Xolair (Omalizumab)

Omalizumab is a protein resembling a human antibody (proteins that fight infection-causing bacteria and allergy-causing pollens) which is available in an injectable form used for asthma treatment.  Once the antibodies recognize a foreign substance, they attach to receptor cells which then release chemicals that cause an allergic reaction leading to inflammation.  Omalizumab works by preventing the antibodies from attaching to the cells therefore stopping them from releasing their chemicals, thus preventing an allergic reaction.  Since allergic reactions can cause asthma, omalizumab can reduce the chances of an attack by preventing an allergic reaction.  The injectable solution is manufactured as sterile powder in a 5 ml vial (150 mg) to be mixed with water.  It should be kept refrigerated and used within 8 hours, but if kept at room temperature it should be used within 4 hours.  Dosage should be determined by a qualified physician. 

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