What is the Culprit?

Talking to my friend today, I could hear the frustration in her voice. Her daughter has asthma, allergies and eczema and she is trying her best to find the connection and deal with it. However, she keeps getting shut down by different doctors, getting handed more prescriptions and instead of wanting to put more in her little girl’s body, she wants to clean it up, but no one seems to help.

It seems pretty obvious that these things are connected, but she can’t get help. She wants to know is it dietary, environmental, what is it? Is it a combination? She’s debating a total elimination diet, allergy shots, and/ or allergy eliminations through alternative methods. Also on her list is a nutritionist, but the only one she has spoken to so far only said get your kid off of soda (which she doesn’t drink). HELP is what she is screaming and help is what she can’t find.

It’s difficult when you know something is wrong but don’t know what to do. She wants to go beyond allergy and have her daughter feel healthy, like a five year old should. Allergies are so individualized it can be tough to get the right answers for the right kids. Not every case is solved with a prescription for an epipen. It’s not just black and white. That is what drove me to NAET with my daughter and alternative medicine. I do completely believe there is definitely a need for western medicine and I am completely thankful we have the access to it that we do it, but I also know sometimes we need to think beyond what one doctor tells us. After my friend’s doctor visit, she felt worse about her daughter’s treatment than before. That’s not how it should be. So I am really proud of her for going beyond.

This reaction is also different than the denial one. She knows there is something going on with her daughter, she just wants more of an explanation and more of a treatment. Maybe it means going gluten free or getting the shots or being in a peanut free class. Maybe it means no playing outside during pollen season, and she’s willing to do things, but just needs to know what to do. Not fill her daughter with medicine after medicine and worry about traces of peanuts. It’s about empowerment and knowing what you have to deal with, for both the parent and the child. It’s about moving beyond the allergy. I know they’ll do it!

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  1. Hi…my son is now 34 years old. When he was a child he never displayed allergies to foods although I was told that he had Raynauds at about age 7. I did not do research on Raynauds but wished I had looked into sooner. He had occasional facial rashes as well. Now at age 34 he was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year after an endoscopy with biopsy.He also has multiple fruit allergies as well as seasonal allergies and allergy induced asthma. I feel so bad for him but glad he found out about the Celiac disease.

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