Feingold Diet etc. (Avoiding Food Additives)

The Feingold diet is based on the theory that certain foods and food additives should be eliminated from an individual’s diet to improve overall health and behavioral patterns as well as their learning abilities.  Such effects of food additives can cause behavioral conditions such as ADD/ADHD, oppositional defiance disorders, as well as physical illnesses like Asthma.  Specifically, the Feingold diet starts by removing foods which contain synthetic dyes, artificial flavoring and common preservatives from the diet.  Foods containing salicylate (natural plant chemical that helps it resist pests and diseases) found in common herbs, fruits, and in some drugs and personal care products.  Food additives, flavor enhancers, and artificial colorings in particular have a neuotoxic effect on the human nervous system. Afterwards, each food will slowly be introduced into the diet to check for any reactions. 

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