Almond Milk

My younger daughter just does not like milk. She eats other things with calcium so I don’t worry too much, but I did just buy some almond milk for her to try. She has yet to try it, maybe it’s the look of milk she doesn’t like, but I did and it is quite good. For those who need to avoid cow’s milk for either an intolerance or an allergy, it really is a good alternative. The health benefits abound, and include these:

• Very low calories – a serving of almond milk has between 40 and 60 calories. Great for maintaining or losing weight.
• High calcium content – Almond milk contains about 30% of the RDA of calcium, just about what cow’s milk has (not all soy milks have calcium). Along with the calcium, it has 25% of RDA of Vitamin D to help absorb that calcium.
• No cholesterol and very low sodium – good for the heart.
• High in Potassium and Magnesium – good for lots of things, including healthy blood pressure and avoiding cramps.

Other benefits:
• Different taste than milk – if she ever does try almond milk, I’m hoping she’ll go for it as it doesn’t have that creamy taste of milk. It tastes like…almonds.
• Almond milk can be used the same way as milk whether drinking it in a glass, in your coffee or over your cereal. It does have a different taste so may not complement that piece of chocolate cake the same way, but still is pretty yummy.
• It does not have the hormones that soy milk does. Soy has health benefits, too, but also has a lot of estrogen so needs to be limited.

You can actually make your own almond milk pretty easily. This ensures that there are actually plenty of almonds in the milk. Check when you buy almond milk because often there is less almonds and more sugar than is good.

For your homemade almond milk you need almonds and water.
Grind the 1/4 cup of almonds in a coffee grinder or spice grinder. Combine the almonds with a cup of water and blend together in a blender. It’s ready, but you can strain it through a sieve if you want to get out all the ground bits. It’s not hard to understand that this is all it takes as my first sip of almond milk tasted just like this, almonds and water.

Give it a few tries, it actually is quite good. Tomorrow it’s going in my coffee!

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