Alrex (Loteprednol)

Loteprednol is a type of topical corticosteroid medication that inhibits bodily processes that cause inflammation and swelling of the eye following surgery and infection.  Also, it relieves itching, redness, burning, and photophobia brought about by seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.  Its trade name, Alrex (loteprednol etabonate 0.2%) ophthalmic suspension, is approved for treatment of such eye allergies.  It takes only 2 hours after application to take effect with noticable improvement of the symptoms over a two-week treatment period.  Since the formulation is site-specific, the medication stays on the affected area long enough for it to activate the drug’s therapeutic properties but not long enough to produce any complicated side effects. 
It is a safe and effective allergy therapy that can be used four times a day or as needed to control the itching.

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  1. The eye is a fragile organ, requiring extreme care before, during and after a surgical procedure. An expert eye surgeon must identify the need for specific procedure and be responsible for conducting the procedure safely. Many university programmes allow patients to specify if they want to be operated upon by the consultant or the resident / fellow.

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