Homeopathic Remedies For Allergy Treatment

I’ve often written on some alternative treatments for allergies, including foods, like those filled with Quercetin and Vitamin C. I recently came across another article that lists some other things that can help with allergies and reiterates some of the homeopathic benefits as opposed to decongestants, expectorants and antihistamines.

The biggest benefit is lack of side effects. Homeopathic remedies are natural and don’t have some of the unwanted side effects you’ll find in over the counter or prescription medicines like drowsiness, the jitters or sleeplessness. Another benefit is that homeopathic treats the source of the allergy, not simply the side effects. Also, by practicing some of these theories, the whole body will feel better, therefore be able to fight allergies better.

In an article on EmpowHER, some homeopathic suggestions are given along with the Eastern or Chinese medicine methodology behind them. The theories of dampness, heat and cold are used, which are some of the principles of Eastern medicine where it is believed that everyone’s body should be balanced but often individuals tend to be one or the other and need to balance that with certain foods.

The following are some of the examples listed on this site as well as on naturalnews.com

“Allium Cepa
One of the common remedies used to treat allergies homeopathically is made from the red onion, producing the same symptoms in allergic response that a person experiences while peeling an onion: bland tears. Allium cepa is the remedy of choice when the tears flow copiously and are worse when exposed to damp air.

Euphrasia is the homeopathic remedy of choice when the allergy symptoms are bland nasal discharge that is worse lying down. The person needing Euphrasia also can have stinging eye discharge that is irritating to the skin.

Nux vomica
Nux vomica is indicated to treat allergies in an irritated and impatient individual. This homeopathic allergy medicine treats allergies that are better outside. The person needing Nux feels chilled and sneezes frequently. The mucus flows well during the day but becomes clogged up at night.”

You can see the verbage of Eastern medicine and for a better understanding, check out Dietary Choices Based on Chinese Medicine Disorders on www.yinyanghouse.com. This site is really helpful in explaining the Eastern principles and even if it not something that you are sold on, it may be an interesting read. Some of the theories can easily be incorporated in to Western medicine and a blend of the two can be really beneficial, especially in the world of allergies.

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