Homeopathy (Homeopathic Formulas)

The purpose of homeopathy’s system of medicine is to provide stimulation for the body to recover its natural health and balance.  Unlike with conventional allergy shots in immunotherapy, homeopathy treats the disease with very small quantities of an agent that will produce the same symptoms as the disease when given to a healthy individual.  The homeopathic remedy thus stimulates the body to self restoration.  A common homeopathic medicine for respiratory allergies is Allium cepa (the common onion).  Onions cause teary eyes and a runny nose but it is most effective in treating allergy symptoms in small homeopathic doses. 
Also for allergy sufferers who become irritable and experience chills from fluent nasal discharge during the day and congestion at night, Nux vomica (poison nut, a seed from a tree) should be their remedy.

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