Time To Say Thank You

The end of the school year is quickly approaching us, and amidst all of the field days and parties and end of the year events, we need to remember to say Thank You to all the teachers, staff and nurses who have made our children’s school year a  little safer.

I know for my daughter, her teacher has gone that extra step to insure her safety. I have been with her when food has been given out and her teacher always checks on her to make sure the food is acceptable, and usually has an alternate if it isn’t. The other day they had “Pi Day” and as imagined, got to eat pie. When the notice came home that pies were needed, there was the reminder that no pies with nuts could be sent in. I know it’s not huge, but it is those subtle reminders to the class that I don’t need to worry about.

Then there is the school nurse. She keeps us all in line with medication, field trips and expiration dates. And it’s not just one phone call. She keeps calling until fresh medication replaces the expired. The staff in the cafeteria also does their job by checking in on all food allergies and making sure the children are safe.

I’m not saying that all of these people need an expensive gift at the end of the year. Times are too tight for that, and after all, it is part of their job. But an extra thank you would be really meaningful. Maybe your child would like to make a card, or you could send one in from the family.

If there is someone that you feel has gone the above and beyond, you may consider an end of the year gift as a way to say thanks. It can be simple gift card to their favorite coffee shop or a batch of allergy free cookies. If you know them well enough, send in something personal. I know my daughter’s teacher has the same kind of dog we do, maybe I can think of something creative along those lines.

Most of all, remember the old adage “It’s the thought that counts”  hold true. When someone is shown appreciation, they keep doing the kind things they do. Take this opportunity and let them know how grateful you are that you can send your child off to school and worry about one less thing!

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