Oatmeal baths

Itching and rashes as a result of contact dermatitis (from poison ivy, oak, sumac, etc.) can easily be relieved by taking an oatmeal bath.  It can dry up blisters, soothe the inflammation, and relieve the itching.  Other than this, oatmeal baths are generally one of the most relaxing baths because it is great for the skin making it softer and soothes all traces of dryness.  It also smells good and can have limitless variations in the mix.  There are several being sold in the market, such as Aveeno, and you can also make your own oatmeal bath at home.  The simplest way to make an oatmeal bath is to take a popsock (or any similar item) and put in a cup of organic oatmeal.  Tie the bag and hang it directly under the running water in the tub.  The water will become creamy white.  No need to add soap, just bathe.

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