Elidel cream (Pimecrolimus)

Pimecrolimus is a steroid-free topical medication with immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema).  It is prescribed to control skin allergy symptoms such as itching, skin tingling sensation, small bumps, scaling, inflammation, or redness.  The way pimecrolimus works is not certain but scientists know that it significantly reduces the action of T-cells and mast cells which are part of the immune system and contribute to responses of the immune system.  It prevents the activation of T-cells by blocking the effects of chemicals (cytokines) released by the body that stimulates T-cells. Pimecrolimus also reduces the ability of mast cells to release chemicals that promote inflammation.   It is safe to use on the face, neck and around the eyes.  It is odor-free, non greasy, and absorbs quickly.  The most prescribed brand is Elidel marketed by Novartis.

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