/hydrating skin in lukewarm water and moisturizing)
– Use moisturizer every day, even plain Vaseline is good (and cheap).
– Wear gloves at night to prevent itching. The more you itch and scratch the worse the condition gets. Trim your nails (or your child’s) so even if you do scratch in your sleep, you won’t break the skin.

I know I keep bringing this topic up, but I keep learning more. I figure if my children are going through this this summer, probably some of yours (or you yourself) are too.

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